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Jiang Shuying

Available, restless

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From the following, such as being born today. But in the past two years, Jiang Shuying has changed a lot. If she was placed in the past, she rarely received variety shows; but now, she feels, “Maybe one day of love variety shows is good”; she can not make a movie for ten months, or maybe a friend can call a phone call, only few, only few, there are only few, there are only few, there are only few, there are only few, there are only few, only few, only few, only few, there are only few. Several episodes of script agreed.

There is nothing “absolutely not”, there is no restriction -Jiang Shuying now is more free to face life and more “ease”.

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A few days before the interview, Jiang Shuying had just celebrated his birthday. Originally, she didn’t take it to her heart until the date was approaching that she suddenly remembered. It seems that after 30 years of age, this number was put next to it and tossed with it. Some people will draw a restarted segmentation line at the end of the moon. Jiang Shuying “does not even feel that he is one year old, and its meaning is getting lighter, but it is indeed an excuse and opportunity to gather with friends.”

This year’s “excuses” are somewhat different, just a little different.

The staff arranged a bit for Jiang Shuying, added some balloons, and it was a little lively. She said that she was involved in the arrangement of remotely, “a bit embarrassed.” Once, the props they arranged could not stick, and they fell down. Perhaps at this point, we can still see the shadow of Jiang Shuying’s “Virgo”.

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Previously, Virgo traits were so obvious in Jiang Shuying. She once revealed her “cleanliness” in the show: she could not sit on the bed, and she could not enter the bathroom. These are just the fur of Virgo. A few years ago with Jiang Shuying, you can obviously feel the sharpness of Virgo. She analyzes things in one, two, three, and five, what to do first, what to do, and never drag. of.

now what?

Jiang Shuying said, “Now I have risen -rising is Pisces, which is very casual. In the past, I would set a goal for myself, and never achieved the goal. Only when it meets a certain standard can I recognize myself. My self -consistent ability is getting stronger and stronger, especially after 30 years old. “She has played” Thirty “, and she is really” thirty “.

For the current Jiang Shuying, the constellation may be just an excuse. She doesn’t remember what to change her. It would not be a single thing or a sudden change in temperament. The two forces inner and outside have made her start to understand that once pursuing perfection in everything, she set up a box for herself. Now she doesn’t pursue 100 points. Putting aside the theory, “admitting that she is not enough is not shameful.”



“Do you still feel in the face of my face?” Jiang Shuying suddenly joked, because she saw herself in the mirror, the shape of the just completed today, the complexion was very white, and the cheekbones were faint. The red red, these two reds made the white more eye -catching. Jiang Shuying thought of himself in the past, and there would be some fixed requirements for makeup: “What about eyelashes and the like, now I‘ can, all can ’, those who are responsible for each part are professional.”

It is okay, it doesn’t matter, these answers that Jiang Shuying hanged in his mouth unknowingly became the answer.

After filming “Thirty”, Jiang Shuying had some gaps. Stopping, it also made her have time and space for many things. When she did not enter the group for seven months, she chatted with her friend Wang Chuanjun. Having said that, this society is that if you do not improve, you will regress. Wang Chuanjun asked, really? Jiang Shuying returned, they thought so.

When it comes to the above dialogue, Jiang Shuying felt that this conversation seemed to happen a long time ago: “I am particularly forgetful, they say this is an advantage and disadvantage.”

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Then she took the “Sweeping Storm”. Unlike the previous heroine, Jiang Shuying was a guest in a man. After the “Thirty Thirty”, the script seemed to be a decision that needs to be cautious again, but Jiang Shuying expressed his lightly described: “Why choose” Sweeping the Storm “? I don’t know, I talked to the 500 director. Once, he told me: Come and play one, play. I asked him, what role? He told me, at that time, the script has not been completely out, and I agree. I seem to be a lot of plays. It’s all like this. When you come to me, I will go. Others think that my ears are too soft, I think it is based on trust. “

Assuming that Jiang Shuying’s response should be like this: “It doesn’t matter, the water can flow wherever you can flow.”



“Are you a contradictory person?” Jiang Shuying asked such a question in a video planning.

Put the problem in front of her again. Jiang Shuying decided to modify the problem slightly: “I use ‘complex’ replace the contradictions’. When a person’s social identity is increasing, the dimension he thinks has become more and more abundant. The expression may be contradictory. Actually because he has become complicated. “

“For example, I want to eat hot pot, and I have to take an advertisement early the next morning when I encounter an advertisement on the morning. It shows that she thinks about it, “there is a large group of people there.”

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She doesn’t like to be lively, she doesn’t like communication, and she is more willing to be alone. She feels that many things can deal with themselves: find a solution if you have troubles; if you have any questions, ask professionals if you have any questions.

