Tea cans will have such a great impact on the quality of tea. Tea cans have skills. Have you chose the right?


Good horses with good saddle, good tea with good pots.

When buying tea, merchants generally work on tea jars, and they must leave the impression of tea products tall. In fact, according to me, the face value of tea cans is important. The most important thing is to depend on whether the tea can meet the storage conditions of the tea and whether it can keep the tea quality.

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually


When you think about buying tea in the past year, the tea selling people will always use newspapers to pack tea. When the tea was bought home, my mother did not prepare for tea residence. Tea has been staying in the newspaper, taking it with drinking, so casual. At that time, the tea that was soaked had a tide flavor. Fortunately, the amount is small, and you can drink it soon, so there is no problem with mildew tea.

Now it is not the age of newspapers to save tea. After all, who has no good -looking and durable tea pot in this year?

In fact, the tea tide at that time should be attributed to simple and rude newspapers.

It was just that there were really no special tea tanks at the time. Even if the tea was not stayed in the newspaper, it was also in the canned glass bottle or plastic pill bottle. Unlike now, various decorative and practical tea cans are emerging endlessly. After all, the tea tank becomes a must -have for ordinary people’s homes.


Maybe you want to say


Isn’t the tea jar that is a container to put tea? Isn’t this container sealed? Why is there an preferred tea tank? Could it be that tea cans have a profound impact on the quality of tea?



Only the most suitable tea can for tea, and the tea leaves are not easy to be moldy during the preservation process. Tea leaves are not only absorbent, but also easy to skewers. If you do n’t believe you, you can try to put tea and other odors together. Soon you can get a kind of tea with the same flavor.


The fragrance of tea tea is natural and fresh. In the inappropriate tea tank, this aroma will not be new for a long time, and it will only volatilize. In this way, you can no longer remember the aroma that captured you at the time.

Mold damage

Tea tanks are not sealed or the internal storage environment does not meet the requirements. Tea will not only contact air and water, but also connect with microorganisms. Tea is moldy and the quality will naturally decrease a lot.

Tea cans are diverse. Wood, paper, stainless steel, tin, ceramics, iron, etc. can all become tea cans. Different materials are different from sea tanks, sealing performance and moisture resistance.

Is it better to choose a tea jar with good sealing performance?


Some tea only requires the dry and ventilation of the storage environment, such as Pu’er tea and black tea. Black tea has low requirements for the sealing performance of tea tanks, and Pu’er tea is not suitable for sealing space.

How can I choose the right tea jar?

Choose tea tanks,

First of all, you must start from the tea itself, understand the nature of tea and tea, and then choose the right tea jar.

If tea is more expensive, it is best to choose sealing and moisture -proof and odor -resistant performance.

Tin tea tank



green tea

This kind of tea with high storage requirements can also be stored in

middle. It’s just that the price of this material of tea is not affordable, but it can maintain the quality of the famous tea, and it is not bad.

Low -end

Tea can be matched


Tea can.

Family stored tea

can choose

Wood and rust steel

Tea can. This kind of tea can also have civilian prices, so such tea cans can be seen everywhere.

Paratory tea tanks are sealing and tasteless. Few people choose this kind of tea can.


Tea leaves should not be stored in iron cans, which will be rusty. At that time, the smell of tea was overwhelmed: tide flavor, iron rust flavor, etc.

Purple sand tank

Although it is not resistant to falling, high price, but strong breathability, suitable for storage

Black tea and black tea, white tea

These famous tea.

On the basis of ensuring the quality of tea, we can choose tea tanks with strong decorative and high value according to our preferences.

Of course, tea cans are just storage tools. Do n’t think that with good tea pots, we do n’t have any worries. We better drink tea in the short term or buy less tea.


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Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Pay attention to Xiaoyu’s tea and take you casually

Tin tea tank