It’s cold to wear skirts! The “knitted dress” in winter wearing a guide, just wear it according to


The early winter wearing will have a great change with the decrease in temperature. Whether it is north and south, warmth is the most important thing. In the autumn and winter seasons, knitted items are very popular, with simple and high -level styles, showing a sense of temperament. Especially when women who are mature, choosing a knitted item can give people a gentle and generous visual effect.

Many mature women love knitted dresses and wear gentle and temperament, but many women with ordinary figure and ordinary temperament will look particularly fat and bloated on their bodies. For knitted items, they must consider the special characteristics of their materials The impact of the overall version of the dress, so be sure to avoid some thunder areas.

Thunder Area 1: knitted dress without texture


In order to match, many women can be more convenient, show a variety of styles, and prefer half -body knitted skirts. Most half -body knitted skirts are made of texture and texture items. It seems that the stripes are very soft in the hand, and this striped state will be visually thin.


Choose a knitted style dress, and the texture of the texture is also very important. Do not choose too flat materials, such as hippocampal -type knitted dresses. This style is more suitable for applying on knitted cardigan. If it is applied to knitted dresses The defects seem to have no curve.

The correct choice method: with a striped texture

When choosing a knitted dress, it is recommended that women try to have striped styles. The vertical stripe itself has the effect of vertical stretching and the vertical sense of knitting itself.

In addition, if the solid color system has a striped design style, it will increase the overall texture, and the type of coat type or down jacket is superimposed, which can also show the layered effect between inside and outside, and it seems that the entire clothing is very good.

Thunder Area 2: The clothes version is loose, no curve feel at all

Most of the knitted dresses should have a certain degree of fit with the figure to show a more perfect effect, and no matter what type of item, it must be presented by the waistline to have visual visually Advanced effect.

In addition, the reason why the knitted dress is more suitable for mature women is the influence of fabrics and the shape of the version. For women who like mature and sexy styles, it will be more temperamental. style.

If it is too loose and no curve is displayed, you will be stunned when you wear it, especially the thick knitted dress, which will look particularly bloated, so you must pay attention to the waist design, or use some use of some of the waist Bags and other accessories can create a proportion of upper and lower figures.

In the neckline, the collar neckline is as large as possible, showing the effect of modifying the face. For many Asians, the bones are relatively obvious. The design and modification of the round neck is better. It has a good effect and can also show the best visual sense.

For example: black waist knitted dress

If daily as a pure black knitted dress, the waist has a very obvious tightening effect, which is more friendly for women with better figure. Tightly, personal, and perfectly show the sexy and taste of mature women.

The correct choice method: with waistline design, diverse collar type


For the waist, women should know that the pursuit of sexy and maturity must be a waist design. This type of knitted dress can better show the perfection of the figure.

On the other hand, the part of the collar should be determined according to the length and face shape of the neck. The round face is more suitable for V -neck. Now there are many diverse necklines to better modify the figure, but the style of V -neck design needs to be increased. The accessories of the white part, such as the necklace, will be more embellished.


The round neck style is relatively versatile, and there is a semi -high -necked or high -necked face. It is more suitable for the relatively perfect face shape of the shoulder and neck. The upper body of the whole person is very uneven.


For example: caramel color knitted dress+pocket bag

For women around 30 years old, the matching of daily work is simple and fashionable. The V -neck caramel knitted sweater is set off for the whole person’s particularly fair and fashionable, but too loose will look a bit bloated. With a waist bag is practical and advanced, black versatile and fashionable, the bright color system has a certain hidden effect, and the split effect is also very good.


Thunder Area 3: Outstanding color, not easy to match

In addition to knitted types, the version and material of the single product will affect the overall matching color, and there will be a greater impact. No matter what type of single product color choice, it may be biased to daily. Wearing it, the blogger chooses the bright color system. You must know that the bright color system needs a certain body and wearing merit in order to better grasp.

In daily life, it should be based on a relatively basic color system. Do not pursue saturation too much, too high, so that there is no way to combine with other items. The white -whitening area of ​​knitted dresses is relatively small, and the use of color systems in a large area of ​​the whole body will be overwhelmed, and it seems that the whole person is dark.

The correct choice method: the classic basic color or autumn and winter atmosphere color


Due to the influence of the fabric, it is recommended to be classic color system that is biased towards black and white and gray during the selection process. You can also try the warm -colored atmosphere of autumn and winter. Asian skin tone.

There is no need to consider how to match the color problem. The color is relatively large to inclusive. You can use the same color system, or the bright colors are used. Points or atmosphere color as the basis, color, the area of ​​its possession is smaller, it will become easier.

For example: gray knitted dress

Gray represents a sense of advanced. The knitted dress is used as a stack of inner wear. The basic color coat presents the style difference. The overall texture is very strong. If you want to make breakthroughs in color, a pair of red boots completely create winter in winter. The elegant charm of mature women.

Although it is cold in autumn and winter, wearing can make people more warm, knitted dresses are strong and warm, and have high fashion expression. As long as you choose to match, you can show mature women without stepping on the mine. charm.


Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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It’s cold to wear skirts! The “knitted dress” in winter wearing a guide, just wear it according to