So beautiful! No need to decorate, 5 tricks, 5 tricks, exploding American light rural wind, becoming a fantastic studio


The main Yu and ADAM are a post -80s couple engaged in wedding photography. The wedding photography/wedding record brand operated by the two -AMAZING Grace photography aesthetics, fresh, gentle, storytelling photography style, is widely received for many newcomers preparing to get married The favorite, the two considers the work and daily needs, and decided to rent a building in Taichung City, Taiwan. It can be used as a studio and studio, but also allows ADAM’s mother to live together and enjoy the joy of heaven.

The first floor of this house is a garage. When the second floor moves in, it has been perfectly rectified. As the purpose of the studio and guests and restaurants, the style is set as a American light rural style. Very in line with the photography style of the two. After staying in for a while, the mother who lived on the third floor was rarely used to use because of her work. As a result, the long -aged houses that had not had too many planning to become idle space made a large number of miscellaneous objects that made the entire field look messy, and the entire field looked messy, and the entire field looked messy. dark.

Therefore, the idea of ​​the main depression and Adam will be transformed. I hope that after the room can be rectified and gives my mother a unforgettable situation of contextual residences, and can also be used as a studio for taking pictures of pregnant women to create more economic value!

▲ Because the house is rented, the original decoration cannot be moved. Before the renovation, the whole room was used for more temporary furniture, clothing and debris.


Adam & main depression


Amazing Grace Photography Aesthetic Terminist, Wedding Photography/Wedding Record


The concept of reconstruction of the long relative room of the main depression and Adam:

1. It is consistent with the style of the second floor, and the American light rural style is the main.

2. The house is rented, and it is only re -decorated with soft outfit.

3. The budget is about 6-8 thousand yuan, and a long-time house and bathroom are changed.

4. Break out with my mother and give up too much debris.


5. It can live comfortably, have enough storage, and can be used as a studio.


6. Make the space bright and comfortable.

▲ The room after the transformation is completed! After the main depression and ADAM hope to remove the debris, they will also give the entire space bright light, and set the white, American light rural style, and match the style of the guest restaurant on the second floor.

The secrets of the main depression and adam are very open!

01) Hand -painted design drawings, according to buying furniture and not spending money on money

I believe many people have encountered such a situation: “After buying the favorite furniture home, I found that the style or material is very different, and these objects cannot be paired together. Before the furniture home decoration, you should do your homework on INS or Pinterest. After collecting pictures, you should self -analyze the styles and elements that you really like. Finally Furniture shops or Internet search for similar furniture home accessories, so as not to spend more money.

Take the transformation of Lord Yu as an example, collect information on INS, and at the same time go to IKEA or the Internet to do homework, sort out the elements that you like log, rattan, bamboo editor, and summer feelings. Then draw the transformation in your mind. The space picture is purchased according to the object on the picture.


▲ Main Yu’s hand -drawn design drawing. Before purchasing furniture, it is recommended to collect information, first define the location of each furniture on the plane, and set the shape and material of the furniture in advance. After the procurement, there will be no problem of conflict between objects and object style.


The main depression suggests that you can use it on ins






Wait for Hashtag to search for pictures of American light rural wind.

▲ The main Yu chose this IKEA’s iron bed. Originally, it was a bit worried about whether the too soft line would increase the burden on the space, but because the white could be integrated into the overall space, it resolved the problem that was worried about. At the same time, the advantages of hollowing out under the iron bed can be used to add storage baskets and strengthen practical uses such as storage.

▲ After collecting data in the Internet, the main analysis of the main depression found that he likes to woven, vine, summer and other elements, so you purchase and arrange items in this direction, and do not pile up too full and leave white in appropriately when decorating, so that every furniture of all kinds of furniture Both the layout can be suitable for its place and lit the corner.


02) Discontinued, investing budget investment in good -looking storage cabinets

Because of renting a house, the main Yu and ADAM believe that it is not suitable for complicated hard installation, so the original room of the mother, only the temporary upright hanging hanger, plastic storage cabinet, carton and plastic chairs and tables are placed simply. More than 300 pieces of clothes are all exposed, making the space messy and crowded. The main Yu said, “We persuade my mother to leave out and accompany her to sort it together.

▲ There were more than 300 clothes of the original mother’s clothes, and the main Yu and ADAM accompanied the mother to sort out and disconnect.


