Winter clothing is difficult to wash, SAMSUNG BESPOKE series cloth


In November, the weather suddenly turned cold, and the cleanliness of thick clothes became a hot topic discussed by netizens. The washing of winter clothes such as down jackets and cotton clothes is indeed one of the daily problems of people. More and more people are tired of running a dry cleaner every week, longing for a simpler, fast, time -saving home clothing method, so, so, so Rookie in the protection industry -clothing care machines are more popular with consumers.

With its functions such as sterilization and removing mite removal, cleaning clothes, removing fragrance and other functions, it can meet the desire of people’s home clothing. For example, Samsung’s new Samsung Bespoke series of clothing care machines recently launched. Provide a variety of colors to meet consumers’ needs for high -end clothing care machines.

冬衣难洗护,Samsung BESPOKE系列衣物护理机为你净衣除尘

New upgrade of size technology, care for new ways of winter clothing

冬衣难洗护,Samsung BESPOKE系列衣物护理机为你净衣除尘

Winter jackets such as down jacket do not need to be washed frequently. Machine washing can easily cause damage to down jackets and washing machines. The cost of hand washing is huge and the effect is not good. Therefore, many consumers choose to use clothing care machines to clean the down jacket. Samsung Bespoke series clothing care machines increase their models according to user needs, launch a 24 -inch large -capacity version, and add “long clothing suspension zone” and rotatable hanger kits to easily care for large winter clothes.

冬衣难洗护,Samsung BESPOKE系列衣物护理机为你净衣除尘

SAMSUNG BESPOKE series clothing care machine is equipped with multiple clothing technology and sterilization technology. The clothing care machine will first spray a strong airflow of the clothing, remove the built -in steam jet system on the surface of the clothes, eliminate the bacteria and allergens carried on the clothing. Remove E. coli, Golden Polyris, mites, etc. In addition, the high -temperature steam jet system can also penetrate the steam into the deep fiber of the clothing, relax the clothes, and flatten the folds.

In addition to dirty, odor is a major reason for most consumers to clean up the down jacket. Especially in winter, I often choose to eat in hot pot restaurants and barbecue restaurants. In order to remove the clothes and work hard, a clothing care machine can easily remove the flavor. The Samsung Bespoke series clothing care machine is equipped with air purification procedures. Through the built -in deodorized filter and UV ultraviolet light, it effectively captures and removes the odor particles on the clothes, which can eliminate 99%of the odor produced by sweat, tobacco, barbecue and dry washing. This time, the Samsung Bespo series clothing care machine also added a new fragrance box to taste the fragrance after the protective clothing, making the clothes more fresh and natural.

Pay attention to the appearance experience, create a rookie

冬衣难洗护,Samsung BESPOKE系列衣物护理机为你净衣除尘

Samsung Bespoke series clothing care machine is a part of Samsung Bespoke Home Appliances series. Its appearance follows the consistent design style of the BESPOKE Home series home appliances. The coloring of the crystal light mirror shows a high -end texture, which meets consumers’ needs for home appliances, with other BESPOKE Home series of home appliances to make the color collide in the home environment and form a unique aesthetic taste.

冬衣难洗护,Samsung BESPOKE系列衣物护理机为你净衣除尘

In addition to the design design, improving the family’s intelligent experience is also one of the focus of the BESPOKE Home series home appliances. Habits, automatically sort and intelligent recommendation according to the program use frequency, bring a convenient and efficient clothing experience. Users can also download the Samsung Connect program, check the system recommended nursing mode recommended on the mobile phone, and manage the clothing records on the APP, the problem of automatic diagnosis of product failure.

SAMSUNG BESPOKE series clothing care machines are rookies in the high -end clothing care machine market, providing consumers with a new way for consumers to care for winter clothing. This winter, if you also want to experience a more delicate and convenient home life, start with the three Samsung Bespoke series clothing care machines!