Reservoir Fishing Fish Fish Fish (Practicing)


Recently, I used this secret recipe to fish for several times, and the harvest was abundant!Now contribute to share with you:


Dry wheat 2 pounds, soak the old corn for 1 catties for a day, then boil it with water until cooked!The best corn grain cracking!Then prepare 1 catties of corn noodles, 0.5 catties of chicken feed, 1 catties of rapeseed cakes, 1 yuan a pack of grass carp flavor, a pack of pouring into the cooked corn wheat, stir well, seal it with a bag and put it under the sun and bask in the sun. For half a day, then use it in a cool place to ferment for three days!After entering the fishing point, add an appropriate amount of dry soil and chopped chives to make a fist.Do not fish for half an hour after playing, because the grass carp is more alert. After seeing the bubbles, use fresh corn kernels. It is best to slide freely on the hook!The effect is good, just look at my recent gains!It’s all about ten pounds of grass, and the cattle also love to eat!


Remember to tell me if you explode!Remember to transfer to friends in need!Finally, I wish you all a lot of money!