At least at this stage, she feels that “a person can have a good life.” In the past, I still felt lonely, but now it is becoming more and more “independent”: “This ‘independent’ means that many emotions can digest through self -dialogue. My self -regulation ability is very good, so I am healthy. The people around me told me that they were insomnia all day. “

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Suitable for one person, of course, including reading. On the day of the meeting, Jiang Shuying also watched a biography of Yamaguchi Baihui. The 21 -year -old Yamaguchi Baihui resolutely retired at the peak of his career and married Miura Friends.

“Why did Yamaguchi Baihui make such a choice? I am curious and want to explore it.” Jiang Shuying said, “She feels that giving up everything at that moment is worth it. She made such a choice.

“No compromise”

Jennte Winteson wrote in her novel: “What you choose to take risks reflect your value.”

This sentence is also applicable to Jiang Shuying. Whether it is the past or now, she does not compromise with her life -this is not strong, not to be strong, not the success of the world (Jiang Shuying will ask: Why is this success?), But refers to There are always disturbances in life, but she will ignore these voices and make decisions according to the current ideas, and never regret it.

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“What is the use of regret? People will regret it because you are measuring and think it is not worth it. But how should you measure everything? They are not 1+1 = 2, you never know the value of one thing.”


Speaking of her graduation, she chose to go to the University of Dongying Geely University to study media economics, go around and go back to China, and return to the performance. For Jiang Shuying, this is not a trip to the channel. “Initially, the performance was unconscious for me. Occasionally, I had the opportunity to read the play. I found that others are better than me. I want to be as good as they. It seems that many people and things are like this. It is not until I leave that I like how I like it. This is how the performance gives me. I started to accept it passively. After leaving, I found that I had so much love to perform. Back here. “


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From Jiang Shuying’s leave, to her back, even now, today, and today, countless people are constantly speaking in her ear. It should be early as soon as possible. You miss a good opportunity. But for Jiang Shuying, in addition to letting her confirm the meaning of the performance to her, after all, she also created her today. “That study experience, what I gain is far greater than the cost of time.”

Talking about the current “desire”, Jiang Shuying thought for a long time. However, the people around me opened first: “Seeing, there is no desire, our theme this time has to be changed to ‘Buddhism’.”

But for Virgo, the so -called “Buddha nature” is actually just a “relaxation”, a state where everything is holding and ease. The relaxed heart still has delicate costumes. A innocent love, a kind of calmness, a sweet misty smile, and a Tingting’s popularity all made her grow in time.

Jiang Shuying felt that she seemed to be far away from herself. She decided to change to life and make her thoughtful thinking: “I’m lucky -” good ‘why is it better’. Shouldn’t people “don’t be happy with things, don’t be sad?” What happened is the best. The most painful thing is that you compare what you do n’t have to do with others. Why not? Why not look at the feathers you have and cherish your feathers? “

A series of questions, after all, “there is no need to be unhappy, there is no need to be dissatisfied.”

The change of Jiang Shuying in the past two years- “Really changed so much? Really?” She asked again and again. We gave a certain answer. Perhaps, I had a chance to see you two years later, and met another her.

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Yang Yang: Do not move with the wind

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Only when a person goes to himself to have the opportunity to go to the world. In a small hour, we were blown by the wind of the times, blown by the wind of history, and being blown by the wind coming and going. Go here today and go there tomorrow. Later, we heard the voice in our hearts, no longer looking out, no longer compared with the times, comparison with history, and coming to and going, comparing with ourselves, only compare with the present. When the age of the year, Yang Yang touched the door in the matter of “holding himself”.


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“What do you look like before entering the entertainment industry?”

“I am a child.”

After the air was cold for a second, everyone laughed. The staff’s words are very important: “I asked you as a child as a child.”

Before the interview, the team took a prevention needle in advance: the problem can be clearly clear, don’t suggest that he is very pure.

But I didn’t expect to reach this level directly …

When saying goodbye, Yang Yang changed to private clothes, white T black pants, simple and fashionable. He carried a big shoulder bag and went down the stairs with his colleagues, like a high school boy.

“I’m standing


of “

“Did you make you lose your fame?”

“It seems nothing.”

“Including the freedom of travel at will?”

“Well, I’m quite free.”

A few days ago, he was out of the street. A passersby who rode a bicycle passed by, stopped suddenly, turned around for a long time, and asked several times: “Is Yang Yang?”

Change to other stars, you may deny it, or immediately organize it, and leave the field.


But what about Yang Yang? “Later, I would give him a look.”

“Why didn’t you deny it? Do you usually say that you can recognize the wrong person?”

“Decisure what, the staff are next to the staff to take a picture of me, don’t deny it, everyone knows.”



