Can silk scarves be worn in spring and autumn? These “hundred changes” in summer are fashionable and novel, too French -style


The silk scarf dances with the sun in spring, exuding a golden light; the silk scarf is in the autumn, and it looks like it is embellished on the beauty of the beauty, gently on the long neck … but no matter the spring and autumn, regardless of the spring and autumn, regardless Silk scarfs are one of the items that are fashionable and cannot be separated.

Can the silk scarf only “a flash in the spring and autumn” in the spring and autumn? Of course not, these summer scarf matching makes you unable to open your eyes ~


In different seasons, the silk scarf has different methods, sometimes changing ways, it is a new feeling. And this time, we will use silk scarves to challenge a wave of French wearing!

Refusing to be the same white and thin, the combination of French style has its unique combination. Even if there is no deep eyes, a sloppy figure, a silk scarf+French sense, it can improve your beauty more than one grade.

Open the silk scarf to wear this summer, so please look forward to it ~


1. Silk scarf tie neck

1. Short silk scarf is neck

For this short and exquisite small silk scarf, you can choose to use a neck matching method.

It is very suitable for the large white area of ​​the shoulder and neck or the base model with a large or top color and monotonous.

This not only breaks the sense of blankness, but also increases the effect of layering, but also uses the exquisite and elegant characteristics of the silk scarf to strengthen the overall style.

The simple black and white camisole is paired with black high -waisted straight pants, sexy and retro, but the bare chest is too large, which is easy to give people an empty tedious feeling.


Add a silk scarf embellishment, gently hit a knot on the side, which is more playful than the tie in the center, and it is more beautiful.

2. Long silk scarf bow knot system method

For some relatively slender silk scarves, you can use a bow to the law. Well the scarf from the back of the neck to the chest from the back of the jacket, and then tie the remaining silk scarf into a bow on the chest, so that it naturally hangs in front of it. remember,

Don’t be too close to the neck of the silk scarf, making it the most suitable for forming a V -type.

Why do you do this? Let’s take a look at the above example. White shirts with high waist umbrella skirts, brown bucket bags and pointed shoes echo each other, details but lack of layering. With a silk scarf, the V -type method can not only extend the neck lines, but also add a trace of French style by the way.


The short silk towel is suitable for the narrow side, tied it around the neck,

Suitable for the shoulder and neck blank space for a long time;

When the neck is tied, the position of the knot should not be too close to the neck.

You can also droop the scarf naturally without knotting; you can also follow the red scarf.


Second, the silk scarf is a hairband

1. Hair -hoe


Choose a hairband hair band, you must choose a slender type,

The color of the silk scarf and the color of the clothing and the local echo are all good matching methods.

Walk the scarf from the top of the head to the back of the head, and then fix it to the back of the head.

Sisters with low skull tops, high hair lines, and face lines are not smooth.

Use broken hair to modify the face shape.

2. Bow knot method

The bow is simpler. First, comb your hair into the tail shape, and then use the silk scarf as a hairband. Just light it to the end of the hair and tie a bow!

The lady used a black and white dot silk scarf to make a delicate bow in the back of her head, and echoed the shirt of the open -shoulder upper top of the wave dot bubble sleeve, which was particularly overall. Then with a pair of simple jeans, lazy and exquisite and stylish.

3. Twist braid system method

The twist braid of the silk scarf is more complicated than the previous two systems, but it is also very friendly to novices, so sisters do not have to worry about their “hand disabled party”.

On the basis of the front hoop system, it will

The remaining silk scarf is mixed with hair, and then divided into three shares, and then compiled according to the twist braid.


Finally fixed, a elegant and elegant French silk scarf twist braid hairstyle is completed ~

4. Silk scarf make a head scarf


The silk scarves used in front are mainly narrow scarves, but we also have a wide -area silk scarf such as square and rectangular. Don’t think that the square scarf will be very earthy, but people are actually concave -type “artifacts”!

First fold the scarf according to the diagonal line, and then the triangle towards the back of the head and tie it on the head.

Finally, fix it under the chin or the back of the head. With any basic items, you can make you a fashion blockbuster.


The silk scarf can be used as a hairband. When the hairband is small and fresh, the hairpin is a bow, sweet and exquisite, and can also be compiled with twist braids.


A square scarf can also be made of headscarves,


It’s just that the same color pattern and low -key and elegant style that is close to the background color of the silk scarf, such as light -colored, black and white gray basic colors.

Third, silk scarf make top decoration

1. Scarf shawl

Really elegant people will have long worn the square scarf shawl. However, it should be noted that the shake shawl is not knotted in the middle like aunt.


The fashionable silk shawl shawl pointing to one side, and then knotting on the shoulder on the other side to form a natural oblique structure line on the shoulder.


The sisters who do not know how to operate can refer to the matching method of the lady above. This method of wearing can not only sunscreen and shade, but also

It is also especially suitable for girls with skating shoulders, shoulder width and back, and unicorn arms to cover meat.

Let’s try it if you don’t believe it!

2. Silk scarf makes a hanging neck top

For a wider scarf, you can use a hanging neck -type method.

After folding the diagonal line of the scarf, the triangle towards the navel, and fixing the rear of the neck from the back of the neck. For beauty, you can also stuff the triangle hem into the waist of the trousers.

The bottom of the bottom is paired with a dark -colored print scarf. The silk scarf uses a hanging neck -type method, and a natural deep U neckline is formed on the chest, which slightly shows exquisite collarbone. With French style standard dark blue denim straight pants and lace -up sandals, wearing this clothes, I do n’t go to Paris to see a art exhibition, I am sorry for my delicate today.

Wide scarf is more suitable for decorations for the upper body than narrow scarves. But whether you wear a shawl or wear a neck -type top, you should not choose high brightness, high saturation, and fancy color.

Fourth, silk scarf make accessories

1. Silk scarf as a belt

The role of the silk scarf as the belt and the belt is similar, which can increase the proportion of the waistline to modify the body, but the silk scarf is more selective than the belt and the regulatory is stronger.

The loose small flying sleeve T -shirt is paired with white pants and off -toe sandals and French straw bags. This is the summer standard of French ladies and sisters! Is the waist embellished with a color scarf for a belt, did you have a sense of design at once?

2. Silk scarf make bag decoration


In addition to the scarf on people, the combination of silk scarves and accessories is also wonderful! The silk scarf+bag is the heart of fashionable fines this summer. The blue handbag’s handle is embellished with a pink purple scarf, and a new bag appears!

Long scarf can be used as a belt on the waist, or it can be decorated on the handle of the bag to increase the sense of design and casual casual atmosphere.

Everyone is wearing a French style, but it is not everyone can do it with the essence of French style, but not everyone can do it. French wear is not as easy as imagined, but it is not out of reach. This summer, you only need a silk scarf to create a pure French sense of atmosphere, making you look like a romantic Paris all summer!