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Many people always use sea rods as fishing rods that can only be used in sea fishing. In fact, the length of the sea pole is long and tone. Essence What do you need to pay attention to when you are fishing.


Don’t forget to open the line file when throwing investment




This is not a problem for people who use sea poles, but they are often problems. That is, some people forget to turn on the line before throwing. There are two reasons:

The first is new fishing, hand -operated technology is not skilled;

The second is that some veteran fishermen operate. Especially during the fishing competition, negligence was accelerated by speeding up the frequency of throwing. The adverse consequences caused by the implementation of the throwing action without opening the online file are obvious. Some bombs hook into “Sky Girls Sanhua”, and some of them hurt the pole because of excessive force.


Don’t get fish in the waters of the barrier

When choosing a sea pole fishing position, try to avoid the front, left, and right sides of this waters as much as weeds, water peanuts, and things such as branches (water plants, water peanuts widely above two meters) These weeds, it is difficult to walk the big fish to the shore when you catch a big fish, and it is easy to hang the hook by weeds and run the fish at a break; if you can’t choose a good fishing position, you can choose a bomb. Throw it out. When the fish needs to be fishing fish, after competing for the consent of the fisherman of the neighbors, the fish will lead the fish out of the waters with weeds and continue the fish.

At the time of the correct approach: When the big fish is tired, the fisherman holds the rod with his left hand, holds the net with the right hand, and follows the direction of the left hand. When the left hand is walking to the net and sinking the fish head, at this time, the right hand holding the net is quickly copied and copied the big fish into the net.


Don’t buckle from top to bottom when copying fish


The sea rod is fishing for big fish, and it is also very successful. However, it is very regrettable to copy the fish and run the fish. But there are really many things in practice. Where is the problem? It is mainly caused by the method of copying fish. Some fishermen copy the fish, not to copy from bottom to top, but to buckle from top to bottom. How can this be copied? Because there are still hooks and lines in the fish mouth, copying from top to bottom, no matter how to copy the fish.

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Don’t twist the fishing line wheel too tightly

Before the sea rod is thrown, check the tightness of the drainage force of the fishing line. If you twist too tightly, let go of it appropriately. To what extent is it appropriate? That is, pull the main line by hand, and the wheels can rotate freely. Some fishermen often ignore this link. The drainage of the fishing line wheel is tightly twisted. When the fish is caught, the fishing rod is pulled down (lying horizontal) or even the pole body is applied to the water; If you have no time to lift the pole, the big fish will break the fishing line; if the drainage of the fishing line wheel is slightly loose, when the fishing line is caught, even if the fisherman is too late, Then, the fisherman holds the line to close the line, and appropriately adjust the drainage force of the fishing line wheel according to the actual situation.


Don’t meet prematurely and don’t copy the fish prematurely


When people catch big fish, because they can’t restrain their inner excitement and joy, they always want to see the fish earlier and see what the fish is, how big the fish is, so they speed up the rod. Wire. Prematurely, the big fish was pulled close to the shore and exposed the water. At this time, when the big fish see the people on the shore and the pole, they will struggle to run away. At this time, the power of struggle is much larger than when it was hooked, and if the drainage of the fishing line wheel was twisted too tightly, the consequences could only be broken fish.

The correct approach should be: Do not panic, do not worry when fishing, hold the line with the rod, and at the same time, it should be placed, and it is harvested. The distance between controlling between 20 and 25 meters and repeated fish. When you feel that the power of the big fish “wants” lines is obviously weakened, Fangcai can be leaned on and continues to run the fish until the big fish belly turns the fish to enter the net.

There are always some small problems in life worthy of our attention, paying attention to these small issues to help us catch big fish.