Original nostalgic prose: The favorite shoes are the thousand -layer bottom of the mother


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The favorite shoes are the thousand -layer bottom of the mother

“The favorite shoes are the thousand -layer bottom of the mother, and the standing is steadily going through the world …” Every time I hear this “Chinese baby”, I think of my mother to make a thousand layers of bottom bottom. The scene of cloth shoes suddenly was like yesterday. The mother is now an old man, her eyes are also spent, her ears are also carried, and her mother’s body is quite tough.


Mom is a frugal person. We usually wear clothes through several people, the boss wears the second child, and the second child wears the third child. Wait for the raw material for the bottom of the thousands of layers.


Mom will put a pot of noodles in a clear day, use the panel or pot lid (usually made of sorghum rods) in turn, apply the surface of the surface, stick a layer of cloth, and then apply it again …. .. Sometimes it can be pasted with more than ten layers of cloth and put it under the sun. It is called to forget after this drying, which may be called Gebu.


If the mother will use paper to cut shoes with paper with paper, and then cut it on the leather cloth. The soles are generally raised in several layers. It was launched, one stitches next to the needle, and a pair of soles need to be served for a long time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, watch my mother lit a small soybean oil lamp, and I have to accept it. When I was in school, I already knew the poem of Meng Jiao’s “Youzhuan”. I think this is the same as Meng Jiao’s mother. During the clothes, the dense seams are dense, and Yi Gong returns late … “I fell asleep unknowingly.

Mom’s needle cable is more famous in our local area. Whoever is married, married, and give birth to children will ask the mother to make clothes, shoes, and hand -made clothes. Generally, the family will give two packs of brown sugar or other gifts after the end, so the mothers usually do not empty when they go. They will always bring two pair of baby tiger shoes. Ask for a lot of money, bless early to give birth to noble son. When I gave birth to a second child in the past few years, my mother picked up the needle again and used the new cotton to make her smallest grandson with three different sizes. You can wear children to elementary school.

My family is a population. In winter, my mother is particularly busy, busy with thousands of layers, busy making us loose single shoes, cotton shoes, and busy making clothes and shoes for the villagers.


My favorite shoes are the thousand -layer bottom of my mother, breathable feet, wear on my feet, warm in my heart, have a strong mother’s taste …

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