so amazing! This pair of “cold gloves” can be warm and warm with the touch screen! Essential girl


As the saying goes, the cold wind is stabbing hand prophet


The hand is the most frostbite

Cold and cold outside

Hands are often cold and can’t hold things

It is necessary to wear a glove to protect it at this time!

Many friends belong to the typical mobile phone control

Put on a glove

It’s inconvenient to brush the circle of friends, chat, take pictures, etc.

It’s really strenuous and dull


For the zero patience, I want to drop my phone in minutes

Today I want to give everyone Amway


Suede warm touch screen glove


Advanced texture, especially soft

Wearing warmth, the inside is as comfortable as the skin

Limited time special offer 49 yuan original price 59 yuan

I know you must miss such a pair

Simple and easy to match, the plush bowl mouth keeps elegant


Fashionable and temperament gloves

It can greatly add points to the overall shape

When you first contact it

Oh, my god


This skin -friendly soft glove fabric

Smooth and mildness like baby skin

Using suede velvet fabrics, it is elastic and wear -resistant


The feel is soft and more close

Let you have warmth while keeping warm

Fashion and elegant accompany


Raise your hands to exude a lazy casual atmosphere


Suede is a kind of four -sided fabric


Good elasticity, soft and comfortable

Most MM’s hand shape is suitable for wearing!

However, most of the gloves in the market are too bad. How can I do it?


It is said that women’s hands are the second face, you have to take care of it. When others shrink their hands and keep their pockets, you wear it, and you must have a little more elegant and calm.

Plush bowl mouth warm and beautiful

Bowl mouth big imitation otter rabbit hair design

Loose tightness, fashionable personality


Keep warm and windproof, warm care


Makes the whole two gloves simple and atmospheric without losing cuteness

It is not inferior to those high -cost leather gloves

Many gloves that look the same on the market

But through the name of touch -screen gloves, they are high in price

The material is good

Polyine, poor texture, warmth effect extremely low


And this suede glove, I just put it on the size of it, it is very soft and warm, put on it, and outdoors below -10 ° C, I can’t feel the severe cold.


How warm is suede gloves! Intersection

We do a small test experiment at 0 ℃ outdoors

3 people wear a pair of gloves of different materials for each person

After 5 minutes

The temperature was photographed with a thermal sense


It is obvious that the ordinary gloves in the middle are completely cool! The knitted gloves on the far right are also in a half -transparent state! Only the outside of suede gloves still maintain room temperature, and the ability to resist the cold is simply a god ~

In this cold and cold season

Many northern regions have long been snowing


Even the West Lake in the south presents the beautiful scenery of the broken bridge.


Dear, keep warm!

How can you miss this suede glove?

The key is to keep warm! Intersection Intersection


Add velvet to keep you fearing the severe cold

Keeping warmth is visible

Cover the soft and delicate coral velvet inside


Luck -friendly breathable, comfortable and impermeable

Warm and not tight with your hands all day long and not tight

3D three -dimensional cutting+export standard invisible stitching


I have to say the fabric of suede


Make the gloves more soft and smooth


With the minimalist reinforcement of the back of the hand


Model comfortable more fit

It can be said that it is a stylish and beautiful style

It knows your beauty very much! Intersection Not bloated

Follow the cutting of the hand

Looks long fingers

Let you have a pair of slender jade hands in winter

After wearing it, only you know it is a thick glove

The design team is also very intimate!

The tiger width of the tiger’s mouth is added to the splicing of the thumb

Even if you do a large action, you won’t feel the card

It’s so perfect

This is really very important. There are many inner velvet gloves on the market that will be fired. It is really big. There are many fine hairs on the hands and itching on the hands. We will not drop this force. Essence

High touch screen sensitivity

Most touch screen gloves are far from enough

Can only be limited to pull pages

Of course

Finger index finger can touch the screen


With it

Whatever you want to play

Wear it and play entertainment games, it is still very niu

Care at work and knock on the keyboard player without a sense of burden

There are not too many decorations, simple and generous, with noble sense. Let you fall in love with it at a glance.


Wearing it can be tied with laces, play mobile phones, eat, etc.

It’s completely your elegant temperament

It is also particularly suitable for your family. You can wear it to play with it. The style is fashionable, low -key, and easier to match and control. Do not lose to gloves of other materials at all.

Praise Ruchao strong recommendation


The partners who have bought them are good. Good products are worth sharing together, fashionable and warm, this year I chose these gloves.

Multi -color optional can give you a different feeling

Multi -color intimate design

You who satisfy different fashion tastes

It also brings a personality to wear experience

Wear it as delicate and soft as the skin

0 pressure 0 restraint


Make you beautiful in winter


Suede warm touch screen glove