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The first book you published is “People who have taught the book”. In fact, the person who has taught the book is the teacher. There are many titles about the “teacher”: Master, Mr., Teaching, Teaching Mr., Teaching Makers, Gardener … Many titles are full of the connotation of people who have taught books. These titles are ups and downs in the river of time, and they have transformed their lively faces. Among them, the face of your junior high school Chinese teacher Cui Fuzhu.

You wrote in the preface of “The Man who taught the book”: “Your junior high school Chinese teacher is Cui Shizhu, an elegant rural intellectual. The low body, the white face, the blue belt on the head forever It’s clean. ” In the old land of the 1970s, Huangsha was full of sky. Teacher Cui Zhizhu, who was walking on Huangni Street, really looked very different. The clean clothes and elegant grace reflected the ancient style passed down from generation to generation.

At that time, the school in junior high school was still in the village office, with elementary students and junior high school students. In primary and fifth grade, two grades in junior high school are single classes, and there are more than a hundred people. The school was at the door of the house and ran in a few minutes.

At that time, you were more obedient. When other friends ran to the field to play, your father asked you to read and write calligraphy and painting at home. Laughs, you copy Mao Zedong’s third article on the grass on the grass: “Serving the People”, “Memorial Bethune” and “Yugong Yishan”. You will recite a large number of paragraphs. The benefits brought by reading are presented in junior high school. You can often quote Mao Zedong’s text in your writing. Sometimes you even do it. Teacher Cui Zhizhu in the Chinese is surprised, and your composition often reads as Fan Wen in the classroom. You wrote in the preface of “The person who taught the book”: “You like this elegant rural teacher, like him, like him The Chinese lesson, I like to read your writing composition you wrote in the composition lesson. Those naive words bring you infinite joy. “Because I like a teacher, I naturally like him to teach him to teach At that time, what you was most expected at that time was the Chinese lesson, especially looking forward to the composition lessons once a week. This kind of like and expectation to make you have great enthusiasm in the process of writing. The love of the text is inseparable from the experience of the junior high school.

Teacher Cui did not take a bite of Mandarin in class, but he always insisted; he did not teach according to the preparatory subjects. At that time, the textbook class was very strong, but he could still have the sound of these lessons.

At that time, there was a text in your Chinese textbook called “A silver dollar”, which tells the story of a miserable and miserable story of the old society. When Teacher Cui Yizhu talked about the rich Mother Li Sangdao’s bloody silver dollar, you suddenly stood up and shouted: defeat the bully Li Sandao! A female classmate named You Yuling also stood up and shouted: Do not forget class suffering, keep in mind blood and tears! Tears flashed in her eyes.

崔中华专栏 | 教过书的人

In fact, this is the classroom session that Cui Yizhu has arranged in advance. In the extremely humble rural classroom, Teacher Cui has such a loud voice and touching, which is enough to reflect the time when he prepares for lessons. effort. Although you have a shy feeling when you stand up to the slogan, this Chinese class has left a deep mark in your memory, so that you know how to create a classroom situation and how to put on how to create a classroom situation in the later teaching career. A class was blended with the scene.

There are more than a dozen teachers in the school you were studying at the time. There are very few public teachers. Most of them are private teachers. The salary is very low. In order to improve the life of the teachers, several villages have left a few acres of land for the school, allowing teachers to increase income, and planting a few acres of land has become the biggest thing for teachers to teach.

The school is north of the north of several villages, and several rows of bungalows are surrounded by dug ditches and stacked courtyard walls. Because of deep ditch, the stacked courtyard walls are high. Most of the poplar trees. The courtyard wall has a gap, and it is a masterpiece of naughty students who are greedy for approaching. A few acres of land in the school are also circled inside the courtyard wall. East of several rows of bungalows, a shallow ditch was dug in the middle of the campus and the campus. You ca n’t go to the ground to play during the class, and you dare not destroy the crops.

There was no snow in the winter, and there was no year after the year. The school’s a few acres of wheat land will return to the green, but the droughts make the teachers anxious, and the principal is still more. The ice, smashed the ice cubes and covered with ice cubes on the wheat land. The rest of the teachers also said that they were good. They all arranged tasks for the students in the class and asked them to go home to get tools, iron stuff, wooden sticks, dung baskets, hammers, and hammers. What to bring. The students rushed towards the home, and after a while, they gathered by the pits by the village.

The puddle is not far from the school. The teacher allocated the task. The junior high school students were responsible for putting the ice cubes that the teacher smashed into the basket. The elementary school students were responsible for transporting the ice cubes in the ground. The weather was so good that day. Although it was cold in spring, the sun was very good. There was no cloud of clouds in the sky. Blue was sad. Of course, this was your later feeling.

