Decorative painting types, I will never confused after reading the paintings


A good decorative painting can ignite the vitality of the entire home, but everyone usually doesn’t know much about decorative paintings. Seeing the interpretation of the merchant’s ceiling is even more confused. Today, I will give you the four mainstream decorations on the market to everyone. introduce.


The first: cloth pattern material

The cloth material material, the core material is PVC, the surface will have a bumpy feeling of horizontal and vertical lines. This material has superior moisture -proof performance, but it will have color loss problems after a long time. Frameless painting materials, no protective layer coverage on the surface, weak anti -scratch and scratch resistance, suitable for simple decoration style, mostly used for apartments, rental houses, or simple decoration styles.

Second type: oil painting material material


Oil painting cloth material, most of the core materials are cotton canvas/linen cloth/chemical fiber cloth+special coatings. The simple understanding of oil canvas is the cloth that was originally used for oil painting. Therefore, oil cloth paintings must be equipped with tide -absorbing backplanes. Some merchants are very unfavorable for saving costs without moisture -absorbing backplanes. In fact Replace the backplate and brush the light coating. The price of oil canvas is mid -range, with no protective layer coverage on the surface. The scratch resistance is weak, but the sense of art is good.

The third type: HD photo paper material


The material of the high -definition photo paper is the material of the photo. The main feature of this material is high -definition, but the strength of the material itself cannot be compared with the oil canvas or cloth pattern. It is generally used for frame painting, and the surface is a layer of transparent protective board, which is called ice crystal surface, and some are called organic glass surfaces. , Suitable for lazy people like me.


Fourth type: Crystal Porcelain Painting Material

This kind of painting core is also made of high -definition photo paper. Because the paper painting core prints clearly, the crystal porcelain protective layer is super high, so the picture quality is super clear. Crystal porcelain is not porcelain, but has the texture of porcelain. The chemical material is AB glue. After the hot melt, it is completely merged with the paper drawing paper. Hanging paintings, the frame is mostly equipped with brushed aluminum alloy material, full of texture. The price is higher, but Xiaobian himself likes this painting!


The mainstream decorative paintings on the market are these types. In fact, there are many details of the borders, back panels, and there are many details. You want to know more about my headlines that can pay attention to. I can talk about me or comment.