Low -heeled sandals of high -value fairy style, versatile without leather, daily travel can be worn


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For summer, sandals are a must -have for release feet. Compared to the stuffy sports shoes, sandals are much more breathable and refreshing.

How to choose summer sandals? Low heels and comfortable, high -value and eye -catching, don’t forget these two key elements!

So, how can the little fairy do not have a pair of high -value fairy wind low -heeled sandals? The following carefully selected sandals, you are the fairy! No leather, daily travel can be worn!

Store reference: Tsubaka TSubaki self -made women’s shoes

Green Wild Fairy Flower Flower Net Specs Rough Headian Words

The sandals embellished with flowers, the theme of the green wild fairy, with the immortality between the forests, the retro of the summer, the shiny snow gauze shining in the sun.

Store reference: High -end customization of sea fish love


Temperature transparent thick heels with pearl model

A word with transparent pearl skewers outlines the foot type. The lace -up pearl and ankle chain is full of temperament, the lady is quiet, walking on the face, swaying and moving.


Store reference: Mansuji hand -made customized women’s shoes

Retro detail with a word with an elegant model

One word with woven stripes, the combination of white and green, the combination of retro and freshness is just right. The square shoes are more comfortable without squeezing the feet, and the style is simple and not simple.

Store reference: Qiu Meier’s handmade women’s shoes

Fairy Wind Cat and Tucks Ladies Model

The combination of pearls and straps is just like the dignified and wild fusion, with the breath of ancient Greek pastoral, full of immortality. The kitten heel is not high, and even people who rarely wear high heels can control it steadily and show their posture.


Store reference: Wild Manch handmade women’s shoes


French niche pearl thick heel word


The simple stack of dark red lines becomes a French -style summer sandals. The pearls of small grains are layered and densely dense. A expensive belt is installed on the instep, which is stronger.


Shop reference: Anna Lin’s self -made women’s shoes


Short temperament Queen Bow with a word deduction

The finely shiny material is shiny in the sun, like adding a fairy’s transparent atmosphere; the superposition bow decoration adds the level of the monotonous shoe body, and stepping on the shiny sandals, full of confidence.


Store reference: Ziyi Ziyi handmade custom women’s shoes

Fairy style simple word buckle sweet bow money

The color selection of grass green is in line with the fullness of summer, and it seems that the tip of the nose is still lingering the fragrance when cutting the grass.

Store reference: STUDIO

French little cool dragging fairy low -heeled

Slipper sandals one shoe and two shoes, a pair of shoes for a summer, lazy casualness, and temperament style who doesn’t love?

Fairy Wind Word with a net gauze gentle ladylike model

The impression of the fairy is gentle and quiet. The design of the mesh is a common element of fairy style.

The word belt is really possible. The high value that must not be missed here is here. Fairy style essential elements, pearl, rhinestone, mesh, strap element season, who wears beauty!

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Store reference: STUDIO