Small apartment + tatami = regret


When it comes to tatami, what do you think of?

Storage strong? Giant Energy? Or the so -called Japanese style? more and more people

I think it is the most suitable design solution for small units.

But is it really like this?

Let’s talk about today!

Domestic tatami Japanese tatami

First of all, we clarify a concept:

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Domestic tatami and Japanese tatami are not the same thing at all!

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

In Japan, the word tatami (疉) refers to

The straw mats on the ground.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

The space of the straw mat is called the room. When you put on the bedding, you can sleep.


The domestic understanding of tatami is this

Raise the platform.

Isn’t it a puppet? Why is it called tatami? Figure a foreign spirit?

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小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Let’s do it,

Let’s call it a Chinese tatami.

But tatami is really already

It’s the point where you have no brains


When you encounter a second bed, you must do tatami.

Tuyuan Douyin


There are two reasons for domestic abuse of tatami:

In 2006, the State Council launched the 7090 policy, requiring the area of ​​less than 70%of the residential area to be less than 90 square meters, resulting in the low 90 square meters of small three houses in the low total price on the market.

The secondary lying becomes smaller and smaller, from 11 square meters to less than 9 square meters.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

During the same period, new concepts of all -house customization began to appear in China in 2003 and 2004. These

Customized furniture manufacturers pack tatami into a perfect solution to solve the small -bed.

But it is not easy to use at all!

Three wrong ideas of tatami

Tatami is super capable, especially suitable for small units

Its storage ability is not as strong as you think.

A tatami with a length of 1.2m wide and a height of 45cm, the storage volume is 1.08m³.

But if you stand upright and become a wardrobe

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

, Calculate according to the standard size, its volume can reach 1.94m³,

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

It is almost double the tatami.

Not to mention

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Tatami is only convenient to get it on the side of the outside.

This is not a storage, it is stocking!

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔


小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

The bottom of the bed is storage, and the bed with a drawer can be realized.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Why spend thousands of dollars as a tatami?

I don’t need to buy a tatami after installing the tatami

The tatami floor is not breathable, which is not suitable for being used in bed!

Ordinary bedboards are breathable and hollowed ribs.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔


小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Ordinary bed

Tatami uses this strict cover,

After a long time, the moisture is full on the bed

If it is the south, there will be a layer of water under the mattress in two days, and the mattress will be moldy without a month.

And for the tatami for the convenience of getting things below,

The mattresses that must not be too thick and too heavy must be greatly reduced.

Tatami can sit and lie, which is very suitable for multi -functional rooms

Tatami is heavy and heavy, filling the room in a while

Waste money without saying, after that, if this room is to change its use, it will be dumbfounded.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

The sofa table can also be moved and can be moved. What should I do if such a large tatami?

Tasteless food, throw away … Also posted a waste of garbage to clear the freight.

The biggest thing is to clean the sanitation, and it is particularly troublesome to fall into the scum and dust.

In addition, it uses a layer height to storage,

Unilateral design is not convenient for the elderly to get out of bed, and the child is easy to roll down when playing on it.

Tatami saving money alternative

In fact, the problem that everyone wants to solve is nothing more than storage and small place.

Do you have to spend one or 20,000 entire tatami suction formaldehyde to get it?


小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

With less storage, you can use the bottom of the bed.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Want to be neat and beautiful, buy this storage bed with a drawer.

Want to save money, two tens of dollars of storage boxes can also achieve the same purpose.


The bed is against the wall, one side is not easy to get, and you can also choose this hydraulic box bed

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

It is much more convenient than tatami.

The place is small, it’s nothing more than the 9 square meters of small bedrooms seem to be

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Can’t get out of bed, wardrobe and desk at the same time.

How to solve this problem?

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Three solutions:

Single bed, vanguard, outside desk

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

single bed

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Many people have a customary thinking. Buying a bed in one step is to buy a double bed of more than one meter five.

But for the children’s room, it is not necessary, one meter two single bed is enough

Children sleep at home and study university. Why do I have a double bed before adulthood?

