One table tells you, what kind of tea, what kind of tea, are you drinking right?


No matter what tea it is

Appropriate occasions, time, people

Drink appropriate tea

Only then can the best effect be played

It plays a good health effect

Chinese medicine believes that human constitution is available

The difference between dryness and coldness

And tea goes through different manufacturing processes

There are also coolness and warmth


Then look down

Find the cup of tea that belongs to you

A form tells you the nature of the six major tea

The degree of fermentation and tea of ​​the six categories of tea

Tea category

Degree of fermentation


green tea

Non -fermentation


Yellow tea

Micro -fermentation

White tea

Light fermentation


Green tea

Semi -fermentation


black tea

Full fermentation


Black tea

Post -fermentation

What are your constitutions? What kind of tea are you suitable for? See the table below

Nine kinds of constitution matching the six major tea matching tables


Characteristic description


Flat quality

Ruddy complexion, energetic

Green Tea (oolong tea)


Easy to catch a cold, fatigue, prone to sweating

Green tea, black tea, black tea

Yang deficiency

Cold hands and feet, afraid of cold

Yin deficiency

Hand and feet are hot, and irritable

Green tea, white tea, yellow tea


Easy to asthma and allergies, the skin will cause blood when grabbing

Black tea, green tea, black tea


The body shape is thin, easy to be nervous, anxious, insomnia, depression

Green tea, green tea, black tea

Blood stasis

The complexion is dull, the skin is rough, the skin is susceptible, and the gums are easy to bleed

Sputum dampness

Lead fat, greasy face, heavier tongue coating

Old Oolong, Black Tea


Facing oil, easy to grow acne, bad breath, bad breath

Green tea, white tea, green tea, black tea

Green tea with cold

West Lake Longjing, Anji White Tea

Dongting Biluochun, Liu’an Melon Film, etc.

Suitable for people with hot constitution, stomach fire, and energetic. Drinking when it is hot and irritable, it gives people a refreshing feeling. Green tea has a good radiation protection effect, which is very suitable for people who often work in front of the computer.

Contraindications: Avoid liver patients, caffeine in green tea through the liver metabolism, and drinking too much tea affects the damage to the liver function. Pregnant women, stomach cold, and surgery should not drink.

Yellow tea with cold

Junshan Silver Needle, Mengding White Bud

Huo Shan Huang Baoli and so on

The effect is roughly similar to green tea, the difference is the taste, the green tea is refreshing, and the yellow tea is mellow.

Contraindications: Yellow tea is attributed to light fermented tea. The manufacturing process is similar to green tea. It is rich in many ingredients and other ingredients such as catekine, catechol polyphenols, which can affect the activity of the stomach. Secondly, yellow tea is rich in tannic acid ingredients, which will affect the body’s absorption of iron, so pregnant mothers are not suitable for drinking yellow tea.

Sexual white tea

White silver needle, moonlight white

White peony and other

The applicable crowd is similar to the green tea, but “the green tea Chen tea is grass, and the white tea Chen tea is treasure”.

Contraindications: For those with “hot” stomach, they can drink appropriately during an empty stomach. Generally, only 5 grams per person per day is enough, and it is not appropriate to be the elderly.

Sexual green tea (ie oolong tea)

Dahongpao, Wuyi Narcissus

Phoenix Shan Cong et al.

Suitable for the widest crowd. There are many good oolong tea, especially Chen Fangjia’s oolong tea, which will appear pleasant fruit acid. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acid enters the liver meridian, so it has the function of relieving liver and qi, but people with spleen and stomachs should not drink more.

Contraindications: Avoid drinking oolong tea in the empty belly, it is easy to appear drunk, and symptoms such as dizziness, panic, and weakness of hands and feet occur. Drink oolong tea before going to bed, which will only make you difficult to fall asleep.


Warm black tea

Small species of Zhengshan, Jin Junmei

Qimen black tea, Yunnan black tea, etc.

It is suitable for drinking cold, cold hands and feet, weakness, and big age, and milk and honey have better flavors.

Contraindications: Patients with stones should not drink black tea. People with anemia and mental weakness and insomnia can increase the symptoms of insomnia. Women during menstrual pregnancy should not drink black tea.

Warm tea

Yunnan Pu’er Tea, Anwar Black Tea

Guangxi Liubao Tea, etc.

Can remove greasy, botulinity, and lower blood lipids; black face and no gloss, swelling of throat, loss of appetite, diarrhea, cold back feet, low back pain, and recession of energy, drinking this tea is better.

Contraindications: People with severe arteriosclerosis and hypertension diseases should not drink thick black tea when the condition is unstable; patients with anemia and hypoglycemia cannot drink black tea.

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Green tea, black tea, black tea

Green tea, black tea, black tea