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Fangmao Mountain with fresh green

The endless Grand Canal

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Boiled literary feast

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360 ° Beauty without dead ends


Is there any heartbeat?

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In order to reflect the construction achievements of the Changzhou Economic Development Zone in a comprehensive and angle, focusing on industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, urban new appearance, ecological environment, livable and business, people’s livelihood, etc. Grade Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yong Dangdang’s beautiful picture of high -quality development in the city. The Party and Mass Work Department of Changzhou Economic Development Zone organized

The theme photography contest of the “Ingenality · New Sutra”!


activity theme

Ingenuity · New Economy


shooting time

1. Concentrated shooting:

September to November 2021 (3-5 days of concentrated shooting, free shooting works can be taken freely)

2. Social collection:

September 2021 -November 20, 2021



Photography enthusiasts from all walks of life


Requirement content

(1) Content requirements

The content of the collection of works must be taken in the jurisdiction of the Changzhou Economic Development Zone, reflecting the construction of urban construction, social style, and customs. It is mainly divided into two categories:


⏩1. Urban development category:

Show the city’s urban construction achievements, such as urban landscapes, municipal facilities, living environment, natural ecology, water conservancy construction, etc.;

类2. Humanistic style:


Showing the harmonious and happy living conditions of the people in the Economic Development Zone, such as the achievements of the development of communities, living, pension, medical care, education, etc.

(2) Participating requirements

☆ 1. The genre of the entries is unlimited, and it must be created original, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited;

☆ 2. The work of the work must be within the scope of the Changzhou Economic Development Zone.

☆ 3. The content of the work is positive and promoted to the main theme. The picture works can be divided into single works or group photos. The number of works in group photos is 4-6;

☆ 4. The work submits a digital file of the photo, the format is JPEG, the resolution is not less than 10 million pixels, the file is not less than 5MB, and the HD mode. Group photos must be numbered in the order of the picture and submitted by the puzzle formula. The original picture of each single piece must be attached;

☆ 5. Each entry must be indicated in the file name: the author’s name+work serial number+work name+mobile phone number.


Submission method

The work is sent to the email address in the form of attachment: czjkq@qq.com. The email name is unified


“Author’s Name+Work Name”



Work selection

The organizer will invite photography experts to form a selection committee, in accordance with the principles of fairness, fairness, and public, to centralize the collection of photography works that meet the requirements of this event, and set the following awards:

First prize work, a prize of 3,000 yuan


Second -prize work, bonus 2,000 yuan

Third prize works, a prize of 1,000 yuan


Excellent prize works, prize money 500 yuan





可以1. Submitted works can do appropriate post -processing through the software without changing the original appearance of the work, and decline to provide works that provide computer creativity and change the original image.

各2. All works (including collection works) who have won in various competitions, declined to participate again.

活动3. Participating in the award -winning work of this event, the author has the right to sign the work. The organizer has the right to use permanent use and can use the work for exhibitions, publicity, and publishing.

概4. This event will not be returned. If the work is awarded, the staff will be collected by the staff uniformly to the files containing the original shooting data. Please submit it within the prescribed time. If the provider of overdue is not provided, the qualifications of the work will be canceled, and the alternative works will be supplemented.

作5. All the safety responsibilities in the process of this event are responsible for the creators, strictly follow the various safety precautions in aerial photography, and abide by national and local laws and regulations.

人6. Contact person for this event: Yao Hui, consultation phone: 0519-89863096, mobile phone: 18015055977


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