Don’t say that wearing down jackets are fat! This year’s popular “belt”, which is high, thinner and more advanced


As the temperature is getting lower and lower, down jackets have become the highest in the streets, but there are also many beautiful women who love beauty.

Especially the slightly fat and the young girls have no waist after putting on the down jacket, and the fat is also pressed.


If you still stay down in the traditional style, then it will be out. If you usually pay attention to the show and trend, you will find it.

This year, the “belt” is popular on the down jacket, and it instantly breaks the problem of short waist shorts.

This year’s down jackets are popular with “belt” ‍

To show thinness is to wear your waist. So even if it is a very thick down jacket, we can all be

Add a belt outside the down jacket or choose a down jacket with a waist design, so that you can clearly divide the waistline

, Make the body of the X line,

The visual cutting feels a general feeling, and it will have a visual stretch.

At the same time as tall, it will also be invisible,

Even the fat crowd or younger girls can be appropriate and thin

Essence So, what can we do in daily hits with down jackets? What to pay attention to and how to match when choosing a model?

We also made all kinds of wear attempts and summarized the following points:

Down jacket+belt, how to match daily?

1. Short down jacket+belt


Many people think that the “belt” on the down jacket has certain requirements for the down jacket itself. In fact, this is not the case. The basic model in our wardrobe is very suitable. The short down jacket that is very popular this year is very applicable.

When choosing a belt, it is recommended to choose the same color or near -color system. The hue of the same dimension will make the whole look more advanced

In the choice, you can boldly try the most in the stack of the current, a simple shirt or a turtleneck shirt stacked in the shirt, which keeps warm and rich in layering.

Many people like to open the down jacket open, in fact, to avoid the fat and strong brought by the sense of expansion,

Wearing like the picture above will form a visual sense of visual hierarchy, which will make the whole person thinner and more advanced.


2. Medium -long down jacket+belt


For girls with pear -shaped or slightly fat bodies, the medium -length down jackets are more suitable.

Mid -long down jackets can help us cover the wider crotch and excess flesh of the hips and legs to effectively slim our figure.

The mid -length down jacket version is not selected, it is easy to make the whole person look like a cylinder.

In addition, a belt can instantly outline the waistline, making us look more delicate and fashionable as a whole.


Properly become a soft and charming woman in the eyes of men!

When choosing a mid -length down jacket,

We can match a pair of boots below. This kind of dress is very friendly for girls who are more petite.

Boots can visually pull the length of the legs, and then with a pair of light leg artifacts with “three -stage supercharged”. At the same time, it is fashionable and thin.

Fashion summary:


In winter, how can I not wear the down jacket? Did the little owners understand? Using a belt, whether it is to improve the waistline and outline the figure curve, it is more effective. Let’s add a small belt to your down jacket!


The above sets of down jackets+belt wear, which one do you like best?


In winter, do you love to wear down jackets? What are you thin tips?

May wish to share with you in the comment area.