Sitting to a foul: bamboo charcoal fills the leather car cushion


Model: 21 Fox hatchbacks

The car should have a good configuration, and there must be a good car cushion. This leather bamboo charcoal fills the car cushion. I patted the breast and said it was really easy to use!


Who doesn’t love the cushion of leather?This material is so explosive, preferably the exquisite, soft, breathable and wear -resistant, environmentally friendly, and no taste.


Custom cushions are great. This cushion version of three -dimensional is not bloated. The fine work is neat and neat, and the color style is simple and generous.


Bamboo charcoal filling is more divided, eliminating the adsorption of bad smells.The cushions are common in four seasons, and they are not afraid of summer and winter. It is easier to take care of cleaning.

Car cushion to start TB [Tiger Carlier Boqi Shop]

It also has a variety of color options, special car customization, generous and beautiful, all four seasons, very, very, very nice