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He did not deliberately create a sense of distance, and had a natural trust in the outside world. He believed that people who could recognize him could also protect him. This kind of non -defense has become a barrier and has become a tacit understanding between him and those who “recognize him”.

Just like the passers -by riding a bicycle, after being confirmed, he turned away. At the moment of eye communication, I believe they are pleasant to each other. It was a sincere and kind movement between people, and a subtle mind of a moment of recognition.

After many workers in front of the scenes became famous, they were distressed by losing the fun of ordinary people, and Yang Yang did not have such troubles. “Normally go out to go shopping, go to snack streets to buy delicious and watch movies, it is very lively, but it will be slightly low -key in the process.”

“Dress up?”

He waved his hand experienced: “My low -key is not to dress up.”

“Don’t dress yourself deliberately, as soon as you go out, all armed, hats, masks, big sunglasses, fashionable shapes … then it must be doubled. I go out with a T -shirt and a sports pants, the simpler the better.”

Doesn’t it look like a “questioner” who taught the mind when reading?


As for being recognized, “Gradually get used to it, everyone is like this!”


It is busy as the second item of public figures, and it is busy. The busy time is uncontrollably, so I have no time to do a lot of things.

“How do you deal with this out of control?”

“Ah, I can control it -I can discuss with their (team) and mention some needs I think.”

Every time a big scene is filmed, Yang Yang must buffer for two or three months, take a good rest and fun, and live, travel, and accompany your family.

“Sometimes, their work is particularly full of work. I feel too busy to refuse. Too busy and space leisure will bring me a very uncomfortable feeling. You must have a degree of work and a degree of life. Between the two should be balanced. “

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“Too busy” and “space leisure” are the only things that can affect his state today. He is the kind of person who has done his dream while walking and eliminating regrets. If you think of whatever you think, you do n’t think about the boundaries of the ability. sense.

The drama is also the first to see the type that is not liked or not, is it a type that has not been experienced, and it is not considered whether it is conducive to consolidating people’s settings and circles.

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He explored the boundaries and possibilities of himself in this freedom, but the route was fixed in the early frame, and the consumption was not repeated in a single range. Each actor will face this situation more or less. Some characters are unknown, and some people will choose the same type of roles, but Yang Yang’s choice of characters is still different, and there are little repeated.

Talking about the type of character who wanted to try, Yang Yang mentioned his early movie “Runaway Detective”. He plays an aggressive element with no means to achieve the purpose, but also has his own firm belief. This is what he is yearning for, “more entangled, deeper, completely subversive” character.

Why do you want to play such a role?

“I want to see more about myself, to see how much I can show.”

Yang Yang, who has been in the industry for 14 years, has also maintained the enthusiasm and keenness of novices.

“What card to catch,

At once

What card


Without the selection of the “Dream of Red Mansions”, Yang Yang may not enter the performing arts circle. He is not the kind of child who wants to be an actor and loves performance since he was a child.


When he was selected, he was also a “business tip” of military arts to prepare for dance competitions. Therefore, other actors have been training, and he is still practicing dance. After three or four months of training, he entered the group.

As soon as you enter the group, let the audition.

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“I am timid, I’m so timid, I’m so timid.”

Standing in front of the camera for the first time, “I won’t even laugh.”


This is reminiscent of the time when the military skills were tested at that time. Other children stood up in a lingering order, but Yang Yang was in place. “The teacher hasn’t taught me what is inverted?”

Being an actor, he is passive, because of the “good condition”, he was taken out of the crowd.

He is also passive as a dancer.


Originally, I only went to the interest class to learn a modern dance on the weekend, and taught his teachers to bring the other three children to make a dance drama. They performed. There was a child who was sick and temporarily grasped Yang Yang to replace the substitute.

“Another style of dance, I studied in three days!” Refer to the full score of elementary school students in the tone.

Now, from his family to school, he feels that he can break out of the dance.

Relying on the curiosity of strong understanding and the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, Yang Yang took a little courage to step on the road of study.

Of course, in the end, because he was “good”.

At that time, Yang Yang was strong.


“Strong, very strong.”



It’s unconvinced and confident.

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“Most students have learned for many years of dance, which is an advantage and disadvantage. That means that they have the shadow of the former teacher, but the new teacher has a new teaching style. When learning new things, I may be slower to chase you. , But everyone is the same for new techniques. “Everyone is the same.”

A piece of white paper goes in, and the second semester will start the first place in the second semester of the second grade.

“You have such an idea in the second grade?”

“I have in my first grade.”

Why is this child crazy and cool to the entertainment industry?

“Because because I was studying at that time, I played directly …”

When playing Baoyu, Yang Yang’s mentality was to “change a place to live.”

This original intention was kept by him to the present.

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Obviously for more than ten years, it should be slightly more than all aspects, but in words, he always revealed the temperament of “crew fighting workers”.

