This year’s popular underarm bag can also be memorized in winter.


#What to wear today#




It is a piece of clothing accessories that we are familiar with. Whether it is out of the street or office, the bag can be used in handy, and the bag is actually even more for women


Because for many women, what needs to be carried to go out will be more trivial.


And bags can not only be played

Decorative role

, And you can put some when you go out

So it is very important to choose a practical and beautiful bag.

The style and popular style of the bag are

Very changeable

In the near future, there is also a bag style called “Shoulder Bag” very popular. This type of bag is relatively short and is often placed under the armpits, so it is also called

“Axillary bag”

The shape of the bag and the posture of holding the bag is also very similar to the stick.

So there is also an alias of “French stick”. The style of the underarm bag is very

Fashionable and retro

And appearance

Simple and changeable,

When the match is also

Very convenient.

Xiaobian also sorted out some fashionable armpits and related matches this time. Let’s take a look.

Appreciation of the style of the underarm bag-

The size of the underarm bag is

More diverse

There are many styles in the style, so women can choose the one that suits them according to their needs

The size of the bag.

In addition, the color and shape of the underarm bag have changed a lot, and the small bag can be added

Various elements

The decoration is a one

Small and exquisite, flexible and full design


Secondly, there are many advantages of the underarm bag in terms of matching. The underarm bag is used as a accessories

For matching

In fact, it has a certain effect, and its rich style can fully satisfy any style

Style style.

Recommended style of the underarm bag-

Finally, the underarm bag also has a figure


Because the position of the underarm bag on the shoulder is

Higher than normal waistline


So it can be played

Optimization ratio

, The effect of showing long legs, the wide bag will also set off the waist

More slimmer



Pure -colored underarms bag

This year’s popular underarm bag can also be memorized in winter, and it is good -looking with a sweater.

Fashionable and practical

Essence The underarm bag can be memorized every season. The short bag is matched with a stiff and simple bag body.

Very fashionable

It is very suitable for concave shape, even in winter, it can be displayed


Very strong charm.

The solid -colored underarm bag on the leather surface is

More classic

The shape of the smooth leather will look very simple,

The line is full.

And there are many colors of leather bags, you can choose some daily

Classic color system

For example, black, wine red, dark green and other retro classic colors, and leather with sweaters or leather pants, coats, suits and other clothing will also

Very domineering


Crocodile pattern chain bag

Animal lines are comparison in the fashion field


Common elements

, Such as tiger skin patterns, snake skin patterns, leopard patterns, crocodile patterns, dairy patterns, etc. are more popular elements. Such elements can be applied not only on clothing, but also on bags.

The underarm bag is comparison

Retro and fashionable

So, so it is very suitable

Crocodile pattern

, Crocodile pattern underarms will look comparison



, You can add a metal chain to increase

Wild punk

The feeling, you can also try it when you match the clothing

Strong sense of style


U -shaped axillary bag

The more common axillary bag style is comparison


Small and exquisite

There are some shapes

The larger style

For example, U -shaped underarms bag, comparison of the lines of this type of bag

Flowing and gentle.

So it is more suitable for elegance or


Wearing it, and the capacity of the bag is relatively large, it is possible to work at work


Saddle bag is a kind of

Higher recognition


The classic armpit bag style, the popular time will be a little earlier, the shape of the saddle bag

Very distinctive.

So you can also match some more interesting patterns and colors, and it will be very good when you go out on the street


The size of the bag can also be installed with mobile phones, lipsticks and other portable objects.

Recommendation of the matching of the underarm bag-


Same color matching

Winter should be the most fashionable, wearing winter clothes and underarm bags,

Fashionable and beautiful can also reduce age

Essence The same color matching style will


More unified


This kind of combination is to focus on color and style


Up, you can choose the underarms of the same color as the color of the clothing, this kind of matching will

More low -key.


But the texture is very

Simple and advanced

, Choose some versatile leather bread or elegant metal according to buckle bags

More fashionable.

Color lifting

There are often more than one color of daily clothing, so at this time

Underarmed bag color


The choice will

More important

Because each color represents different styles, and the proportion is different.

For example, in the gorgeous retro blue and black skirt, if the black proportion is relatively small, you can choose

Black armpit bag

There is a kind of way

Harmony and symmetry

The overall style will also be compared

Calm and exquisite.

If there are several colors such as green, orange, black, white and other colors in casual wear, then this style of wearing is actually

High -profile fashion

Yes, so you can extract the dazzling orange as

Echo in style


The color brightening.

Light matching




In addition to the color of the clothing itself to achieve, you can also use the bag to display it.

For example, if you wear the overall hue, if it is

Dark color


Basic color system

You can choose bright colors or

Sense of contrast

Strong colors are used as the color of the underarm bag, so that the color of the bag will have a little effect on the overall dressing effect, and it will be more eye -catching and having

A sense of impact.


Like black and green, black and red, blue and purple, they are relatively thick

Retro color,


These colors will be matched

More advanced.


Recommended style of the underarm bag-