Swimming and “small snacks” … The pets of the Sanfu Tianli cooling down, the expenses are not low


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Swimming, shaving, and making the heat of the SPA … how can the “hair children” who spit the tongue and breathe the “hair children” to cool down the heat? This has become a top priority in the hearts of “shovel officers”.

“Seeing that it was so hot all day in the air -conditioned room, I bought some equipment to cool down.” On July 19, Ms. Deng, who raised a teddy dog ​​in the home, said that after entering Sanfu Tian, ​​she gave it to the 8 -year -old “Beckham. Li “purchased a pet -dedicated ice cushion and small fan, and made a pet beauty, which cost about 500 yuan before and after.

On the same day, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily visited and found that the high temperature in summer was changing the pet’s “clothing, food, housing and transportation”. It was a wave of “summer” economy. It is worth noting that many businesses in Changsha have fancy business opportunities to cool down pets, and have started business such as “pet swimming” and “pet fostering SPA”.

(Pets are enjoying the summer snacks made of canned and yogurt. Photo by Huang Ya)

Fostering the heat, pet dogs eat special summer snacks

“It is currently at the peak of foster care, and the 18 dogs in the store are full of gardens. If customers want to send their pets to foster care or receiving behavior training, it is best to make an appointment 1-2 weeks in advance.” The earliest batch of pet behavioral trainers in Changsha, after learning the needs of the owner, he opened a pet hotel that integrates pet support, pet beauty, pet behavior training, and pet SPA.

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporters saw in the store that customers can choose a foster room ranging from 99 yuan to 199 yuan for pets according to their needs. The bone, gourd, olive tree and other shaped containers are covered with an appropriate amount of yogurt to cover the bottle mouth, and put them in the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

“Just like people eat ice cream, pets also need to cool down snacks.” Peng Qunling said with a smile, high temperatures are coming, and the owner who does not know how to give “hairy children” scientifically disappoints the pets to a professional foster hotel. It can increase the amount of pets to increase the amount of exercise and avoid too obese pets.

40 yuan once, pet swimming must make an appointment in advance

In the “Its Pet Pet Swimming Pavilion” in Tianxin District, Changsha, a pool dedicated to pet dog swimming is particularly noticeable. “Every morning from 10 to 12 am is the pet self -service swimming time. You need to make an appointment in advance to ensure that there is only one pet dog swim in the swimming pool, and the fee is 38 yuan.” The clerk introduced that the pets need to be cleaned in deep before launching.

“Dogs have a good time. There are several pet toys in the swimming pool. If you can change the water frequently, you will consider it next time.” Ms. Zeng, who had carried pets in the store, said that although the price of the pet pool was in a reasonable range Inside, some pet swimming pools require pets to buy baths in the store before the water to get off the water and hair drying services after launching.

In addition to swimming and pet spa, some pets -dedicated “Summer Artifacts” have also been favored by the owners. On Taobao, with “pet cooling” as the keyword, there are more than ten related products such as pet ice pads, pet cooling air -conditioning fans, pet mats, and cooling vests on sale.

In the “Love its beautiful Tmall flagship store”, large dogs with a retail price of 54.8 yuan have sold more than 10,000 per month for cold pet ice pads. “Ice pad just bought the” Children “and immediately lay down, it looks very enjoyable.” The user named “Cao XX7” left such praise on the evaluation page.


“Most of the dogs have a certain economic foundation after the 90s. They are willing to spend money for pets, and pets also enjoy a comprehensive anthropomorphic life.” A pet shop clerk in Xiangjiang Middle Road, Kaifu District introduced that half a month ago, half a month ago, The store has purchased a group of pets used in ice pads and summer aluminum alloy ice beds, which can sell more than 50 pieces a week.

Reminder: rational consumption, pet hair should not be too short

How can the shovel officers make the “hair children” go smoothly? A Mr. Liao, who has more than ten years of pet breeding experience, said that high temperature days should allow pets to stay in a room where air circulates and cool. “Pets mainly cool down through the soles of the feet, abdomen and tongue, and you can properly trim these three hair. Remember to trim for too short, pets also need hair to protect the skin and block ultraviolet rays. “

“I often take a bath for pets. Washing off the oil on the hair can easily cause bacterial invasion and dry skin. The frequency of bathing is suitable for once a week.” Mr. Liao introduced that when the weather is hot, the time of walking the dog should be arranged as much as possible in the morning and In the evening and replenish pets in time.

As for the relatively high pets of pets, the above -mentioned pet shop staff on the Xiangjiang Middle Road pet shopkeeper said that although the per capita consumption of pets has continued to increase in recent years, the actual situation is still considered to buy pet supplies to avoid buying the purchase of economic tolerance and blindly buy blindly. Causes waste.

[Responsible editor: Su Liang]

[Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]