The floral skirt is OUT! I wore these 3 skirts this spring and summer, so good -looking


A few days ago, I have given the old iron to the old iron. The spring items of spring, bags, shoes, sweater, but

Only small skirts that are necessary in spring


I also asked the sisters can we wear short sleeves now, and some sisters in Guangdong said that they have been worn again. In this case, I have hidden these

Fairy fluttering fairy skirts are also ready to share with everyone

In order to let my sister wear two modes and two modes worn by others on the street, don’t hit money with others, I also look for it

There will be no rotten streets at all


Skirts, don’t be ashamed to buy me (beauty)!

Personal strap skirt

The strap elements can always give the original flat skirt

Add a little fairy attribute

, The grid skirt is originally retro and literary, plus

The design of the small shoulder is very thin

Essence The strap at the collar is more capable


Optimize shoulder and neck ratio to perfect

It’s so beautiful!

Even the small skirt with a pure color without a pattern is the same as it is so beautiful,


Take a picture in minutes to make a blockbuster

Essence The special thing is the strap around the waist. You can adjust it according to your own waist. Everyone can

Become “small waist essence”

This Disney

I really fell at a glance at the escape princess skirt

, The version of the shirt skirt and the strap on both sides of the sleeve allows this skirt to meet all the needs of our city.

Can be worn whether it is dating street or daily commuting


It is not an exaggeration to be a fairy skirt.

Girls’ wardrobes will always lack a small black skirt, really

Too suitable for elegant temperament girls

Intersection The strap bows on the shoulders can also bring a little girl with a pure black skirt. Whether it is a little girl or a big woman, it can hold it!

Fang collar+bubble sleeves are complete

Hepburn skirt

It, but this one is worn out

Photo (especially back) is absolutely beautiful


Hundred -changing shirt skirt

Shirt skirt is the best

Wear a variety of styles

The skirt (refute you are right), because the shirt skirt is also the easiest skirt. Whether it is dark wind or college style, it is a small Case for shirt skirts.

I want me to say I don’t know

“How to wear Hong Kong wind”

Sisters must have a 414 shirt skirt. As long as a single product is full of Hong Kong style, you are definitely worth having.

I just said the Hong Kong style, the following is

Mori Fresh Dress, a must -have in the spring of spring flowers and picnics

La. Irregular skirts are simple and materials. Don’t feel unhappy.

Shirts are neutral clothes, so shirt skirts are absolutely

It can be worn by “stinky girl”



The full -footed shoulder pads and A -shaped skirts

, European and American girls rush to me!

College style

The shirt skirt should be said to be the basic operation,

The version of the upper body shirt plus the lower body pleated skirt is enough

, Pink, blue, or white will not look good.


If the shirt skirt wants to wear a sense of fashion, the matching must not be less! were able

Highlight the waist seal and belt of the waistline

It can make your little waist be displayed under a loose shirt. Just a accessories have completely different styles.

Stacking through the vest, a strap

Another different taste,

You can also wear knitted vests in spring and autumn

, Temperature and demeanor can have both.


Yuanqi cream skirt

Spring is not going to


Wear the colors of various “flowers”

On the body, this is the attitude that the fresh girl should have!


Compared to haze blue with low saturation,


Mint green can have a taste of spring

Oh, the skin that can be lined is very white. The upper body is


Invincible youth beautiful girl


, Exquisite and cute, too cure!

Who only knows that this year I have stared at the small floral skirt? 2021 is popular.

Big flower pattern skirt

If you don’t know, hurry up!

Baby blue with pink white flowers


It’s really beautiful, it’s a skirt that girls in oil painting!

How can you do it in spring without pink?

Large area of ​​chick printing


Nothing will look old -fashioned, but instead

There is a sense of French pastoral jio

, Loose cuffs and V collar, fried chicken tolerance, and elegant skirts I really love ~

Well, today’s spring and summer dress is in Amway, is it that many sisters have been beautiful by skirts? Believe me


You put on more beautiful