Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park is greeted by the wind and the wind is swaying like flying snow


Zhejiang Province News (Reporter Gao Qingyang Jiang Zibo Correspondent Ping Jingwen) At present, the reeds in the Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park ushered in their own flowering period.The reporter saw at the East City Wall of Liangzhu Ancient City that the white reed flowers were connected into pieces, and they were staggered and layered, like a silver -white ribbon.In the reed swing, the dense reed flowers swayed in the wind, like flying snow.The passing tourists took out their mobile phones and recorded this dreamy scene.

It is understood that there are currently 24 acres of wild reeds in the Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park. The reeds at the Dongcheng Wall, Zhongjiagang, and the Ridge of the King of the Mountains have reached the best viewing period, and the entire viewing period will continue until the end of December.


(Source: Hangzhou Yuhang District Government website) [Submission, regional cooperation, please private message or send a reply within 24 hours..



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