“Soft Gold” in Guizhou Said Pear -Fruit Industry is rich in vitamin C to add motivation to the human body


Vitamin C

The king thorn pear


As we all know, Vitamin C is a necessary nutritional element for the human body. It plays a very important role in the human body. It not only accelerates the body’s absorption and use of iron, but also improves the human body hematopoietic function. At the same time, vitamin C can also inhibit melanin production, lighten the stains, whiten the skin, speed up the metabolism of the human body, and detoxify and beauty. In addition, Vitamin C can also protect the liver. Repair damaged liver cells and reduce virus damage to human liver. So how do you add Vitamin C in daily life? Which fruits are rich in vitamin C? Today, I will talk about the king of Wei C -Stea Pear, which is a fruit of Guizhou specialty. Each 100 grams of pear fresh fruits contain an average vitamin C2300 mg. Therefore, the thorn pear has

The reputation of “soft gold”.

Take the lead in winning the fight against poverty

Guizhou Hongcai Junong Investment Co., Ltd. is currently a leading enterprise producing thorns in China. The total assets have reached 5 billion. Since 2016, it has led the creation of thorns “species, production, research, and sales” integrated industry chain. In the realization of the “dual effects” of helping the city’s poverty alleviation and the transformation of the company. Up to now, 13 honors have been obtained, of which, the national -level export food and agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zone, the national forest ecological logo product construction pilot unit, including the national level, the provincial poverty alleviation enterprises, the province’s consumer poverty alleviation 7 provincial -level provincial -level benchmark projects such as demonstration units, Guizhou provincial science and technology enterprises, big data and real economy deeply integrated provincial benchmark projects. The local government adopts a 5+8 model, that is, the leading enterprises of five cities leading to develop 8 major industries. Among them, Hongcai Group has clearly led the development of the city’s pear industry. “Mode promotes industrial development. In August 2016, Hongcai Group established a wholly -owned subsidiary of Guizhou Hongcaiju Nong Investment Co., Ltd., specializing in the development of the pear industry, and actively created an integrated industry chain of “production, plus, research, and sales”. The “dual effect” of the city’s poverty alleviation and the transformation of Hongcai Group. At the same time, with the city’s 229 cooperatives in the city signed the “Enterprise Cooperation Agreement”, it led to the increase of 170,000 households to increase their income, which laid the foundation for winning the battle for poverty alleviation.

Academician Zhong Nanshan endorsed the pear!


Academician Zhong Nanshan, as a native of Guizhou, is a Taoist and Taoist. In order to promote the development of the pear industry, he also personally leads the “Joint Research Team of Paeiner Prevention and Research on Respiratory Diseases” with the Guizhou Provincial Institute of Respiratory Diseases and Guangyao Group. Digging the effect of thorn pear. Academician Zhong Nanshan believes that thorn pear has high nutritional value and health effects. He takes the characteristics of the thorn pear as the starting point, relying on the Guangyao Group as the development platform, so that the thorn pear has changed from ordinary products to “Golden Baby”. Essence

There must be no fruits in our lives, and thorns are not missing in fruits. It is easy to digest and absorb, rich nutrition, and suitable for all ages! Guizhou thorn pear, add motivation to life!