Silk thickened leggings are just light -legged artifacts, showing your long legs


The autumn and winter “Jimei” all want “light leg artifacts” to show their long legs. Of course, the legs are thin and the legs are really dressed in particular. In short, it is good -looking. Many fans from Xiaobian will not buy good leggings, either the fabric is poor, or the version is not good, or the warmth is not good. I am sick.

Today, I recommend a comprehensive satisfaction of your silk leggings. The same slil and velvet leggings are already on the market. This one recommended by Xiaobian can be said to be even better. Xiaobian always believes that keeping warm is not equal to bloated. The version of this leggings is really “absolutely” absolute “”. High -quality fabrics ensure the high strength of the base, thickened, and still “strong”. They are not tight and super thin. Realize the easier stretching guarantee.


The “fiber queen” in the fabric purchase pants is filled with velvet to ensure good thermal insulation, and at the same time, you can wear it. The velvet is with temperature, and it is light and nothing, hugs softly and warmly, and cares about your legs like a lover. Thickening treatment, strong coldness, really the demeanor and temperature, make this low temperature winter warmer, warm up and more clear. At the same time, it is not bloated or thick.


The general leggings are a pair of light pants. The editor -in -chief has not worn the oblique pocket without wearing it, which is convenient to carry some small objects. Xiaobian does not recommend putting too many things. Make strong rubber band waist in the waist, do not stray waist and abdomen, so as to be healthy and comfortable. The factory has worked hard on the fabric. Daily wear will not be layered due to washing, which is very durable. The surface of the fabric is strengthened so that you can’t afford the ball. It is not worth taking off in the sky. You do n’t need to change your pants to wear yoga. The editor reminds you to pay attention to room temperature. If you sweat too hot, you can change your yoga pants.

This leggings really show your S curve, chic and sexy, and each steering shows your “gracefulness”. Wearing Xiaobian understands that this leggings can be matched with various tops. The shoes can be paired with medium -long leather shoes, snow boots, and Martin boots. Specifically, it is matched according to the style of the top.


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