“Deluxe” insulation bag replaces plastic bags in large quantities.


Recently, many citizens have discovered that takeaway packaging is becoming more and more “luxurious”. Not only is it a bunch of large and small lunch boxes, many chain brands have also begun to use thick insulation bags to replace the decomposable plastic bags, and printed their own brand advertisements on their own brand advertisements Essence However, these very good packaging has been thrown away with leftovers and leftovers. It is too wasteful. The cost of excessive packaging increasing not only passed on to the consumer’s head, but also adds a burden on urban waste.

Click a piece of noodle packaging to be filled with a table


The white -collar little Liu, who was working at Chaoyangmen, was basically solved by takeaway lunch. Recently, she helplessly discovered that the “ritual” of the takeaway became more and more cumbersome. At noon yesterday, Xiao Liu ordered a noodle price of 40 yuan, but the takeaway brother sent a large aluminum foil heating cotton square bag. Open the zipper, the first thing to see is the delicate packaging tableware and padding paper. Only the protagonists appear: the lunch box contains the cooked noodles and side dishes, and the small bag is a hot soup base.

“Eat this takeaway noodles, how much packaging is wasted?” Xiao Liu helplessly shaken the soup base according to the instructions, poured into the noodles, and stir up the tableware before eating. After eating noodles, Xiao Liu found that the various takeaway packaging was filled with a table. In particular, the insulation bag with no woven fabric and aluminum foil is very thick. It was a bit wasteful to throw away, and stayed in the drawer of the desk and turned into a “chicken rib” occupying space.

It is not uncommon for takeaway over packaging. Xiao Shao, a citizen who worked in Haidian, said that his recent three -point takeaway was fat rice, eel rice and potato sirloin with rice. But no matter which store, the meals they have been packed are packed in thick insulation bags, which is completely unnecessary in summer. “Wool is on the sheep. Such a beautiful takeaway packaging is scattered in the price in the end.” He said.

Over -packaging of takeaway is becoming more and more common

Since the implementation of Beijing’s strictest “plastic restriction order”, catering merchants have begun to turn their eyes to various alternatives of plastic bags. A Japanese merchant told reporters that due to the general texture of the unbuttonous plastic bags and high cost, in order to ensure the consumer’s edible experience, catering stores have begun to use custom paper bags or insulation bags for take -out meals.

As the customized packaging of corporate logos and advertising is becoming more and more common, the “luxury packaging” has gradually evolved into a big selling point of many catering merchants to create gimmicks and attract retired customers. Fighting “takeaway peripherals”. Order abalone fish and rice to send casserole, order the hot pot takeaway, send the electric pot, or order the lamb soup to send the alcoholic furnace … Although in many consumers, these methods to ensure the “best consumption taste” method “does not need”, takeaway merchants still still It’s not tired.

“It was really shocked to me.” Citizen Xiao Luo once ordered a takeaway of abalone and rice. A total of 27 yuan takeaway, but she received a basketball -sized insulation bag with a tin foil in the bag. Small casserole wrapped layer. In addition, the merchant also gave a beautiful stainless steel spoon.

After eating this meal, Xiao Luo felt that it was a pity to throw away the casserole directly, so he washed the tableware and put it in the kitchen. “But the quality of the casserole is not guaranteed. I don’t know if I can get the fire on the fire. After two days of putting it, I will throw it away.” Xiao Luo thinks that this over -packaged takeaway can bring a short sense of novelty, but it has caused very much A lot of waste, she said that she would not order this takeaway again.

Packaging marketing add environmental protection pressure


Why is the takeaway packaging of catering merchants becoming more and more luxurious? A rider said that now the takeaway packaging has become the “facade” of the brand, not only to be safe, insulated, not leaking, but also to attract eye -catching marketing functions during the delivery.


The customer service staff of Hefu noodles said that each takeaway sent from each store must be packed according to the national unified standards, and the thermal insulation bag is “standard”. The use of insulation bags and exquisite lunch boxes are first to avoid unnecessary waste of the meal delivery staff to overturn or sprinkle meals during transportation; secondly, they can still maintain the best taste when they can ensure that the noodles are delivered to the diners. When the reporter asked if the heating bag could be recycled, the above -mentioned staff stated that the shop will not recycle the takeaway packaging in the store, and it is recommended that customers can use their own use of the heating bags.


Citizen Kobayashi is a loyal fan of Xisha, but what makes her feel helpless, even if she just order a drink, the order of the order must be paid by 1 yuan. Less than half a month, her desk was already full of white hi tea custom insulation bags. “It’s really sinful to throw such a good bag, and no one wants to give away. Why can’t the merchant give the option for simple packaging?” She said that theoretically insinuation bags can be used in the second time, but who can use one of each takeaway. Intersection In the end, the result can only enter the trash can.

The “China Catering Big Data 2020” previously released by Meituan shows that in 2019, the number of domestic mainstream takeaway platforms has a daily order of about 20 million orders. As a result, even if it is only 20%of the takeaway insulation bags, the annual heat insulation bags will be more than 1.4 billion. “At present, the heating bag is almost nowhere to be recycled, and the pressure caused by environmental protection is far more than plastic bags and paper bags.” An environmental person suggested that takeaway packaging has been wasteful for a long time. Packaging such as insulation bags, platforms and businesses should bear the cost of recycling liability or environmental protection. “

“my country has not yet formulated corresponding standards for takeaway packaging. In principle, it should still be headed by food safety. At the same time, environmental protection requirements should be used as important considerations.” Zhu Danpeng, an analyst at Chinese food industry, said that merchants should not blindly pursue marketing effects and cause unnecessary unnecessary to cause marketing effects. Waste.

Photo by Yang Tianyue Zhao Tianyue