Detailed explanation of solid wood composite, enhanced composite flooring


Detailed explanation of solid wood composite, enhanced composite flooring

The solid wood composite floor is cut into a high -quality solid wood saw into a surface panel, stamen and bottom plate, and then three single pieces are used to paste the three single pieces according to the mechanical principles of different variety of materials. And suppressing it into a board at high temperature, which controls the changes in the wood. Because the lacquer film on the surface of the floor is shiny, wear -resistant, heat -resistant, impact -resistant, flame retardant, mildew, and moth -proof, etc., laid in the room, not only makes the living room look more coordinated and perfect, but its price is not as good as similar as similar. The solid wood floor is high, so it is becoming more and more popular with consumers.

There are currently solid wood composite flooring

Three floors


Multi -layer

Two types.

The surface layer of the three -layer solid wood composite floor is high -quality precious wood thin slices, and the middle and bottom layers are fast -growing wood. The thickness of the surface layer is about 4 to 9 mm, about 2 mm under the bottom layer, and the total thickness is generally 14-15 mm.

The multi -layer solid wood composite floor is based on multi -layer plywood, and the surface layer is a hardwood piece inlaid or shaved sheet. The number of layers of the grass -roots plywood must be a single three or five layers. If the surface layer is a hardwood, the thickness is usually 1.2 mm, and the planing plate is 0.2 to 0.8 mm. The total thickness is generally about 15 mm.

The solid wood composite floor has the advantages of solid wood flooring wood grain, comfortable foot feel, sound insulation and other advantages, and at the same time overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood flooring (the wood fibers of each floor are perpendicular to each other, dispersing deformation and stress). And large specifications and convenient laying.

The disadvantage is that the poor quality of the collagen will occur. In addition, because the surface layer is thin (especially multi -layer)), maintenance must be paid attention to maintenance. So there are restrictions on use.

The solid wood composite floor is combined with glue, and the amount of formaldehyde release is a very important indicator. The country has a mandatory standard for this, that is, GB18580-2001

Strengthen the composite floor (immersed paper layer pressure wooden floor)

Structure: Strengthen the composite floor consisting of four layers of structure.

First layer: wear resistance layer. It is mainly composed of AL2O3 (tritenurtide aluminum). It has strong abrasion resistance and hardness. Some reinforced composite floors composed of melamine cannot meet the standard requirements.

The second layer: decorative layer. It is a piece of paper impregnated with deedide resin, and wood grain or other patterns with precious tree species are printed on the paper.

Third layer: grassroots. It is a mid -density or high density layer. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, there is a certain moisture -proof and flame retardant performance. The basic materials are wooden fibers.

Fourth layer: balance layer. It is a layer of cowhide paper, which has a certain strength and thickness, and is immersed in resin to play a role in moisture -proof floor deformed.

Main quality index

Surface wear resistance

Public places are ≥9000 rpm, and family use ≥6000 rpm. The above -mentioned rotation refers to the initial grinding value, that is, the surface of the surface decorative layer appears, not the final value of wear resistance, that is, all the floor grinding.

The market is some of the composite flooring, but the abrasion -resistant rotation is very high, but it is likely to be the final value of the benchmarking wear resistance.

Water absorption thickness expansion rate

It means that the degree of increased water absorption thickness increased in water in a 25 ° C water is expressed by %. The greater the expansion rate, the greater the intensity of the floor after the moisture, and the surface protrusion or even falling off the surface, which seriously affects the service life. At present, the size of various brands of water absorption can be more than ten times the size of its water absorption thickness.

Surface impact resistance

That is, the impact test of the floor is conducted in a prescribed method. The diameter of the pit left after the impact is the basis of good impact performance. The smaller the diameter, the better the impact resistance, and the long service life. The thickness resistance of the compound floor is more than 0.1 mm, and the thickness can reach 0.7 mm.

Formaldehyde emission

The reinforcement of composite flooring according to GB18580-2001 can be used directly for indoor products, so its formaldehyde release must reach E1 level, that is, ≤0.12mg/L.

In addition, there are indicators such as static tune strength, internal binding strength, density, water content, and glue strength. It should be clearly stated during sales that its wear -resistant level and formaldehyde limited level.

The advantages and disadvantages of strengthening the composite floor:


Abrasion resistance: About 10-30 times the ordinary lacquer flooring.

Beautiful: A variety of wood grain, patterns, and colors can be used to simulate computer simulation.

Stability: It completely dispelled the original wood tissue and destroyed the characteristics of the opposite sex, dampness and shrinkage, and the size was extremely stable, especially for rooms in which the floor heating system.

In addition, there are anti -impact, anti -static, pollution resistance, light resistance, cigarette resistance, convenient installation, simple maintenance, etc.


After the blisters are damaged, they cannot be repaired, and their feet feel poor.

In particular, it is necessary to point out that in the past, some dealers said that strengthening the composite floor was a “waterproof floor”. This is only for the surface. In fact, the only thing that should be avoided in the use of composite flooring is blisters.

The solid wood composite floor, the reinforced composite floor is currently paved by the supplier.

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