The start season: These dangerous stationery is not fast to change your child


Today#At the end of August August#今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 今天 in the evening of August is getting closer and closer to school. Children will inevitably come to the arrival of the new semester. A little fear and irritability.

In order to make the first step in the new semester,

Taking children to choose their favorite school supplies is a good way to improve the enthusiasm of children’s learning.

But! Is it! Have you understood it? What kind of learning supplies are healthy and easy to use? Today, I will give you a trick to help Baba choose good stationery that is harmless and durable.

Lightning and thunderbolt

2021 · Starting Season

Toy, cartoon: Dispostering children’s attention

● Disney primary school stationery box 15.9 yuan

● Cartoon rubber 20 yuan/36

● Cartoon children HB pencil 12.6 yuan/10

Children’s self -control is low, and it is easy to put cartoon stationery


As a toy playing in the classroom, it affects the teacher’s class and other students listening to class.

Glass products: fragile


● Light light transparent double -layer glass water cup 22 yuan/280ml

Although glass products do not contain organic chemicals and are easy to clean. But it is also fragile,


Glass fragments can easily hurt children and do not recommend children to use.

Ringbag: Affecting children’s spine development


● Zirandu large -capacity tie school bag 159 yuan

Height 48cm width 31cm thick 20cm


The original intention of the tie rod schoolbag is to reduce the weight of students. However, the predictive effect is often not achieved in use. Students use the tie rod when they go up and down the stairs and bumpy roads, but the lever will increase the weight of the schoolbag.

Children’s bodies are still in the developmental stage. If the lever schoolbag is not used properly, it may affect children’s spine development.

Sharp items: easy to pierce children

● Getli 180mm Life Scissors 4.5 yuan


Students need to use a variety of props during handmade classes, such as scissors. When choosing props for children,

Avoid sharp items


, To avoid improper injuries to children.

Good things


● Deli primary school students’ pen bag 29.8 yuan


The design of this pen bag can meet the appearance of children’s appearance. The canvas of the pen bag avoids the noise caused by the drop in class; at the same time, the zipper design is used to avoid the phenomenon of excessive switching noise; separation design can meet the needs of stationery classification and finishing.

Simple rubber rubbing


● Getli 24 pieces of net white 2B rubber wiper 12.9 yuan/24 pieces


Deli this 2B rubber rubbing simple white system,

Less additives

; Simple styling, not dispersing children’s attention; easy to wipe, less waste.

Cave pencil

● Deli Hole Pencil 8.9 yuan/12

Depending on the size of the child’s fingers, the bodies are combined with the body’s fingers, and the drip -shaped hole is designed to enable the children’s little hands to fully fit the concave surface.

Easy to correct the posture of holding a pen

Essence And the groove adopts symmetrical design, which is evenly distributed on the three planes of the pencil.

Applicable left and right hands



Spine schoolbag


● Kakashi Children’s Spine Backpack

Small (high 38cm wide 30cm thick 16cm)/150 yuan 1-3 grade

Large (high 41cm wide 31cm thick 18cm)/160 yuan 4-6 grade

Studies have shown that long -term use of uneven back pads can easily stimulate children’s spine development. Kakashi Children

Pure flat thickened back pad

, Give your child the best spine.

Using a wide shoulder strap design and an front chest buckle at the same time, it can play a good shoulder role

Essence Divided into size, mothers can choose the right size for children.

Insulation cup


● Card Fulong Wisdom Children’s Insulation Cup 49.9 yuan/400ml

Children’s gastrointestinals are relatively fragile. Drinking cold water in large quantities is not conducive to baby’s gastrointestinal health. The insulation cup can solve this problem. Its material is stainless steel. It is neither as bulky as glass, nor easy to break, safe and warm.

Children’s sheath scissors

● Ma Peide Children’s Sheet Scissors 4 yuan

Adopt a round head design to refuse to poke the children; with a protective cover, it plays

Double protection


effect. Use macaron color system, fresh and cute, and satisfy children’s preferences.

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2021 · Starting Season