The traffic light of the new traffic law


After the implementation of the new traffic law, the signal lights at the intersection of urban roads have quietly changed.From the original arrow light to the current round light, the most terrible way is that the lighting method has also changed.Even many old drivers are unclear to be easily deducted and fined. Let’s share the set of lights that are most likely to confuse.


Old drivers: Can the following set of lights be turned on?I believe most people will make mistakes.

Obviously, it is impossible to walk straight, and the right turns can be passed when it is not clearly prohibited.But what about left?If you turn left at this time, congratulations on you need to pay IQ taxes!


The right thing is: Please remember, three important things, three articles, can not turn left at this time!Can’t turn left!Can’t turn left!If there is no clear instruction, turn left to obey the straight light instructions. At this time, you can only turn right. If the lights are turned on, you can turn left when you turn left without a red light.

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