Can you raise a dog? The correct way to use dog cages, you have to know


As a dog -raising shovel officer, do you still have a dog cage at home? Have you ever raised your own dog?


Regarding whether dogs should be cured, in fact, there are also controversial in the shovel officer group. Cage care is actually beneficial and disadvantaged. If you do not use the dog cage correctly, the damage to the dog is not small!


Many people have raised dogs for many years, and they will not use dog cages. Let’s see if you have done it wrong?

What are the misunderstandings of dog cages?

1. Long -term cage support

Some work is busy, and the dogs who are naughty at home usually use the dog cage as a place to restrict the freedom of the dog and raise the dog for a long time.

The long -term cage of dogs will not only cause the dog’s psychological depression and sensitivity; lack of exercise, the dog’s body’s immunity will also decrease and affect development; but the dog’s claws and nose are easily scratched in the cage.

2. Types as punishment dependence

There is also a shoveling officer, which will be a very easy to disciplinary method to see the dog cage. Whenever the dog makes a mistake, the owner wants to send the dog into the dog cage.

This method will exacerbate the bad impression of dogs in the dog cage, so that it will have a strong sense of resistance to the cage, and it will be chaotic in the cage and cause trouble for the owner.

How to use the correct use of dog cages

1. Cultivating dogs from a young age to the dog cage

In the dog cage, put dog bowls, dogs, toys, and dog snacks, so that the dog is familiar with the environment of the cage, and it is necessary to ensure that the dog cage door is not closed, so that the dog can move freely.

In this way, dogs will also treat their dog cages as their own small home, which is comfortable and peaceful inside. The owner takes the dog out, it will cooperate more, and actively enter the air box and the dog cage, and will not yell, bite and hit the dog cage.

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2. Control the time to enter the cage


No matter whether the guests who are afraid of dogs at home or prevent dogs from dismantling the dogs, the owner should not close the dog in a cage for a long time.

If the owner always puts the dog in the cage, the dog’s psychology will also be harmed, thinking that the owner will abandon himself, punish himself, and even cause separation of anxiety or irritability.


3. Choose the right dog cage

The owner of the dog cage also needs to choose the right cage. The cage is too small to not help action. The dog will be uncomfortable and resist the cage.

If the cage is too large, it will occupy too much space at home, inconvenient transportation, and dogs are not easy to have a sense of security.


Finally, don’t forget the importance of dog food. As a daily staple food for dogs, it has a great impact on dog health. There are many kinds of dog food on the market. When choosing, you must be careful when choosing. Try to choose some high -quality dog ​​food.

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