“Wow, this Liubao tea soup is too beautiful”! “Hong Kong Tea King” Chen Guoyi to make six castle tea for Nanning citizens


Mr. Chen Guoyi, “Hong Kong Tea King”, Pu’er Thai Dou, a well -known “88 green cake” named. On November 3rd, was invited by the organizer of the 2020 China (Guangxi) Six Fort Tea Tea Conference. He came to Nanning to make the old Liubao tea for the tea friends with the original Chen’s tea. Different Liubao charm.

On November 3rd, “Hong Kong Tea King”, Pu’er world Dou, the well -known “88 green cake” named Chen Guoyi, used the original Chen’s tea to make old Liubao tea for the tea friends in Nanning. Photo by Su Hua, a reporter from the South State Morning Post,


Chen’s Tea Method Breeding the Stunning Six Fort Tea Soup


Ordinary people make tea, either covered with bowls or pots, and Chen Guoyi’s “Chen’s Tea Method” is the same tea to wash the bowls and wash the tea, then pour into the purple sand pot, and then officially produce soup. Such a double -pronged approach, the brewed Liubao tea is particularly clean and translucent, the entrance is pure and rich, and the tea charm is lasting.

On the same day, Chen Guoyi’s first tea was “Tea King”, “Tea King”, China (Guangxi) Liubao Tea Couples last year -Guiya Xiang “888” Liubao Tea.


This tea has been more than 20 years. Chen Guoyi said that whether it is an old Pu’er or the old Liubao, the old tea will inevitably accumulate dust and impurities; if it is brewed directly with a purple sand pot, the pores are prone to blockage and it is easy to absorb odors. So use a white porcelain to wash the tea with a bowl of tea, stir the tea leaves during the period, remove the dust impurities, and then switch to the purple sand pot for brewing. In this way, the impurities are filtered out. The unique Chen Xiang of Lao Liubao Tea is more pure and more touching, and it is more physically and mentally healthy, comfortable and happy.


Although the tea guests drinking Liubao tea during the dinner, it was also the first time that I have been in contact with such a bubble. It really feels different. A female tea friend said that it was clear that the aroma was pure, the whole body was comfortable, and it was extraordinary.

Then the second ten -year old six castles, Chen Guoyi restored his private drinking method of drinking Liubao tea at home. Fragrance, more pleasant, more charm and long, unforgettable.

Mr. Chen Guoyi couldn’t help but set up a glass of old Liubao tea. After sip, he raised his head slightly, closed his eyes, and reminiscent. For a long time, I said intoxicatedly: “Wow, this Liubao tea soup is too beautiful!”

Taste, collecting Liubao Tea at the time


Does Mr. Chen Guoyi, who found the well -known Pu’er tea “88 green cake”, also collects Liubao tea in the tea industry? He replied that there is a basket of 60 years of old Liubao tea hidden in his home. He refused to cut love. “Good tea can not be asked. I keep it with myself and drink with the tea friends. Welcome everyone to see me in Hong Kong. I use this 60 -year -old Liubao tea to greet everyone.” Mr. Chen Guoyi said.


For collecting Liubao tea, he suggested that if you encounter good raw materials with well -established and good craftsmanship, it can be boldly collected. When collecting, pay attention to regular ventilation. Do not let the tea leaves boring, nor do you let the tea leave the small environment that is appropriate.


“Popularize the public, adhere to good ingredients, and guarantee, Liubao Tea is expected in the future”

Mr. Chen Guoyi has taken the tea in the south to break through the north for many years. He also paid attention to the rise of the Liubao tea industry in recent years. He said that Liubao Tea is expected in the future.

Chen Guoyi said that there is no lack of good tea in Liubao. At the tea conference, he drank a lot of good tea that made him stunning, so such a grand event should be held more. First, it can popularize Liubao tea in the local area.

When more and more people drink a clean and comfortable good Liubao tea, everyone will definitely fall in love with it. So there are more people who drink, and they can insist on good raw materials and good craftsmanship, and maintain stable output. The Liubao tea industry will definitely do better and better.

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