How to choose the toilet? Straight and rainbow -sucking, which one is more water -saving and small, is not easy to block?


There is no trivial matter in life. Today we will talk about Laza. Although Lasha, although it is a common thing in the common thing, it is what we do every day.

World toilet organization (founded in 2001, 477 international members from 177 countries and regions, including the Beijing Tourism Bureau) have done a statistics. One person goes to the toilet 6 to 8 times a day, and 365 a year has 365 God, that is, a person goes to the toilet for about 2500 times a year. If the time to go to the toilet is 5 minutes, it means that about 8.7 days a year spent on the toilet. It can be seen that choosing a good toilet is very important.

How to choose a toilet? Many of us will choose according to water flushing. According to different water flushing methods, the toilets on the market are subdivided into two categories: direct -rushing toilet and siphon -type toilet.


// What straight rush toilet //


The straight -type toilet is also called a fluttered toilet. It was invented by Europeans. It was many years in the morning than the siphon -type toilet. It drawn the principle of gravity acceleration. At this time, it can concentrate the flushing of the water flow and further increase, and then compress the air through a strong water flow force to form a thrust and discharge the dirt strong.

// What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct rush toilet //

Advantages of straight rush toilet:

1. When the straight toilet is flushed, the water flow is more concentrated, which can be able to attack quickly and clean the dirt. Compared with the siphon -type toilet, the water flushing time is shorter, the pollution efficiency is higher, and it saves water, and water saving is to save money.

2. The straight -type toilet belongs to a straight -to -straight out of pollution. There is no curved water backwater back. When flushing, the strong hydraulic is accurate and can be easily flushed away. Passing smoothly, it is not easy to cause blockage.

3. The straight -type toilet is a through -type toilet, which can basically meet the possibility of renovation in the bathroom.

Disadvantages of direct toilet:

1. The stroke of the straight toilet has a large flushing, and the noise of flushing is also strong. This is its biggest disadvantage.

2. Compared to the siphon -type toilet, the straight water surface of the straight toilet is small, and it is easy to hang dirt and scaling, and the deodorization effect is not satisfactory.

// What is a siphon toilet //


The rainbow -type toilet is a upgraded and improved version of the straight -type toilet. It combines the principle of siphon -type. When the water is full of drainage pipes, the water level will be formed. Essence


// What are the advantages and disadvantages of siphon -type toilet //

Advantages of siphon -type toilet:

1. The siphon -type toilet uses suction to discharge dirty dirt, and the sound of flushing is relatively small, so it is called the quiet toilet.


2. When flushing the rainbow toilet, the water flows quickly and form a vortex along the wall of the pool. It can rinse the surface of the toilet 360 ° without dead angles. Clean.

3. The sewage pipeline of the siphon -type toilet is S -shaped. The water -stored surface is relatively large and the deodorant effect is better. It is especially suitable for toilets without windows and poor transparency.

The disadvantage of siphon -type toilet:

1. The siphon -type toilet needs to raise the water tank water level to a certain height every time the water is flushed, and then flushing the water. Each water consumption is about 9 liters or even more. It is relatively straight to a straight toilet.

2. The diameter of the siphon -type toilet drainage pipe is small, and it is prone to blockage when flushing.

3, the siphon -type toilet non -passing toilet, which has certain limitations for renovation and renovation.

// Choose straight punch or siphon type? //


The straight -type toilet and siphon -type toilet each have their own good.


Saving water

: The straight rush type is better than the rainbow suction.




: Sippling type is better than straight.


On the chance of blocking


: Rainbow type higher than the straight rush type.

On the degree of bathroom adaptation

Don’t conceal everyone, the small home toilet is a straight toilet. The pollution is very powerful. In the blink of an eye, it washed away and disappeared, but the noise is indeed big, especially when the night is quiet, how can a deafening be deafening? It’s as if he was afraid that his family and neighbors did not know that he went to the toilet, and it really collapsed.

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: The straight rush type is better than the rainbow suction.