Which home supplies are worth buying? Recommended people: These 10 people -oriented small things are really practical


For all kinds of home furnishings in IKEA, everyone is also mixed, but in my opinion, many small furnishing products are actually pretty good. Not only are they high -value and practicality, the key is that the price is also cheap.

I have also shared with you some good things for this kind of home, and helped many friends to choose the favorite small things, so today, I will share with you some. You can also see if you have a good design ~


State it in advance. Among the 10 small things that I want to share with you this time, there are a few of them as “new products”. It may take a while to buy it. If you want, you can go to the physical store to see if you want to see if you want to see if you There is sale ~


Reminder before watching: This article is not an advertisement, please rest assured!

In order to facilitate everyone to find, I will still put these more mouthful names in the title ~ Let’s not say much about it, let’s take a look ~

1. “Slimo” lanside clothes drying clip

The lane -up clothes clip named “Slimo” can be said to be cheap and practical. It is different from those large -size hams. It is combined with only one lanyard+a clip. It is also very flexible to use.

You can hang the lane rope on the drying rack, towel rack, wall hook, etc., and then clamp it with a clip and dry it with small items such as towels, socks, underwear and other items. It is very convenient to use.


Of course, when combined, it can also be used to dry ordinary clothes such as shirts or T -shirts. In addition, it is small and easy to carry when traveling. I personally recommend it and it is worth buying!


2. “Lorespe” multifunctional cover blanket cushion


“Lorespe” seems to be a series specifically for e -sports. This multi -functional blanket cushion is one of them. On weekdays, you can use it as a waist cushion or sleep pillow.

Even when it was placed in the abdomen, there was also a warm outer pocket, which was very rich in function.


In the autumn and winter seasons, if you feel a little cool in front of the computer desk, you can also “release” it from the pillow zipper bag to a soft insulation home conjoined suit, which can resist the coolness of Sisi after putting it on.

The only regret may be that the price is not particularly cheap, and everyone must consider it as appropriate.

3. “Joffing” folding desk partition

I remember when I first saw this sound -absorbing partition, I was curious about what it was useful. In my opinion, putting such a partition on the table was a little bit wasteful, but after I really used it, I discovered that the incense.

In fact, this partition is made of sound -absorbing materials. The design is mainly to temporarily create a private work and learning space at home.

For example, you can put it on the table, the coffee table, and even on the middle island of the kitchen. After opening the enclosure, a small space is formed to make this small desktop space becoming high -efficiency working area in seconds.

In addition, the inside of the enclosure also has a layered storage bag, which is convenient for a series of work or learning supplies such as stationery, mobile phones, paper files, etc., and has a strong practicality.


The folding design is also a place where I am very satisfied. It is not only convenient for storage and storage, but also to move around the area throughout the home. It is a small object that I personally like very much. It is also recommended to everyone.

Fourth, “Gonlagg” sound -absorbing curtain


This sound -absorbing curtain is a new product. At present, I haven’t seen any selling, but I feel that it should be released for a while.

Its functionality is very simple. In addition to a certain shading effect, the most important thing is that

Thanks to the material of the curtains and the dot matrix design, it can have a certain degree


It is quite practical to soften and slightly reduce some home noise and outdoor noise.


However, this curtain has no substrate and is not a high -density fabric material. The shading effect may be similar to ordinary curtains. It is not as good as the curtains of more than 90%of the shielding rate. This is still clear.

Fifth, “Joff Matt” silicone fresh -keeping cover

Next, let’s talk about a good thing in a kitchen ~ On weekdays, whether it is leftovers, leftovers, or freshly cleaned fruits and vegetables, most people basically use plastic wrap.

But each time is covered with plastic wrap on the dishes. At the same time, the freshness effect is generally increased, and it seems not so environmentally friendly. At this time, this silicone fresh -keeping cap is more convenient and practical.


It is more flexible and can be easily hoopted on dishes and foods. The sealing effect is really good! The key is that it can be cleaned and repeatedly used after use, which reduces the cost of keeping fresh for food. It is worth buying.

6. “Bumeng” pants rack


If the traditional hanger hangs pants is inconvenient, and the trousers with clips are easy to leave traces, you may wish to try this long wooden pants rack. At the same time, it is more convenient to use.

In addition, the inner lining of this trousers has a sense of non -slip material, and it is also well -packed. In addition, the original wood texture is gentle and moist.

7. “Milwaf” DIY light belt

Whether it is the main lamp design in the past few years or the original light tank, the lamp belt that enhances the atmosphere is indispensable, and the theme of the “game room” in the past two years is becoming more and more popular, so no matter what the atmosphere is, the atmosphere light belt belt belt They are all key lighting utensils.

However, the problem is that it is really troublesome to install a lamp belt or decoration slot. It is really very troublesome; but until this DIY light belt is born, we can finally change the atmosphere of the home lights at the atmosphere.


我觉得这条灯带设计最好的地方,就是可以按照上面的提示线自由裁剪长度,无论是贴在柜子里、抽屉里当做照明灯带,还是安装在床下、电视后、书桌边上当做氛围The lights are all right.

Moreover, the brightness of LED lighting and 1200 lumens also allows it to have a good lighting experience. If you want to add some sense of atmosphere or technology at home, you can use it to make some decoration design ~

8. “Lorespe” multifunctional bracket


I don’t know if the little friends still remember the classic little wooden man of IKEA? I think his home is doing the home supplies of these ergonomic design, and there are indeed unique things, just like this multi -functional bracket we are talking about now.

Different from the common iron brackets, this bracket uses the design of imitating human joint joints. It is very characteristic in shape and can freely adjust the angle to store the headsets, wires, keys, or other small things on the desktop.

With such a hand -type multifunctional storage rack on the table, it must be “applied to help” and clean up the messy desktop. I personally think that it is very suitable for the study room, living room, and porch.


Nine, “Patru” fan fixed hook


The function of the fixed hook of a fan fan is as shown in its name, to control the open position and switch angle of the window, especially on those flat and pushing -pull windows. If the glass is broken, it can definitely help you a lot.

For the design of details, I think it is also very good. The way to control both hands can be turned on. To a certain extent, it can avoid children’s errors and danger. The design is quite intimate.

10. “Fatmao” multifunctional cushion blanket

Like the multifunctional cushion blanket recommended to everyone at the beginning of the article, this cap is also designed with a pillow+zipper bag storage cap, but the thickness should be slightly thicker, which is more suitable for autumn and winter use.


After full expansion, there is a sleeve, and the back is fixed with a button on the back. It is not easy to slip when covered with it.

In winter, it is quite pleasant to cover it on the sofa and cover it on his body.


The storage designs make it smaller when idle, and the dark green is more resistant to dirty. It is also very good to travel or use in the office. This is the last little thing I recommend to everyone today ~

At the end of the text


All in all, the above IKEA’s small objects are high and very practical, and most of them are not expensive, it is worth trying.

Of course, I still advise everyone to go to the physical store to see or try it in person. Don’t buy it blindly. After all, no matter how practical things, you don’t need to say it, isn’t it? ~


Thanks for reading!