The eye -catching still has to be bright, and the orange “enthusiasm” makes people eager to try



The closer to the word “cold”, the more fast the bright ones

Maple Leaf Orange


Try to try!

According to Pantone announced

2017/18 Autumn and Winter Fashion Week Popular Color

Report, bright and warm


Maple Leaf Orange (Autumn Maple)


It has become one of the most popular colors in the current season.

It is full of energy and refreshing, allowing you to continue the passion of summer.


It is between yellow -brown and red brown. The color system is more red than yellow and the brightness is higher than brown.


For the color of orange, it always brings your eyes. It can be recognized as the best one in many bright colors.

Essence Not only is it easy to look good, but its gorgeousness will not make people feel twisted, and they are born with feelings!

On the show in autumn and winter this year, warm orange and bright vitality has become an important source of inspiration for many brands. The most common material

Knitting, cashmere, nylon and even cortex bless orange, and different “light” is particularly amazing.

Christopher Raeburn2018 autumn and winter




Dirk Bikkembergs2018 Autumn and Winter


Louis vuitton2018 autumn and winter

Maison Margiela2018 Autumn and Winter

So what makes people shine

Orange Style

How can I control my mother? Presumably it is a question that a tide man wants to care about.

Today, I will talk to you how I am a mortal to control this difficult tame color!


Wearing guide

Small area embellish

The greatest charm of Maple Leaf Orange lies in its open style, which is a highly inclusive color.

Because for the tide man who controls this color for the first time,

Small area of ​​orange items


Not only can it light up the whole body, but it will not impact the coordination of the skin color too much, maintaining fashion and protecting the face value.

The first orange item starts with a baseball cap!

A bit orange echoed each other in the overall dressing, and the orange wool hat jumped out in the dark dress, lively and cheerful, giving people more than ten years younger.


The faint and monotonous collection orange inner match is also a good match.

When the eye -catching orange is paired with tough military green, the fusion of the warm and warm tone is visually comfortable and very angry.


If you feel that orange is too public, you may try the superposition effects of these two colors.

Small area of ​​orange can also be concentrated on the feet.


A pair of orange fashioned sneakers will make the whole match full of orange joyful temperament

Essence Take a look at these Orange shoes of LOOK!


Shoes control must be no stranger to the following two orange sneakers,

Adidas yung-1 and Nike Zoom Fly are the most eye-catching is its dynamic color color design, super eye-catching and bright orange to create shoe body,

Not to mention how eye -catching is visually.

adidas yung-1

Nike zoom fly

It is also good to change the lightweight canvas shoes


, Fashionable up up up!

Of course, this orange method is indispensable with an orange bag!

With the basic white shirt with jumping off the bright accessories, it is a choice that can not be mistaken and maintains a personal style.


How to wear orange under the next dress

The most difficult to control is a kind of orange pants, with more safe colors such as black and denim blue.

So I accidentally come to a pair of “qi” pants.


In the selection of the top, the black and white system is the first choice that is not to be missed. Because it is safe enough for many people, and

The combination of black and white and orange can highlight the orange color texture to the greatest extent, and the overall level is particularly clear.

The second is to add cold color colors to make overall saturation.

The best way is to choose a blue jacket with an orange letter scarf like the following look, and echo the orange of the lower body in the upper body.

The inside of the denim blue is also cool. The denim blue is one of the versatile colors.


If the color system on your body collides with which color systems, you will not make mistakes when choosing black and white and denim blue.

You can remember this combination rules




If you have a good sense of color, then you can play other colors. But, it is easy to occur at the scene of “LOW soil”, so don’t try it easily.


When two or more bright colors appear on the body, it is easy to cause visual aesthetic fatigue, which is too eye -catching.

Orange top worth starting


Long -sleeved T -shirt

This makes you full of confidence, of course, start with a long -sleeved T -shirt.

Adapt to the current season and make more possibilities. In addition to the high value of the trendy men, they are to wear different purity colors to wear.


No matter how beautiful your upper body is, you can always blend with black. The solid T -shirt is slightly monotonous, then

Letter or pattern

You can also choose, visually impact but not so exaggerated.

It is also good to use an orange T -shirt as a dark clothing, which can add finishing details.


In particular, the mixing and matching of the hoodie and the suit has set off an eclectic street feeling.

Hooded sweater


How much I like the hoodie, I do n’t need to say more about young people. It is one of the age -reducing and fashionable items.

Picking out the one you like, full of expectations, as if the cold winter feels warm.

Li Yifeng was wearing a letter hoodie with jeans+baseball caps, and he rushed to the Feel of his sunny boy.

The dazzling orange looks white and beautiful, and the whole person feels more close to you.

The dazzling hoodie and suit pants are also good, with a playful taste in the formal.

Especially blessed on the handsome uncle, exuding a “innocence” charm, it is difficult to not let girls look at it!

Long trench coat

Presumably the warm south can’t keep up with the pace of autumn. Many friends in the north have prepared the trench coat and feel the cool wind.


If you haven’t started, how can the orange trench coat miss it.

It is a vitality and bright visual impact that makes people forget.

Large -area orange windbreaker is more handy in matching. Generally, you can choose dark pants to match it.

It can make a good buffer, and it will not look monotonous.


In terms of material, the exchanges of the cortex are more textured.


Compared with nylon trench coats, the leather is more calm and elegant.

Men who are pursuing texture can choose this one, with Martin boots handsome more than a little bit.

Warm down

The hot orange items also have a lot of general designed down jackets.

The general down jacket feels very bloated and not handsome, so there is no room for matching.

However, this year’s wide and high -leg version and vibrant fresh orange color matching can sweep a sense of dullness. It is one of the items worth starting in autumn and winter.

Try to be as clean as possible in the matching. Such a large silhouette has the same wonderful work in both hats and turtleneck sweaters.

There are jackets to embellish, how simple other items come! Intersection


After watching the popular color with a bit of anger and enthusiasm, don’t tell me that only the face value can afford it! In my opinion, all kinds of clothing must be confident to control! Intersection

So, did you wear “orange” today?