The Maine Cat is less than half of the age of 2 and weighs more than 20 pounds.


The Maine Cat is the largest native variety in the family cat. It is not that the size of each Benune cat is amazing, but the Benen cat is definitely the world’s longest Maine cat Guinness record. Fully competitors.

The beauty shoveling officer in Russia, Yulia, raised a pure white Maine cat. This cat is domineering and mighty, her ears are long and sharp, and their eyes are still golden. “Lion” to describe its appearance. The Benen cat was only 1 year and 9 months old, but the photos hugged in the shoveling officer were quite amazing. The shoveling officer said that it now weighs about 24 pounds. She still feels that the cat is not big enough. She hopes that it can make persistent efforts and grow up.

When the shoveling officer just showed the first photo, there were still many people who had not personally came into contact with the Maine Cat, thinking that this was a PS photo. The shoveling officer had to show more photos with her cat, and more of the shoveling officers who had raised Benin cats followed the photos of their own cats, questioning the fraudulent remarks of the photo gradually disappeared.


Although the body shape of Maine Cat is no longer a rare hot topic today, I heard that it is very big and seeing the comparison picture of it with the body shape of the shoveling officer. Essence

Basically, there is no difference between raising a Bena cat and a large dog … There is no room at home, so I really dare not raise it casually.

The Maine Cat is produced from Maine, USA, and is also the official state cat here. The original origin of Maine cats and why they grow into such a behemoth is not yet conclusive. However, folklore believes that Maine Cat is related to the queen of Louis XVI’s wife.

After the French Revolution broke out, King Louis XVI was sent to the broken platform in 1793. His queen Mary Antonertt had planned to escape after that. The queen intends to flee to Maine in the United States at the time. One captain named Samuel Klauf was responsible for secretly loading the queen’s property on the boat, and then shipped to the United States.


The captain of her loyalty successfully transported her property to the United States, and made a villa for the queen, hoping to help her at least to “exile” to the United States instead of “death penalty”. Unfortunately, the queen did not escape in the end, and still won the same fate as Louis XVI.

It is said that at that time, the captain brought from France to the United States. In addition to gold and silver jewelry antique works, there were six favorite pet cats of Queen Mary. They said that their varieties were Turkish Angola cats, and they also said that their varieties were Siberian cats. In short, many people think that these cats were later scattered around the villa and naturally hybridized with the local indigenous cat varieties, and finally gave birth to a unique Maine cat.

In 1861, a book called “The Book of Cats” mentioned the name of Maine Cat, which was the earliest time when Maine cat appeared on literary works. Later, local farmers in Maine began to host the Minsa cat competition. Since then, Maine Cat has officially entered the public’s vision and is known to more people.

The size of the Maine Cat has different sizes, which has something to do with their own genes and has something to do with their gender. Generally speaking, the male Maine cat is generally larger than the female, and the weight is heavier.

Like the Russian -shovel official, the Maine Cat was only 1 year and 9 months old. From the photos, it should be more than 80 cm from the length of the photo (the tip of the nose). Ordinary cats are generally an adult about one year old, and the body shape is basically shaped, but the Maine cat will not be adult until the age of 3, and they will continue to grow and grow before that. How big is it, it is really exciting.


The Maine Cat is a natural native variety, not a variety cultivated in the later stage. Their physical fitness is still quite good, and there is no fatty constitution. Don’t look at the long one and a long time of Benin Cat, the average weight is about a dozen pounds, and it is still very humble in the point of “fat”.

Some varieties of cats feel delicate, not easy to raise, and pay more attention to eating and drinking. In addition to eating a little more, the Maine Cat is not so delicate, but what you need to consider to raise them are some other problems …

For example, when buying cat bags, cat nests, cat bowls, cat climbing racks, cat clothes and other pet products, you must buy it in the largest number. Generally, the products launched by merchants are targeted at small body cats. If you want to buy pet products suitable for Maine cats, you may have to find some brands specifically for Maine cats, otherwise you can only go to the dog area and pick large dogs for large dogs. The product …


Of course, raising such a big cat must be big enough at home. Cats are not like dogs. They go out twice a day, and the main activity venue is outdoors. The cat’s main activity venue is located. Think about them walking around at home like other cats every day like other cats. If they say nothing, they must hug. It is really impossible to have no room at home.