There are too many fishing fishing gear for fishing? Teach you to choose the most suitable fishing storage soft bag


The name of the soft bag sounds strange, because there is no unified name in the fishing gear industry to define such fishing gear, most of which continue the title of “soft bag” in the beginning.

In fact, there are many types of fishing gear, including soft bags, trolley cases, etc., which can adapt to different fishing environments

, Fisherman who likes Black Pit has reached almost one person, and I believe it can be nearly half of the popularity in wild fishing. Everyone knows that the more chaotic markets, the easier it is to have good and bad. As a practitioner, we will share the choice of soft bags from the perspective of cost -effectiveness. Then first look at the following points:

Types of the specifications of tiers and soft bags

How to choose the soft bag that suits you best

Noun explanation: The soft bag is just the original name of this type of fishing gear. The specific role is to install water and extend the survival time of fish, and load other fishing gear. At that time, only soft materials were manufactured, and then with market demand segmentation, different materials and different types of products were produced.

Therefore, this article is tentatively defined using soft bags. Please do not judge the type of fishing gear through names. I personally think that “luggage” may be more appropriate.

We clarify the role of soft bags: loading water, living fish boxes, and debris boxes, so we need to start from these three perspectives and combine our own needs to choose. Before that, we need to understand the different specifications of the soft bags. Essence

From the perspective of the large category, there are two types: software and hardware. The material is subdivided: two main materials: canvas and EVA.

Software packs can usually be folded and saved space

Initially using canvas materials, two hardcores were installed internally to support the entire box. Now it is developed into the use of EVA materials. It does not need a support rod. The hardness and toughness of the material itself can be achieved. A large number of such soft bags are selected by wild fishing enthusiasts, with low prices and high ease of use.


The hardware bag is all -in -one manufacturing, which is high in hardness and cannot be folded

For the needs of different users, all EVA materials and EVA combinations+aluminum metal materials. The difference between the two is that the quality of the hardware packages of all EVA materials is relatively mild, while the hardware packaged with the combination of aluminum metal is the highest hardware and the strongest carrying capacity. It can withstand the weight of an adult. The quality is also relatively heavy. Generally, fishermen will store many debris. Therefore, the bottom of this type of hardware rod will be installed with roller wheels and borrows the term “lever box”.

The existence of soft bags allows us to go out to fish, which is very convenient to store the fishing tools we need. After all, wild fishing often needs to walk for a distance to reach the water by the water. The soft bag plays a role in storage, so how to choose from several aspects for reference. No matter what material’s soft bag

There is a point that cannot be compromised: the taste is particularly large, and the pungent soft bag cannot be selected, which is most likely made of inferior materials.

Simple and easy to use angle:

If your fishing gear equipment is very small, you just want to take water and wash your hands from the river when bait. After fishing, there is a container loaded with fish to avoid the smell from scattered in the car. Then the software bag is the best choice.

From an economic point of view, the most common canvas material soft bag can be satisfied


And because of the material itself, it can be “flat” when not in use to save space.


The disadvantage is that the canvas load bearing capacity is limited

; The long-term use of the suture will occur and leakage the water leakage; it is not easy to clean, but the price is very low, about 10-20 yuan.

EVA material soft bag is an upgraded version of canvas materials

Except for the “flat” that cannot be compressed, there are almost no shortcomings. Most of the quality of soft bags in quality are 3 layers of materials: soft glue, polyester, waterproof, and can achieve the effect of smooth internal cleaning and hard wear and wear. Expulsion and leakage will never occur unless inverted.

At the same time, because the materials have been improved,

The volume and body shape of the soft bag can also be diversified

, Square, rectangular, and round can meet different needs. Generally, there are few wild fishing equipment, you can choose the rectangular width of 40 cm or more; if you want to better storage fishing gear, I recommend choosing a slender software package with a height of 53 cm. Go in, such as sub -box, drift box, fish care, bait bags, fishing rods, nets, rods, etc. In this way, you only need to carry a fishing chair bag to easily go out to fish. The price is between 30-100 yuan with the volume and material level.


The angle of capacity and weight:

If the roads you often fish are flat, but your own fishing gear is more and more heavy, then you need to have a hardware bag with a larger capacity and bearing capacity, also known as the fishing lever box, so it is the first choice for friends who are often fishing. This type of hardware package is mainly divided into two types: full EVA material and EVA combination+aluminum.

All EVA material is the earliest product

From an economic point of view, it can still be selected. The volume is large enough, and the load -bearing ability is within the acceptable range, but the material that is not as durable as EVA+aluminum is worse than the price of low price and 200 yuan, but there are some styles old and old. Old, I believe it will disappear completely without a long time.

EVA group+aluminum material is currently the most popular way

, The texture is harder. The outer box uses ABS honeycomb board, PU outsourcing material, and the inner line is made of EVA material. The upper cover is mostly PC material. PP material. Equipped with telescopic tiles and roller wheels.

Outsourcing can choose the PU mirror surface and frosted surface according to your favorite. The mirror surface looks dazzling and easy to clean; the scrub surface is resistant to dirt and wear, and the color is diverse. In order to facilitate the trunk of the car, there are tall and shorts, and the short ones are more suitable for vertically placed in the trunk. It is not affected by the opening of the trunk opening of the car. These differences. Regardless of height, such tiers are extremely hard and have a great load. An adult can stand on it. Therefore, you can put all fishing gear, including fishing boxes on it, and drag the trolley case from the parking area to the water, which is extremely convenient. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy, the volume is too large, and the road environment is huge, and the price is more expensive. It is generally more than 300 yuan.

About the final summary

In summary, the specifications and advantages and disadvantages of the soft bag are introduced in detail. As I often say, the fishing gear is not good or bad, only suitable for or not. For example, the trolley case is almost perfect, but it cannot be used in wild fishing, because the wild fishing environment is too complicated and the road is muddy and bumpy, but it cannot be said that the trolley case is not easy to use. So according to the above introduction, you can easily choose a soft bag that suits you. As well as


I hope this article can help you. If you feel good, please like and follow, and share interesting fishing tips at any time. I am a fisherman Ulan, a pure fisherman!

Types of the specifications of tiers and soft bags


How to choose the soft bag that suits you best