Creative and fat people who don’t worry about the YOBO suspension rack


Designer’s YOBO foldable suspension rack designed by designer Calvin Fenton & Jake Lah is currently the lightest, most portable and durable suspension frame in the world.

创意 · 胖子也不愁的YOBO吊床架

The Yobo suspension frame weighs only 1 kg, but it can withstand the weight of 140 kg, equipped with fixed sales, and has a strong “grip”. Users can use it with confidence.

创意 · 胖子也不愁的YOBO吊床架

If the user only uses one YOBO suspension rack as a rope point, the other end of the suspender can be tied to the nearby trees or poles. If you are in the pastoral, grass, or seaside, you can use two to three suspenders.YOBO can also be folding the suspender rack with tarpaulin, which can shade and avoid rain, which can bring a wonderful leisure experience.

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