Zhang Li wore a five -fifth point in winter, the jacket stitching youthful and handsome, the sexy sister of the past no longer


#What to wear today#


The female star’s fashion dress is completely different in the style, and at the same time, the body advantage shown visually is also very different, especially if you accidentally wear it in winter, you will look five or five points. Pressing the figure, so it will make women lose the appearance of the body proportion. Zhang Ye wearing a mature and sexy Royal Sister style, under the blessing of the slender and tall figure advantage, highlights the high -level sense of noble spirit, but the private server in winter has lost the sense of fashion. The whole person seems to be five or five points. If it wasn’t for the coat stitching material, the youthful and handsome overall dress would have no bright spots.

Modeling analysis


Zhang Ye chose this set of private clothes with simple and casualness, but it is not handsome and cool. The coat of lamb hair and denim material is handsome and youthful. Although the body of the feet is five or five points, it has increased visually. The neutral toughness, the whole set of styles shows a punk style. This dressing style makes people look bright. Although it has reduced the charm of women, it increases the youthfulness. The multi -material stitching jacket has visually increased the highlights of the overall shape. The medium -long woolen jacket has the effect of keeping warm and cold. It is more comfortable and casual with the pants, and it is more handsome with Martin boots.

The design of the jacket


In addition to the highlights of the stitching material, Zhang Ye chose this jacket, and the toy bear was embellished behind it. different. In winter, jackets occupy an important role, so the design sense of design can increase the overall shape to increase the fashion point, and at the same time, it can also reduce the crowded or procrastinating sense of the mix of overweight items.

Visual five or five points

The medium -long jacket and guard pants will visually make the whole look five or five points, losing the point of its own body advantages, and the shape matching will not have enough highlights, but it is this body proportion increased. It can play a role in age, and mature women can also show another style of dressing in private clothes. Zhang Yan abandoned the previous dressing effect to show a youthful and handsome neutral dress. Instead, the overall shape was unique and showed another charm.


Match a single product


The combination of pants and shoes increases visual fluency. Bouncing pants type with Martin boots to form a sense of tacit understanding, allowing the overall shape to go smoothly, showing the handsome and neutral style. Zhang Ye’s set of the choice of single products is relatively easy to choose, especially the cooperation between single products will not lose visibility, and at the same time, it also increases the handsome style of wearing. Seeding the charm of dressing, which is different from the traditional gentleness and intellectual nature, shows handsomeness. Like to wear style and freely wear style. Women must learn Zhang Ye’s set of dressing, showing a completely different charm of dressing.

Material selection

Choosing lamb hair materials can increase the effect of keeping warm and cold. At the same time, this soft and thick material increases the adorable state of the overall shape. It has a soft and glutinous sweet girl sense. At the same time, it highlights the visual effect of young age. age. Lamb hair products have become one of the most important items for women in winter. The visually displayed style of wearing is different from traditional women’s gentleness, but it will not lose the charm of women too much.

It is also a lamb hairy jacket, but Zhang Ye’s choice increases the sexy. This is how to wear a style design to increase the uniqueness of the single product, so that the created shape is more visible, so that the whole person can make the whole person Showing youthful and handsome atmosphere, youthful and vibrant denim elements with lambs of lambs are youthful and vibrant, full of youth campus style.

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