“After the actor has been doing for a long time, will it feel repeated?”

“No, the people in each crew are different.”

“Why do you like to perform?”

“I think there is a magic power. After arriving at the scene every day, I can work with a group of family members. I am very happy. Living in the crew for a long time has a sense of security, like a colleague.” Come out to participate in some business activities, shoot magazines, advertisements, advertisements He is sometimes not used to it.


… Yang Gong, you are so simple!

Therefore, the act of acting is not a high art event for Yang Yang, but first of all, it is an explanation of the crew family.

He values ​​these people, and the staff who respect and cherish the studio in their hearts, understand that the work is not the stage of actors’ personal dazzling skills, but the common product of the “entire workshop”. It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of professional professionals.

This gave him humility.

However, being liked to bring power, and power is often swollen. When a person is liked by many and many people, the enthusiasm for contributing by others is the opportunity to lose this person to understand his true level?

“This kind of power is given by those who like you, and they can deprive them at any time. I often feel that I am lucky. If there are no coincidences, maybe I will not stand in front of the stage, and I will not be concerned today’s attention. And love. As for the level, maybe I am quite ordinary. Pushing up does not mean that I am the best. But since I was pushed up, I worked hard to do things well. “


Life is everywhere in the test room of “the teacher hasn’t taught me upside down”. The shot of “I came at the end of the training of others”. The starting point is different and the pace is different, but the early or later of the opening is not distinguished. Huai Ping often, hit the cards that accidentally caught. Is it so good to not tangled the card? Playing in the good may be a good card.

“I’m quite satisfied

my own

state “

When he became famous, Yang Yang also had dissatisfaction, wanted to break through, verify, and compared the word “acting”. Now he is a lot peaceful. “Everyone has a way to treat acting skills in their hearts. ‘Acting skills’ are just two words. The most important thing is the role you play and the whole drama. To your emotions. I feel that when the audience can see and feel the struggle of your character, it is a positive for the role. “

This summer, the TV series “You Are My Glory” fire.

Yang Yang plays an aerospace engineer who is ideal, capable, smart, very good -looking, and also talks.


When going out to participate in the event, many people’s names have changed from Yang Yang to “on the way”, which is the name in his play.

This trivial matter made Yang Yang be very happy.

“This makes me more firm. The actor is really important, or can he let the audience believe this role.”

“Good conditions” often make people pay attention to “conditions”. You need to pay more effort and prove the word “good” at a higher level.

He stopped saying whether he had confidence in acting, but said, “I have confidence to perform every role well.”

The focus of attention from the concept to the incident, with the consciousness of “discussing things”, pays more and more attention to the essence.

The mentality grows in fineness, and the growth brings relaxation. This is a process of gradually falling down.

Of course, there are still things that are not fulfilled, such as dance.

He used to be so good and loved so much. So far, there are still dance programs invited him. The team encouraged him to participate, but he was declined by himself.

“I don’t have enough time to practice. For so many years, I have not been in contact. For me, I am already an outdated person in dance. In this case, I participated as a mentor and judge. . “Actually, no one would be so demanding here, but Yang Yang was more, and he couldn’t pass his heart. Dance is evident to him.

He has a traditional treasure in the outside world. He has a traditional cherishment, with shame, and literati. Under the sunny and easy appearance, there is such a small piece of cleanliness.

But not heavy.


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“Do you regret dance?”

“Unfortunately … this is another small dream that has not been completed in the heart. It can’t be said that it is regrettable, let it be placed there.”

“Do you have a lot of things like this?”

“Not much, I am a person with a better mentality.”

On the whole, Yang Yang is filled with a kind of joy, which is satisfied and contentment of the status quo. He did not set himself on the barbecue oven that he had never encountered, but felt that the income in front of him was matched with himself, which was the best track.

After experiencing the sudden popularity, he was followed by many people, and his mentality was inevitably impetuous, but he soon knew how to sink himself. “Shooting a long time, deepened the character’s experience. Reduce the workload and not allow yourself to consume too much.”


Yang Yang also understood that people could not be hesitant from time to time. “Life is sloping. Don’t be proud when you are high. Don’t think that I have surpassed it at the peak and must be surpassed before low. Every position has scenery, not afraid.”

This kind of stable mentality that surprised you occasionally, and was quickly broken by himself. “It is not a stable mentality, it is a strong confidence.” At this moment, Yang Yang is another second teenager who lives out.

After all, the voice in my heart is getting more and more loud, and the images in our hearts are getting clearer. We are with our hearts, seeing ourselves, keeping ourselves, no longer follow the waves, and no longer be shaken by the outside world. Stop your feet.

(For the full version of interview, please refer to “Fashion COSMO” November issue)


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