Wang Zhonglei’s 14 -year -old son gathering! Wearing a sweater standing side by side, the hair is messy


I don’t know if you still remember Wang Zhonglei’s son William. When he was a child, he was soft and waxy. He always wore a formal dress, and was loved by everyone.


Now that William has grown into a 14 -year -old boy, his face has faded his childhood tenderness, and he has a little more mature. Unfortunately, he has no childhood fashion.


Formal wear

Suit shorts

The soft face is matched with a formal dress.

The children’s version of the formal dress is not as dignified of adults, but it will be a little more childish and cute. The dark blue suit jacket with a white shirt is the simplest method of dressing, but it is full of layers. Choose suit shorts to reduce the dullness of the upper body. It is comfortable to wear and not bring a sense of restraint. It is a good choice for children’s styles.



Compared with the more casual suit shorts, suit and trousers are a little more formal. Pure black suit jackets with dark gray trousers have a sense of color matching but have a layered sense. The shirt has always been standard in the suit, which not only constitutes a classic classic The black and white color matching brighten the overall color, change the dark and dull, and set off the children’s gracefulness.




The suit is used as a school uniform, and the perfect child is made into a gentleman, and the tie is more formal. Pure black suit jackets with striped tie, the red stripes on the tie are enthusiastic about the overall dull match, and it also forms its own deep and noble red and black color, creating a sense of vision.


Novel color matching suit suit

In addition to the black suit, all kinds of novel color matching can highlight fashion. The pale blue suit jacket with shorts, there is a lot of flowers in the flowers, the color of the pale pink neck tie and the coat form a contrast, but not abrupt, but the personality is full. The addition of white stockings and small brown leather shoes balances the light color matching, gentlemen without losing fashion.


T -shirt with sports trousers


The white T -shirt is matched with light gray sports trousers, and the color is light and especially suitable for summer. The pattern is added on the chest to balance the pure white white empty hole, simple and generous.


Motion jacket

The shirt has always been standard for a suit, which is actually quite versatile. The dark blue stand -up collar sports jacket is equipped with a light blue shirt, and the color matching can also add a sense of layering through the shades. Khaki sports trousers are heavy, simple and comfortable.

Hatless sweater

As William grows slowly, the dressing position has changed a lot. The white T -shirt is matched with a large area of ​​printing patterns, and it seems that there is no small suit on the body.


Hooded sweater


I have to admit that William was really cute when I was a child, and wearing it was quite fashionable!

On January 10, the 14 -year -old William attended the photos of the party was exposed. The gap between him and childhood in the photo was quite large. The white inside is quite casual. Among a group of people, William’s dress was the lowest -key, and he stood in the corner when taking a photo.


Not only is it casual, William’s hairstyle is also very popular, and the hair is not as delicate as a child.

Youth Fan match


(1) Baseball shirt with wide -leg jeans

At the age of 14, it is when it is pursuing fashion. William just has not found a matching way for him. Compared with when he was a child, he can see that he prefers low -key dressing. The sweater can be used with a piece of light -colored wide -leg pants to show fashion, and it will not be too public.

(2) grid shirt


Of course, the grid shirt that is used to it can also become fashionable items. The red plaid design is added to the dark shirt to add a sense of layering but it will not be too high -profile. The white shirt is highlighted to highlight the layer. The proportion of long legs with high waist and wide leg pants is highlighted. The whole is dull color matching. A piece of items are extremely low -key, and they are easy to have a sense of fashion.

(3) Bright color matching

In fact, the biggest problem in William’s matching is that the color is too dull that the whole person has no spirit, and the dazzling color matching helps improve this matching disadvantage. It is also a plaid shirt. Choosing yellow and blue contrasting color design is full of personality, and an ordinary item becomes very unique. Add paint design to milk white wide -leg pants to add more personality. With simple striped shirts and small white shoes, Zhang Yang coexisted with low -key, and the sense of fashion has increased!