Fish the largest fish with the cheapest nest! The distillery is a good thing, so I’m afraid that the fish will be drunk


Everyone should be familiar with the grains, especially the fishermen who usually love the whole two. It must be familiar, because this is the remaining residue after the grain miscellaneous grains. Generally speaking, after these grains of grains are brewed, the essence has reached the wine, and it becomes “waste”. Therefore, many places will throw these distillery as garbage after the wine is brewed, either feeding domestic animals.

However, in the eyes of the fishermen, the leaves are “babies” because they can be used as nest materials. This kind of thing is not only cheap, but also the effect is good. Large individual carp grass carp likes it very much. After entering the nest, it will not leave for a long time. Even after eating, there is still a little taste in the nest, and the fish will stay for a long time.

But not everyone knows that leisone can be used as a nest, even if you know it, it may not be used well. I have written an article before. Many fishermen commented that the lees of the rosacea is not effective or even driven fish. After all, no matter how good the things are used, it is nothing.


Selection and basic use of distiller grains

There are many kinds of distillery, because the raw materials for different wines are different. Common raw materials are corn wheat sorghum glutinous rice, etc. We use more general corn leather and sorghum lees. Eat, anyway, all grains.

However, the effect of leisurel is not very good. The disadvantage is that the taste is heavy and the proportion is small. Some fishermen feel that the effect is not good. I am afraid that the nests will be hit alone, and then they are too much. Therefore, the fish dare not enter the nest. Or the embarrassing situation of fullness in the nest, sometimes you can see that the fish is bubbling near the dens, but the float has no movement. It is estimated that this is the reason.

If you want to simply use the distiller+yellow mud to mix the nest, this is more suitable for overnight nests. It is recommended to choose places with flat bottom (not steep slopes), and then we mix the grains and yellow mud evenly and compacted after compacking. Throwing into the fishing point, so that the fish smells the taste, but if you can’t eat or eat hard, you can stay in the nest for a long time. Mixing mud in the nest is a common method of nesting, but in a strict sense, choosing mud is also particular. It is best to be yellow mud, which has a large viscosity and no odor. no.


The upgraded version used by the lees, the use of other food mixing

Make carp: Take two copies of corn leather or sorghum, add a piece of rapeseed cake, a chick feed, and then the corn noodles and flour are appropriate, mix well. The latter two are mainly increased the proportion and sticky. After getting the fishing point, do n’t open a large group and slap into the water. It is best to bring the nest to the nest in a small group.


Fishing fish fish: also use corn leather or sorghum lees, but do not add rapeseed cakes to fishing fish. Instead, it is recommended to use bran and choose large -shaped raw bran. Very. Pay attention to two points. One is that the amount of bran is large, which can be two or three times that of lees, and the proportion of bran is smaller. You can drift far with the water to achieve the effect of temptation. Secondly, just use lees+bran, and then add yellow mud wrap into a nest. The grass carp has a large amount of food and the bran is not easy to eat, so the nest volume is fine.


Fishing of catfish: If you fishing catfish, I tried gruel before, because there are many rice wines every year at home, so there are a lot of grocery. At first, it was tried to add yellow mud. This is effective, but the effect is not strong. You can try the gray+musk bottom nest+wine. This effect is pretty good and the fish is long. Of course, you need to add yellow mud to overnight nests. There is no need to have musk bottom nests, and other bottom nest materials are also available. There are many small fish in the weather.

Part of the grains can also be added in the bait

I have only tried galaxy, because the accuracy of the gardenia is low (soft) and the sweetness is high, so it is not easy to stimulate fish, and the effect is better. When it comes to the nest material, it is good to say that the fish fishing catfish is good, but if you add bait, the carp, catfish and grass carp.

The usage is also quite simple. Stir in the bait in the bait directly. If you are fishing large individual fish, it is usually recommended to use bait. The bait and water are relatively small, and the gale itself is wet, so it can be replaced without water without water. If you open the bait, you can add 10%to 20%of the bait. Just knead it with water and then open the bait. If you add a lot of addition, it will affect the state.

I have n’t tried the other brutal grains. I tried several dried, fine corn leather tries this year, and the effect of adding carp is also possible. My usage is also very simple: chicks, soybean flour, and dried corn grains each, and then add corn sticky powder to stick. The amount of corn sticky powder is not fixed, and there are not many small fish. I will add less corn sticky powder and add less water in the early stage. Add corn sticky powder and water again, stick to the bait, do not atomize.

This is actually very simple to write about the use of lees. In fact, you should not stick to the formula and proportion. The fish love and water in each place are different, so it cannot be dogmatic. I just want to tell everyone that this stuff is useful, and then the general matching ideas are like this. Specifically, you need to explore and adjust it, so that you can become your own things and really use it.

[About the author]: Xiaofei, a post -90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to use text to record the beauty of fishing and leave the experience to those who need help. Welcome to pay attention.