Emperor Yishi released the first new car “Emperor Xing” to take a different approach to attack the niche electric vehicle market


(Picture source: panoramic vision)

Economic Observation Network reporter Yu Na

Emperor Yiyi is also entering the “Delivery Army” of new car companies. On September 20, at the Hangzhou 2018 Global Future Travel Conference (GFM), the new car company Emperor Yishi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Diaiyi Yiwei”) officially announced its brand logo and the first concept car – – Emperor Xing. Round headlights, gray intake grille, 18 -inch two -color wheels and yellow and black two -color body. This two -door four -seater compact SUVs are the first pure electric electricity created by Emperor Yifei for young groups. Cars will be sold as soon as the fourth quarter.

At the release site of the Emperor’s brand on the day, the theme of “Ferli, not alone” across the corners of the press conference. Cool black stage, hot hip -hop, and even mineral water bottles are packaged with personalized labels. What kind of company is this?

According to official information, in March 2017, Emperor Yiyi was jointly invested by Jiangsu Yueda Venture Capital, IDG Capital, Linking Tianyi, and Ald Automobile. According to Wang Dunming, the founding partner and vice president of Emperor Yiyi, this is three “old boys”. It has a group of young and dreamy people. At the same time, it introduces industrial capital and wind investment capital. Essence

The three people, known as the “old boy” by Wang Dunming, are the core management of Diayiyiwei. Among them, President He Kun, who has served as Deputy General Manager of GAC Changfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. and president of Mingjun Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. Wang Dunming, who has served as assistant to the general manager of Dongfeng Motor’s sales department and the copy of the copy of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Sales Department ; Vice President Cai Feng, once the general manager of Hainan FAW Haima Automobile Sales Co., Ltd..

It is worth noting that Emperor Yiyi did not choose a popular product route like other new energy vehicle companies, but chose a “relatively niche” market. It is understood that the one -dimensional attack of the niche and personalized routes, the product is positioned in the second cars of young people in the first- and second -tier cities, focusing on small pure electric models, similar to the BMW MINI segment.

“The logic of new energy vehicles may not be like traditional cars. Because young users seek new and change, they are pursuing personalization, and the so -called” explosive model ‘products may become’ big road goods’ in their eyes, so In the future, new energy vehicles should be a layout of various market segments. Therefore, we have chosen a unique ‘multi -variety, small batch’ product and brand route. I believe that other manufacturers will also adopt similar strategies, we It will not be lonely. “When talking about the cause behind the emperor’s brand, Wang Dunming said.

帝亚一维发布首款新车“帝行” 另辟蹊径主攻小众化电动车市场

It is true that the current main car purchase crowd is changing quietly. In “Mobile Travel to the Future 2020”, it is mentioned that by 2025, the global labor population will reach 3 billion, of which the “millennial generation” will occupy 75%of them, and the “generation alternation” of consumer groups will occur. In addition, according to the data analysis of the “China 4S Store Visiting Data Analysis Report” released by Aurora Big Data, the proportion of men and women in the 4S shops is balanced, and more than 80 % of visitors under the age of 35. This means that the post -80s and post -90s have become new consumer groups.

In Wang Dunming’s view, although there are many new energy cars in the market, some cars are not enough to meet the “hard core” youth aesthetics; some concepts are thin and cannot meet the “hard core” youth’s worship of playing cool. “Before building a car, you must determine who the car is sold to the car, and see what these people need. And the positioning crowd of Emperor Xing is the” hard core “youth.”

It is understood that the design tension, high -value domineering appearance, compound -eye combination LED light group, and emperors with unique double edges and corners are mainly for post -85s and young consumer groups. At the technical level, it is equipped with Diaiyi “Unique Lightweight Product Platform-D.AIRS-Tech® Technology”, which can bring an interesting travel experience to users; The unique concept of integrated high -definition interconnection, voice interaction, and open platforms are full of Internet genes.

Despite the establishment of less than two years, Diage has established a production and R & D base in Weinan, Shaanxi, Qinzhou, Guangxi, and Yixing, Jiangsu. From the omniments of 2017 to the two major production bases and two major technology centers, and made a series of model planning, Diaoya’s one -dimensional speed is not unhappy.

However, the shape of the new energy vehicle brand is not a day. If you want to find development opportunities in a relatively niche market, Emperor Yidi’s preliminary situation can be imagined. And it is difficult to conclude whether it can survive in a new round of car -making companies.