The price of the old Tieguanyin, how much is a pound of the old Tieguanyin?


The characteristics of the old Tieguanyin

Dry tea is darkened, and as the year increases, the color is getting darker.

The soup is dark yellow, and as the year increases, the color gradually changes, which is dark yellow brown reddish brown.


The taste is mild, and it is more and more peaceful over time.


Dry tea smells fragrance, with faint flowers. After shaving, the aroma is more rich.

Now many five years of old Tieguanyin have been baked and can be very different from 15 years. However, there are obvious baking flavors. The real old Tieguanyin should have no flavor of fire. Because there are many effects and functions of the old Tieguanyin, it is loved by many elderly people. Healthy tea!


How much is a pound of Tieguanyin? As the name implies, it is the Tieguanyin tea that has been stored for a long time. The old Tieguanyin tea is also called old tea, which is a semi -fermented tea. It is made of strong -fragrant Tieguanyin tea. The price of Chenxiang Tieguanyin, which is truly expensive, is almost valuable, so that everyone has a reference.


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