The benefits of exercise! Dunlop SPORT MAXX 050+ Tire Evaluation


How can a Lexus ES300H luxury hybrid model known for its smooth, comfortable and fuel -efficient Lexus ES300H luxury hybrid models quickly and effectively improve its control performance and make it better? The answer is actually very simple, changing a set of tires is enough!

At first glance, I felt quite familiar. Looking back, at the end of last year, the 2018 APEX high -performance tire selection organized by the magazine agency at the end of last year, the set of the “Best Balanced Performance Award” and “Guest Comprehensive Performance Award” were finally won, isn’t it Dunlop’s SP SPORT MAXX 050+? No, it seems that there is a Runflat behind others, which shows that it is a set of tires for gas lack. Today, there is no Runflat, but the same is the SP SPORT MAXX 050+. At first glance, the pattern came out of the same mold. No wonder it is familiar.

050+ Actually, it is a replacement product of Maxx TT, but it has appeared on Dunlop’s product scores a few years ago. However, this model was only suitable for luxury SUVs, and it has only expanded to cars in recent years. According to Dunlop’s official definition, this newly launched 050+ new product belongs to a luxury sedan -specific type. It is a high -performance tire that both pursues “driving” and “multiplication”.

So who is a sparring? This 2014 Lexus ES300H is appropriate. However, it is also equipped with Dunlop. The SP Sport 271 tire is more known for its wear resistance. The owners have been satisfied with this for a few years, so they did not persist in this way. The car was put on a new set of new tires. By the way, by the way, the new generation of ES is only the F-Sport version that the original factory comes standard with the SP SPORT MAXX 050. At that time, it had no additional number (+)! Now put on this old ES to the latest 050+, what will happen?

As soon as I try it, the improvement is really obvious, of course, it mainly refers to exercise results. Take a look at the measured straight-line performance data, 0-100km/h accelerated from 8.81 seconds of the original tire to 8.68 seconds, and the 100km/h emergency braking distance was also reduced from 41.38 meters of the original tire to 39.81 meters, 050+gripped force. Strong performance has exceeded our expectations. From the real sensory experience, the change has also been well verified. The smoothness and comfort of the ES300H luxury hybrid car must not be said, but for this comfortable character, people who like driving may be disgusted. After changing to 050+, it is like a casual shoes replaced with sports shoes. The “sole” has greater bite force with the ground. There are more sense of control during the parallel line, and running at high speeds makes people feel more stable. Is this change because Dunlop claims that the true circle matches the reinforcement of the carcass structure? In fact, the answer is not important, and the actual performance of the tire is the most real.

In addition, study the 050+ tire pattern to see its very wide main drainage groove, you know the importance of this tire’s attention to wetland performance. Coupled with the use of 4D innovative nano -level design technology and optimization of the filled with silicon dioxide on the tire, there are also many articles in these unsighting places. It can be said that the plus number 050+is largely extent for the water work of “amphibious combat”. Opening this ES300h quickly rushed across the stagnant area with a single side wheel. By perceiving the subtle posture of the body under such dangerous movements, the performance of 050+really reassured and more secure.

As a luxury model that emphasizes the quiet enjoyment of the car, although the sound insulation measures of the ES300H are in place, the tire noise should be suppressed as much as possible. We tested 40km/h, 60km/h, and 90km/h in the car noise. The data showed that 050+ was not much different from the original 271. 050+was 58.8DB, 63.3DB and 70.2DB. It is 59.2DB, 63.1DB and 69.8DB, and the differences are within the range of human ear recognition. Reflected in actual hearing, the tire noise of the two tires is not obvious. At least when driving on a good asphalt road, it will not disturb the personnel in the car. In the quiet section, we also pressed the EV key to make the ES300h drive a short section at a low speed under pure electricity. It sounds more quiet than those of low energy consumption green environmental protection tires that are loved by pure electric models.

When it comes to energy consumption, if this aspect is even lower than the original 271, wouldn’t it be perfect? However, it is impossible to be perfect. After all, the performance of the tires must be selected and unable to take care of it. Under the test of the 40km/h initial speed, 271 slipped 632.6 meters, which was very excellent! 050+ is 552.8 meters. For a high -performance tire that emphasizes the grip, this result is also completely qualified. As for how much impact will the tire rolling resistance reflect the fuel consumption of the entire vehicle? In short, it must be as big as you think. We have opened more than 100 kilometers in the two sets of tires, and the average fuel consumption is basically maintained around 6L/100km. This can not help but make people sigh. Toyota’s hybrid is really powerful! Therefore, it is true that even if such a luxury car increases a little fuel consumption, it can be exchanged for the overall improvement of the vehicle control and the overall improvement of safety. It is worth it.

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

It depends on you.

Test results

0-100km/h acceleration time

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

8.68s (050+)

8.81s (original tire)

100km/h Emergency braking distance

39.81m (050+)

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

41.38m (original tire)

40km/h Early speed gliding distance

552.8m (050+)

632.6m (original tire)

40km/h in -car noise

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

58.8DB (050+)

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

59.2DB (original tire)

运动的好处!邓禄普SP SPORT MAXX 050+轮胎大评测

60km/h in -car noise

63.3DB (050+)

63.1DB (original tire)

80km/h in -car noise

70.2db (050+)

69.8DB (original tire)

Test Conditions:

Sunny, temperature 34 ° C, wind speed 1m/s

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