Zhen Huanzhong should experience 7 queen hairstyles: pomegranate wings are the most beautiful, Mickey Mouse sister -in -law is strange


Every woman in “Zhen Huan Biography” is the Lord of bitter affection. The big BOSS played by Cai Shaofen should experience 7 queen hairstyles: the most beautiful pomegranate wings, and the three dumplings are too gorgeous! Come and enjoy it.

1. Oval bun


When Yixiu just appeared, he was dignified and virtuous. His black hair was combed into a medium division. He wore an oval wig, and the golden cricket was matched with the flowers.


2. Red Gold inlaid Pearl Skinth

Yixiu wears this brilliant dumplings in the early stage. The entire headgear renders a noble and gorgeous atmosphere with bright golden tone. Yixiu also matches her Dongzhu earrings that have not been picked all the year round. Essence


3. Mickey Mouse Golden Pupae

In the later period, it is often wearing this golden dumplings that look like rice mice. The tweezers have a pouring forehead and a flower cluster.

4. The queen champion

At a relatively large ceremony, the queen, for example, wore a more formal queen champion when the rain was sacrificed by the rain, the black mink brim, the top of the red velvet, and the golden phoenix stood up. Essence


5. Before bedding

Yixiu took off the golden head jewelry worn during the day, only a few white head flowers, but it looks fresh and natural, but it is not as pure as Zhen Huan’s pear blossoms!


6. Pomegranate wings

In the later period, Yixiu put on a wide -flat wings with a fan -shaped gold ornament in the center. On one side, there was pomegranate hanging beads, and the golden red reflected each other.


7. Dian Cuizi

When Yixiu was abandoned, he would never wear the brilliant sister -in -law in the past, and replaced it with a dull mink dumplings with dense dotted green flowers. It seems that she still remembers her queen. Noble identity, refused to lose decentness easily.

What do you think of the 7 hairstyles?