At that time, you were standing beside Mr. Cui Zhizhu. Teacher Cui was holding a big bh no hammer to smash the ice. The ice layer was very thick. On the ice, the ice cubes are crystal, and the ice cubes are crystal clear in the early spring.

You gathered the broken ice cubes with iron pupa, packed the basket, the ice cubes are very light, and the sound of the basket is crisp. The wind was blowing, and the chill hadn’t dispersed, and the hands without gloves were frozen, but they didn’t feel cold at the time. The ice cave is getting bigger and bigger. You carefully use the iron 锨 to fish a piece of ice in the ice cave. The ice surface is too slippery. You caught up with you into the ice hole. Teacher Cui grabbed you and pulled you when you came up. The cotton pants are soaked, and Mr. Cui quickly pulled you and ran to the school.

The school office has a teacher on duty on duty. Teacher Cui helps you take off the wet cotton pants, let you get into the quilt, and then remove a bundle of sesame pole from the ground, and lit the sesame pole to bake cotton pants. You curled up in the bed, because of the illumination of fire, the cold slowly retreated, the fire of the sesame rod ignited was getting stronger, the office was warm, and you fell asleep unknowingly in warmth. In the dream, the wheat field is covered with ice cubes, and the size of the ice cubes is different, but under the sun’s shining, it is crystal clear.

崔中华专栏 | 教过书的人

You use a large paragraph of text to write your experience of falling into the ice hole, and write the warmth that Mr. Cui Yizhu brought you to you with a bundle of sesame pole in the cold winter. Fixed on the keyboard you knocked.

Later, you were admitted to the county No. 1 Middle School and then went to college. You have never seen Teacher Cui Zhizhu in that period of time. Maybe it is the tranquility of life and the tension of academic studies. The opportunity to meet, but in the depths of the memory, the teacher’s sound is still.

Meeting with Mr. Cui again is that after you graduated from college for more than ten years, you become a Chinese teaching and researcher from a teachingman. In winter, you are close to the winter vacation. Role. You wrote in the text of “If the Snow Seal the Door”: You took work in the county seat early in the morning, and the bus was crowded with a thick cotton coat. The lead clouds outside the window were low, and the north wind sounded on the field. The North Wind two decades ago was hard and cold. You are on the road, you know that heavy snow is also on the road. When I walked into the rural gate of the rural middle school, the hard snow beaten on your face. The scientific name of the hard snow should be called “霰”. This is the sign of heavy snow and the sign of the heavy snow. From the school gate to President Liu’s office, it is more than 100 meters away. The large snowflakes fall on the loess road of more than 100 meters and fall on your yellow cotton coat.

The snow that day was so big. In the conversation with President Liu, you knew that Mr. Cui Yizhu was also teaching in this school. The dissolution was transferred to this middle school to teach.

It is difficult to cover up, you go to the examination room to visit the examination room, and the test room is very quiet. At that time, children in rural areas were still working hard. At that time, children in rural areas wanted to go further and only to learn one way. There are some chills in the classrooms where the doors and windows are closed well. In the dim light, a group of children wrote a bright dream in their hands. The heavy snow is outside the window, the fire of dreams is in your heart, reminding you a long time ago, the lined elementary school in your hometown, the lights of kerosene lamps are swaying in the dark night. And pale, a little tough.

You saw Teacher Cui Zhizhu in a classroom in the test room, or the blue band -edged hat, but the two times of the two widow had become white, shaking hands, and still warm, although nearly twenty, although nearly twenty twenty, although nearly twenty twenty, although nearly twenty twenty, nearly twenty 20 The time of the year.

What surprised you was that Teacher Wu Hechao, who taught you junior high school mathematics, was transferred to this middle school with Mr. Cui. You are very modest to the two teachers, you have always been modest to the teacher who has taught you. This attitude also affects the students you taught. They are also very modest to you, which makes you satisfied and moved you.

At noon in the rude living room of President Liu’s house, you have accompanied the teacher who has not met for nearly 20 years to eat. Several dishes made by President Liu are “Xilinmen” wine. The gathering of the snow closing the door, don’t have a taste in his heart.

Later, you wrote in the text of “If the Snow Close the Gate”: Think about the snow closing the door twenty years ago. We were together, with the silent President Liu, and felt that the snowflakes were flying.

Twenty years ago, the heavy snow was still down. Under the sky you recalled, it was quiet and solemn.

About the author: Cui Zhonghua, served in the Heze Education Bureau of Shandong Province. There are scattered newspapers and magazines, and there are prose collection “The person who has taught the book”, “If the Snow Close the Gate”, “The Raise Lottery”, “Tianqiu Moon and the Moon Full”. Some works are selected as “Teacher Heart”, “Master’s Yin”, “Teacher’s Significant”, “Teacher Mo Fragrant Fragrance”, “Master Xingguang Yuan”

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