How does tower crane monitoring merge network installation? How to get electricity?


Recently, friends have been asking for weak electric classrooms, how to install tower crane monitoring? The tower crane monitoring how to get electricity and other issues, this question has discussed with multiple project managers, so let’s take a look at this issue.

1. Tower crane monitoring group network

Tower cranes are not difficult, mainly two things: monitoring cameras, wireless network bridges.


The surveillance camera is connected to the wireless network bridge through the network cable. The power supply can be obtained from the control room of the tower crane. The monitoring video can be directly transmitted from the tower crane to the monitoring center of the construction site.

If there is a need for monitoring video sharing, the monitoring center can share the surveillance video to the Internet through the Internet, and the relevant personnel can watch it through the Internet, and even control the on -site monitoring camera through the remote monitoring platform.

The schematic diagram is as follows:

2. How to install tower crane monitoring?

1. The construction staff must

Wear a helmet


, Safety belt, gloves, wearing soft bottoms, skids, clothes need to be worn, and sleeve pants and feet need to be tight.

Second, it is strictly forbidden to climb the tower crane for the strap tools, equipment and materials. Tools, equipment and materials should be found in the construction site to coordinate the tower crane driver to help the hanging platform.


3. After arriving at the tower crane platform, you need to first


seat belt


The other end

Fixed on the inside of the tower crane


Fourth, the ball machine is generally installed in


The side of the construction site


, Fix the horizontal arm of the ball: Two holes on the top of the steel tie tightened on the horizontal pole of the guardrail, and a 10cm long below


Then fix the horizontal arm on the rail with a wire.

Fifth, the installation of the device, as shown below:

6. Line distribution process. Both the power line of the ball machine and the 220V electricity line must be

Put a ripple tube

Then use a strap or tie to tie the railing along the railing. The line should be “horizontal and vertical and beautiful”.

Seven, wiring. 220V Urban Electricity Access Automatic Re -closing of the pile, insert the power of the ball machine.

The power cord of the ball machine is as follows: The ball machine

Two red and black power cables are connected with two wires of 24V power supply


, And use electricity glue, the joints are covered in the ripple tube, and all the wire heads of the ball machine are hidden in the horizontal arm.


8. Electricity. Generally, the lower platform of the tower crane has a lighting control box for lighting.



In the lower pile, you should use a multimeter or electrical pen to test the electricity pickup point before connecting the electricity. Note: Do not receive the switch to the lower level.


When there is no lighting control box in the lower layer of the tower crane, electricity can also be selected in the operating room of the tower crane.