He used a large picture frame to surround the entire balcony


▲ The area of ​​120 square meters and the cost of 420,000. Project coordinates: Changsha, Hunan, the homeowner hopes that the overall space design should not be too complicated to avoid crowded. The softness of the white wall and logs is their favorite match. Feel the natural and comfortable atmosphere when you go home


▲ Original structure diagram


▲ Plane layout map:


1. Knock out the wall between the entrance hall and the kitchen, use the thickness of the wall to make the shoe cabinet and make the ultra -thin cabinet of the kitchen;

2. Reserve the location of the refrigerator between the kitchen and the restaurant, and add the bar table;


3. Use the aisle to place the meal cabinet and housework;

4. Reduce children’s rooms to expand the aisle space, move up the door of the master bedroom, add a row of wardrobes;

▲ The living room is incorporated into the balcony for raising treatment. The large floor -to -ceiling window is introduced into sufficient light. The overall ground is paved with wood grain bricks.

▲ The connection between the living room and the balcony leisure area is enclosed with KD board, and the upper left corner is added to the hook. The owner will purchase a home sandbag at home after check -in

▲ Design bookshelves on both sides of the TV background wall, use sliding doors to switch the living room mode, gray sliding door and balcony wood decoration to form warm and warm comparison


▲ The living room is looking at the kitchen and the porch, integrated ceiling and the ground extension visual effect

▲ The restaurant is added to the bar, taking into account the functions of leisure and dining. The left side cabinet is reserved with the location of the water dispenser to facilitate drinking water at any time.


▲ The kitchen is removed from the wall and the hanging cabinet is canceled to expand the sense of space. The increased kitchen hook on the wall can effectively keep the table clean and tidy

▲ The housework cabinet is set on the side of the aisle, which is the location of the entire home. The back is the location of the washing machine and the dryer

▲ Children’s room, the height bed is also produced by the carpentry master. 8 drawers are retained at the bottom of the bed.


▲ The old man’s room is mainly simple and practical, leaving the top surface of the white wall with gray furniture and bedding

▲ The old man’s house is directly facing the public health dry area. The mirror cabinet is treated with the sliding cabinet door. You can hide the mirror in the cabinet at any time.


▲ The master bedroom continues the design of the whole house. The wall -mounted air conditioner hides the socket and the pipeline through special treatment. The wooden trim door on the right side of the bed is the main guard

▲ The main guard is mainly gray, customized and extended the mirror cabinet to the top of the wall -mounted toilet to enhance the visual sense and storage space


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