Many people are very distressed about the existence of the cabinet. It is difficult to be beautiful in the space. It is difficult to put it in the space. The main depression believes that since the storage cabinet is a necessary object in life, then it must be. To choose the best and most consistent style setting, in the budget distribution, the main Yu took nearly half of the budget to the furniture store to choose a five -bucket cabinet with South French style, and then paired with IKEA’s double -door wardrobe. Not only achieve the balance of budget, but also achieve the purpose of achieving style. The main Yu said: “Although the five -bucket cabinet in the furniture store is a bit expensive, the furniture can move with us. The meticulous lines and handle design reflect the personality of the home, so that the overall space is added a lot!”


▲ The main Yu chose a five -bucket cabinet with good lines and good materials in the furniture store to replace the original upright hanging hanger. Large cabinets can easily integrate the overall space because of their colors. Essence

▲ The storage basket purchased on Taobao is put on the five -bucket cabinet, which can be stored in daily use of debris to increase practical functions.

▲ The five -bucket cabinet in the furniture store is the two -door wardrobe of this IKEA. It is also white. The lines on the door film simply understand the atmosphere of the rural style.


▲ After finishing the mother’s clothes, the main Yu picked out some objects with style characteristics, and used the adhesive hook to display these objects to let the hostess’s personal style naturally reveal.

03) One step DIY does not spend money to make the home appliances super beautiful!


With the pursuit of quality of life, the design of the home appliances has also been introduced. It is no longer easy to occur with the problem of unslaying home appliances and the overall style, but the re -purchase is also a pen. In the case, the main Yu chose to DIY by himself, and carefully brushed the old electric fans with white paint, so that the electric fan that was not originally not available to the style was integrated with the overall atmosphere, which not only saved the expenses, but also achieved the environmental protection intention that did not discard the object at will. Essence

▲ The electric fan placed in the corner was greatly improved by re -painting.

▲ Master Yu believes that white and wooden primary colors are very good coloring colors. Furniture, home appliances and all objects can be perfectly integrated perfectly, and mirrors to modify the column can also increase the depth of space.

In the case of no hard installation, the structural column in the space is exposed and unavoidable. In the long -parent room of this transformation, the structure column is facing the end of the bed. After thinking about many methods, I decided to use the entire room. The settings of the dressing mirror to resolve the embarrassment of the structural column, modify the prominent column body, and achieve the effect of increasing the depth of space. Master Yu said that he had found many dressing mirrors, but all exceeded the budget. Finally, he saw the four -piece mirror sold by IKEA, which achieved the expected results with an affordable price of 399 yuan.


▲ Because of the budget consideration, the mirror attached structural column sold by IKEA was finally used to achieve the effect of modification. The table next to the table was the treasure found in the antique shop, but the main Yu said laughed and said, “It is a bit unstable. Sitting on it, so I had to put some storage tanks. “

04) With the tablecloth, the old furniture can be used, and the American rural style is indispensable.

After the purchase of most furniture is completed, it is found that there are still fewer areas that can be written and read in the entire room. This is also one of the functions that the mother needs in life. The main depression chose to retain the old short tables in the room, but chose a blue British floral cloth for it, echoing the carpet color of the carpet purchased in antique stores, plus two rattan cushions, simply solving Passion, giving practical functions.

▲ This table is an old furniture in the room. The main Yu chose a tablecloth for it, and the color was matched with the carpet. With two cushions, it also met the mother’s needs with the style.


The main Yu believes that there is a green space to make life feel more calm and more holiday atmosphere, but because green plants are difficult to feed indoors, and it is easy to have moisture and mosquito. Essence She chose the artificial olive tree to embellish the horns.

▲ Putting a pot of artificial potted plants in the corner, eliminating the cumbersome care, can also achieve the effect of bonus points for the overall space.


05) Buy styles with style to make the bathroom refreshed

Since it is not possible to decorate it, the transformation of the bathroom is also starting from the decoration layout.

After the main depression and ADAM completely discarded the debris in the bathroom, it was cleaned up. Finally, all the appliances and towels were updated in accordance with the original tile color system and the style of the long -parent house; The tooth cup and pressing empty bottle are embellished with the rattan laundry basket to increase the rural charm.

▲ There have been many toilets that have not been organized.

▲ In the case of unable to move, after the bathroom is cleaned again, the purchase of props that consistent with the overall color system will simply enhance the texture texture.

▲ The laundry baskets and fragrances are placed in the corner to add a sense of ritual to life.


The renovation and purchase list of main depression and adam