When the developer designs the apartment type, the small bedroom just plays only a single bed, a wardrobe, and a desk. If it is changed to a double bed, the natural space is not enough.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

If you need adults to sleep with your children, you can consider going to bed, adults sleep under, and children sleep on it.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Don’t think that children climb up and down are too troublesome. Don’t you feel that sleeping is cool when you are a kid?

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔


Ordinary single -layer elevated beds are also very good

, IKEA has only 999,

Bottom desks and sofas are completely an independent world.

Outside the desk

If you really need a double bed, another way is not to stuff the desk.

The width of the desk is at least 80cm

It is not easy to use, and it is not convenient for parents to read.

It’s better to use the large table as a desk directly

Adults and children don’t need to squeeze in small bedrooms.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

I guess someone will say what the living room is noisy, there are many things on the table, and the meal is greasy after eating. Hi, I provides a idea.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Although my family has a desk, I often work on the table. There is no problem at all.

Solving guests stay

It would be easier to solve the guests’ stay.

There are sofa beds in the study, and you can sit and read books.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

If you are worried about sleeping, you can buy IKEA’s sitting and dual bed. Usually when you are a sofa, you are a two -person double bed.

The mattress can choose spring and latex, and it is okay to sleep every day.

It’s really just two days a year, just fight the floor.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

5cm latex pads are paved on the ground, and the comfort is not bad at all.

After all, house prices are so expensive. It takes only 3 days a year to leave a room, and the remaining 362 days is not a waste.

If you really have a room, then you must be in a hurry to fill it up.

I really like Japan and the room

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

, Don’t need to be a platform that is high,

Directly paving the mat, it is more authentic Japanese style.

Two cases suitable for tatami

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Having said so much, is there really nothing to do with tatami?

From the perspective of design, nothing is absolutely bad. The following two situations that are really suitable for tatami:

One wardrobe is not enough, and the two wardrobes are too crowded. Tatami can be used as a supplement to the wardrobe, and it is not commonly used.

After setting a conventional size bed, there are more than ten centimeters of gaps, bay windows in the bedroom, or alien in the room, and pillars.

You can also consider making tatami, flattening gaps and abnormal space, which is equivalent to customizing a bed.

Under the mattress, it is best to use ribs as support to enhance breathability. Do not take the storage as the first purpose.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

What suits you is the best

to be honest,

Tatami does not say that it is good or bad

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Is it a pitch or a small apartment.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Any solution or method in the design, as long as it can solve the problem, meets the needs of the owner, is good.

If there is no need to waste money, it is not good.

What we really oppose is not Chinese -style tatami, but whether the actual apartment type, no considering the needs of the owner, and the living habits of the residents, have no brain to push the tatami to all consumers’ marketing methods.

We once thought that the whole house customization is a body tailor, and professional designers provide our design solution the most in line with us.

However, the real situation of this industry is that there are a large number of sales without professional knowledge backgrounds that are sold to what we don’t need at all through words and marketing skills.

The entire industry is completely sales -oriented rather than design orientation.

There are too many cases in the decoration, Roman columns, horse -raid lamps, TV walls, wine cabinets, tatami, main lamps, floor tiles on the wall.

Everything has its value and charm at first, but finally became a tool for merchants to harvest consumers because of abuse.

The only way to crack this humble means is to think independently.

As the owner of the family, we really start from our own perspective what kind of home and product.

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

Only when we are getting higher and higher for products and design, can we force the entire industry to develop upward.

And the whole house customization industry should also think about such a problem after 20 years at high speeds-

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

What kind of value and services do I have to provide Chinese consumers.

Is the strong man broken his arms and returned to down -to -earth, or sinking to marketing twenty years ago, and was finally abandoned by the continuous progress of consumers.

Having said so much, I believe that everyone has a scale in my heart. If you have any ideas, come to the comment area to discuss ~

小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔

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小户型 + 榻榻米 = 后悔