How to pick fur in winter, keep in mind these three points


Fur is a popular female fashion in winter. It is both warm and fashionable, so many women will buy a piece of fur for themselves in winter, but in the face of a wide variety of fur in the market, how do you buy a fur that suits you? Here we take a look.

Select according to style

Fur has a different charm, but while it is good -looking, there are a lot of minefields. If you choose the style of fur, you may seem “local tyrants” or “old -fashioned”. We can only show a more perfect effect only by picking the fur style that suits us.

1. Short models

Short fur can not only optimize the proportion of the figure, but also highlight the lines of the legs. It can be described as the favorite of fashion bloggers on INS. But it is precisely because it highlights the curve of the legs, so how to hide the flesh cleverly and weaken the lower body curve is the focus we need to pay attention to when choosing short fur.

When we choose short fur, we can choose the style of the hip in the hip to cover the widest part of the body and weaken the hip curve. You can also choose the material with sufficient toughness and thickness to cover all the flesh of the waist and abdomen, so that the lower body can be thinner. The fairy with pear -type figure can be neutralized



The proportion of the body.

2. Middle length

Mid -long fur is the most common, it is more tolerant and has a lot of styles. Basically, I won’t be too picky. Like the fairy like Apple, you can choose the medium -length fur. Apple’s figure belongs to a slender limbs, but the upper body is rounded. The dressing method of this kind of figure is to shift the attention of the sight from the round upper body. At this time, the design of mid -length fur with a sense of design is the best choice.

When selecting long fur, you should try to avoid the bloated style and choose the medium -length fur with a slim body. Because the fabric is too fluffy and bloated, it is very easy to show fat. Choosing a medium -length fur of the slim body will leave room for the whole body, and it will not appear too complicated.

3. Long model


Long fur can easily create a noble sense and full aura, which is very suitable for girls who like European and American style. But at the same time, there are many lightning areas when choosing long fur. When choosing, first pay attention to your body and height. A petite or fat girl is not suitable for choosing long fur. Because the fur itself has a fluffy feeling, the small girl and the fat girl will wear long fur more fat and short.


Long fur is more suitable for girls with hourglass -type figure. This body chooses a wide range of clothes and has fewer shortcomings. You can use your own body advantage and choose the long fur style that highlights the waistline. This can not only show the body advantage, but also wear fashionable European and American models. If the overall shape is more layered, you can choose to bring the fur with the waist to highlight the waist curve. Such a Total look will make people shine.

Select according to the material


When it comes to fur, do you think that fur fabrics are not fur? In fact, it is not the same as it is its collective name, and the ingredients made of fur are its materials. According to different functions and effects, the materials of fur are also divided into many, such as mink hair, fox hair, otter rabbit hair, etc. Essence

1. Mink hair

Mine is a Itachi family, and its fur is called “soft gold”. Generally, the labels of mink wool products will be printed with the words “F” and “M”. This is indicating that this fur is a raw material for the fur of the mink or female mink. M: Gong Mink, large and rich in fur, is very weighty to wear, very warm. M: female marten, the female mink is narrow, the hair is short, the fur is dense and light, the surface of the surface is long and shiny.


The plush quality of mink can be divided into three types: high -quality, ordinary, and secondary quality. High -quality mink fur tip is upright, the surface of the hair is flat, the denseness of the fluff is moderate, and the color is moist. The length of the fluff and density is moderate, and there is basically no difference in hair color. Ordinary mink fur hair tip is slightly curved, and the back color of the back is more obvious. The hair of the secondary mink is chaotic and incomplete, the fluff is empty and not flexible, and the hair color of the back and abdomen is inconsistent. When choosing mink grass, the fairy can pay attention to the quality and state of mink fluffy according to the above points.


2. Fox hair

The fur of the fox fur is extremely wide, almost contracted the colors of various fur. It is really hair long and shiny, lush and soft, colorful, and flexible in texture. It can be dyed in various colors. Most of the fur of the shape and color is made of fox skin, and it is also a treasure in the fur. It is both warm and beautiful. It is known as one of the three largest fur pillars in the world.


The fox’s fur is very long. Generally, it is divided into silver fox hair and blue fox hair. The skin color of the silver fox is generally solid, and the fluff is different, which is thicker than the blue fox hair. The hair of the blue fox hair is fine and neat, and the fluff is shorter than the silver fox hair. The original color is white. The density is also thicker than the silver fox hair, and the warmth is stronger. It is suitable for girls who like thick and warm and texture, and the blue fox hair on the market is cheaper than silver fox hair. The young fairy can choose the material of the fox hair material. Essence


3. Rex rabbit hair

France, which was first popular in 1919, was first popular in France in 1919. Because of its soft fur and neatly, it is famous for its cutting. The texture is simply comparable to the otter. Rex rabbit is a very famous short fur rabbit. Its short and neat hair, which not only keeps warm, but also is not easy to fall off. It is very convenient to take care of it.

Most of the high -quality rex rabbit fur is velvet, which does not contain or contains a small amount of needle hair, and will not protrude from the surface. The surface hair of the otter rabbit skin is very flat. If you find the marks that are uneven or obviously trimmed when you check the material, do not buy it. This shows that the quality of the top rabbit skin is poor. A flat fur, the fur of the rabbit is very smooth, the warmth is also very strong, and the short fluff can make many foreign styles, which is also a fur material for young girls.

Select according to color

When many girls choose fur in autumn and winter, they will choose more versatile camels and brown. But in recent years, with the rich diversification of fur color in autumn and winter, we no longer have these single color options.


1. Warm color fur


The representative color of warm colors is bright pink, red, orange, etc. It will give people a warm and excited feeling. The saturation and lightness are high. When the color of the fur, it will have higher requirements for skin color limitations. Girls with white skin will have a better effect.

The bright and bright warm color fur is suitable for girls with fair skin, but because the warm color system has the effect of visual expansion, it is not recommended that girls with pear -shaped figures choose this color system. The warm color system will be more suitable for girls with thinner shapes. It can visually have the effect of abundant and thin body figure, and the warm color can also set off the white skin girl’s complexion more rosy, but the pear shape is wearing the figure This color -based fur will appear more inflated, so Li Mei chose the bright warm color fur.


2. Cold color fur

The representative color of the cold color is refreshing blue and green. It seems that it will be cool and abstinence. Wearing cold -colored fur can create a high -cold temperament. Relatively speaking, it is more suitable for wearing in formal occasions, which can give people a serious feeling.

Cold color is also a color that does not pick the skin color, and is the opposite of warm color. Its function is visual contraction. Girls with full upper body can consider this color system. Choosing a high -saturated fur bottom shirt is not only very versatile, but also holding various occasions, but also gives girls with a slightly fat figure. It is worth noting that when purchasing cold fur, light -cold fur can choose long hair, which looks more fashionable. However, dark cold fur is best to choose a shorter texture and style, otherwise the visual pressure will be formed, so that the shape looks very bulky and aging.


3. Neutral color fur

The neutral color is the color between the cold and warm colors. It is neither a cold tone nor a warm color. The black and white gray we often use is a neutral color system.


The neutral colors of fur almost do not pick skin tone, which is very classic and versatile. In addition to our common black and white gray three colors, the Morandi color of the fire in recent years is also a neutral color system with low saturation. Girls with skin tone can be easily controlled, so the little fairies are choosing fur when choosing fur You can rest assured to choose the neutral color, and you will not make mistakes. If you want to be a little more insurance, we can choose fur with shorter hair. It does not look too publicized, and it is very suitable for daily wear.