The baby’s anal period? Parents don’t talk about their children’s health first


The baby’s anal period? Parents don’t talk about their children’s health first

Has the mother who has experienced the nausea of ​​the baby’s hand grasping the excrement? Maybe you are busy with housework at that time, maybe you are chatting with others at that time. When I was ahead of my kung fu, I saw that the child was extremely excited.


Other babies simply solve the problem directly in their pants without mercy. Mother Baoma was in love. But do you know? This annoying behavior of the child is good for the baby’s health, so it is impossible to get angry and fight. This will only cause the child to be strongly disliked to defecate behavior, and the child is eventually hurt.

In fact, in the early days of growing up, children will have a physiological behavior such as shit and urination. According to the actual situation, there will be different performances. They usually cause a strong muscle contraction and stimulation in the anus, which will bring a high sense of pleasure.

It is about physiology, Bao Ma feels uncomfortable in her heart, and always face it correctly. When the child enters the anal period for the first time, there will be some obvious performance.

1. The child suddenly has a very obvious abstinence. Such as flushing and clamping legs. If he let him pee at this time, he may have drained his urine into his pants.

2. The child has frequent urination, and he always wants to go to the toilet for a while, but when he arrives at the toilet, there is no urine.

3. If the child is struggling in a corner alone, he is unwilling to approach others. This may be stool.


If the child has the above situation, it may be the performance of the anal desire. Parents do not need to worry too much, because this situation will not last long, and it will usually end in about two months. But during the waiting period, I didn’t do anything. Keep these three points in mind.

First of all, we must learn about children’s growth rules through learning. This will always keep us loose. This is not only pointing to the child’s anal desire, but also the period of mouth desire, even the rebellion period.

Secondly, when we encounter children, we must have a stool. First of all, we must know that this is the physiological behavior of the child, just like an adult can also have an inevitable desire. What we can do is to keep quiet and take our children to clean up.


Finally, learn to guide children scientifically and rationally. Help children go through any growth stage. At the same time, it is necessary to relieve the psychological pressure brought by the child. You read it wrong. Children are not younger you see. They are ridiculed by their peers because their words and deeds will become anxious, and their mother is their best peaceful person.

If even the mother is at a loss, the child’s future will not be optimistic.

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