This autumn wearing knitted cardigan+wide -leg pants, middle -aged women are too suitable to wear


Next, let’s talk about the daily match that is most suitable for middle -aged women ~

It is necessary to wear daily versatile, but also dignified and calm, but also to show elegant posture with fashion. How should we choose in the various items and various styles. Still, it is most suitable for you to be suitable for yourself.

To satisfy these, in fact, we only need to hold the “scale”. In fact, I am the first to recommend it to everyone to try more


Knit sweater+combination of wide -leg pants


Why is it the combination of the king,


Recommend them strongly?

There are 3 reasons: the first classic is good, second, the type of model is reduced to wear the error rate, third: the temperament reflection is more direct and does not leave the water

How to better use their various dressing details, how to better use it in daily wear, let’s talk about their matching essence.

Why is it emphasized as a knitted cardigan, because the knitted cardigan, especially the fabric of the cotton line, is soft and the fabric is skin -friendly. The most important thing can also be used as a coat.

Wide -leg pants Visual somatosensory: The meat is thin and loose, because of its cutting and style, it can be matched with a variety of styles.

After knowing the advantages they can bring, for middle -aged women, they can transfer the focus to specific matching details.

①: Put out the sense of curve

What kind of dress is called curve? The sense of curve refers to the proportion of the figure, long visual legs, and reflection of the waist. The knitted sweater+wide -leg pants should wear a curve feeling. In fact, it can be combined with the current popular BM wind combination, that is, shorter+lower length, it meets two keys: waist and legs.

Note for knitted sweater: The length is short, and the size is partial. And the choice of wide -leg pants, do not be too wide in pants, and do not wear trousers long. The so -called BM wind can be well reflected.

When the selected knitted cardigan is long, in order to satisfy the essence of BM wind, we can also try to improve the waistline with the corner of the jacket. But this kind of method is not friendly to people who have many and thick waist and belly meat itself. Then at this time, we must focus on the selection of wide -leg pants.

When choosing wide -leg pants, you should notice whether there is a fold cutting design. There are wide -leg pants with wide -leg pants PK without folding design. The visual weakening of thin meat will be stronger.


Finally, go back to the creature of the curve of wearing, complete the details of the above matching, the beauty adds a little more.

②: Put out of laziness

Knitwear+wide -leg pants out of laziness? The sense of laziness itself is a sense of state and matching atmosphere. It seems that there is no intention to be full of carefulness. If you want to wear a full sense of laziness, Xiao Chen suggests that you can start from two aspects.

One is selection of models, and the other is retro and gentle color matching

Model selection

The most suitable model selection of knitwear+wide -leg pants. It must not be too personal. It is best to be some very basic models, including cutting and size.

For example, you can choose a small design of the neckline, with a few small design. Oh ~ By the way, some fashionistas are called “grandma shirts”.


In the size of the version, it is slightly loose but not tight. When the matching, it will not keep all the buttons on all the buttons. It doesn’t matter if you do not buckle one.

The selection of wide -leg pants is mainly to look at tailoring and fabrics. First of all, it is also very simple to cut it. You can pump or have no pleated (according to your body), but the material is more prominent in its distinctive personality.




The laziness of sweater+wide -leg pants is also the most critical. In other words, the saturation of color is low. Don’t go blindly, choose some colorful colors. It is difficult to control the skin color, and the effect is not lazy enough.


For example, tannin -made jeans+sweater, if the jeans and colors are “old”, then a little more lazy and casual. Conversely, if the colors are gorgeous, it will be more “modern” and less lazy.


When matching, keep the color coordination, the color of the shirt+wide -leg pants, no one can grab the limelight of anyone, tolerate each other, and achieve each other.

Knit sweater “open wear”


To create a lazy sense of vision, you can try to “open” the knitted sweater as a coat. We only need to control the models and colors of the inner clothes.

The lazy feeling accompanied by the “open wear” of the knitted cardigan, intentionally unintentional, laziness is just right.

③: Put out a gas field+temperament

If you want to wear a knitted sweater+wide -leg pants out of the air field+temperament, in fact, the details are still starting from the model and matching. In addition to the generosity of the matchmaker itself, the blessing of clothing is still based on simple, basic models.


Minimalist color matching

First of all, pay attention to the minimalist color matching, such as the classic black and white, black+khaki color, and the upper and lower colors are the most classic common colors. The cutting of the clothes itself is also extremely simple. They are matched together, and they are easy to have aura+temperament.

Extremely simple color is best to control the color to the two most suitable. If the color is too mixed, it is too far away from the minimalist color, and it will be visually paid to the match. It also needs the key points we need to remember.

Minimalist model


Some knitwear and wide -leg pants have a fashionable sublimation. For example, the “bud pants” that are very popular in recent years, paper bag pants can be called the 2.0 upgraded version of wide -leg pants. However, how to match this kind of matching sweater is actually more likely to be retro, playful and cute, and it is not too much with temperament+gas field.

The best selection is still minimalist. There is no blessing of fashion elements in clothes, and wide -leg pants without fashion advanced wear effects. All simple, natural, and comfortable feel is enough.


Minimalist match

In the match, after abandoning minimalist color schemes and minimalist models, the matching ideas are actually more vivid. It is still based on simple models. Of course, with the details, you can use the jewelry to be slightly embellished.


For example, universal jewelry with silk scarf, and the ultimate simple knitwear+wide -leg pants, is the visual effect more delicate.

It reflects the minimalist and does not want to match too much effort, you can also try to put a minimalist suit directly. The color matching will have a visual balance. Few, and temperament.

Well, today the matching of knitted sweater+wide -leg pants is shared here. Do you like my sharing? Or what kind of wearing analysis? Let me tell me below,

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