Jinlu Solid write strongest dual-frequency AC king – D-Link Dir-859


D-Link has launched a variety of different wireless routers for 802.11ac wireless systems, and is positioned in different markets in different wireless speeds and functions. Consumers, and their sales and technical representatives have to be the fundamental strength of D-Link as a global network manufacturer. Today, the DIR-859 I got is that the routing is mainly designed for the mainstay of the middle-aged and pursued wireless speed.

Although it is somewhat late from the Jinlu route of the 11AC chip, the classic three-antenna design and low-key appearance still tell us in addition to the cylindrical design of the past, this is the routing. Performance is support for the highest AC1750 wireless dual-frequency connection (2.4GHz band 450Mbps + 5GHz band 1300Mbps), more Gigabit Etherne.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

Powerful antenna design

D-LINK wireless router products are positioned from entry-level to high-end markets. For 802.11ac systems, the router will be divided by single antenna, double antenna, three-day lines, although the BiR-859 is still The routing is used to a multi-antenna, the bright surface characteristics, but the shape of the product has become the latest exterior of the latest generation D-Link products, and the friends who understand the understanding can be seen. This is the narrowed version of the DIR-880L appearance (three) 190 * 150 * 38mm).

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

This time DIR-859 is the product of one of the three-day wireless router. It has 802.11ac wirelessly connected to DIR-868L in the wireless network. It can provide 450Mbps + 1300Mbps speed, wired aspect is 4 groups of Gigabit Lan. With 1 group of Gigabit WAN interface design, but DIR-859 will save the cloud function than DIR-868L, focusing on wireless, so pricing has some respective.

DIR-859 is aimed at the use of wireless connection, using the old flat fuselage design, the machine is revealed out of the 3 groups of High-Power dual-frequency antennas, providing stronger depends over other hidden antennas, wireless The signal is farther, and there are 4 groups of LAN and 1 group of WAN interfaces next to the antenna to fully support the Gigabit connection.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

There is a central heat sink area on the front, and the heat air rise makes heat more conducive to scatter.

The routing classic three-day configuration has now become mainstream, one of which is 2.4GHz antenna, two of the 5GHz antenna.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

The back interface of the fuselage is still very rich, configured with a full Gigabit network, whether it is WAN or a LAN port is 1000Mbps port. It is easy to respond to a Gigabit switch or pick up Gigabit NAS.

The bottom of the triangle heat dissipation mesh is opened, there are two hanging holes.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

The hidden restart button is still great.


The reduced perfect replica, although there is no great innovation but can’t stand in the case, whether it is in terms of design, heat dissipation layout and versatility, etc.


劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

The design is perfect.


劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

The DIR-859 processing core uses QUALCOMM Atheros QCA8337N, wireless aspects use Qualcomm Atheros QCA9563 and QCA9880 chip, the former is responsible for 2.4GHz wireless part, providing 802.11n / g / b support, the latter QCA9880 is responsible for 5GHz Wireless Some, with 802.11ac system support.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

D-LINK DIR-859 provides a dual-frequency wireless connection, 2.4GHz maximum transmission rate of 450Mbps, the highest transfer rate of 5GHz wireless network is up to 1,300Mbps, of course, the connection device has a 3T3R connection, such as the general 2T2R computer, Wireless networks can be connected at 300 mbps (2.4 GHz) or 867 Mbps (5GHz).

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

Installation interface

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

Due to the subversion of some Internet companies products, the mainstream router now has already abandoned the previously difficult to understand complex operation interface in terms of setting. D-LINK DIR-859 also rushes to fashion, with a very human wizard interface, when the user logs in the router management interface for the first time, the configuration process is almost half.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

To set up a simple matter such a wireless password for the router, it may already be an entire router that is the most complex step in the entire router.

Set the administrator password, if you accidentally forgot, use a sharp object to press the RESET reset hole at the bottom of the router to reset the router configuration.

After the configuration is complete, all already set content is displayed, make sure you can connect the Internet after you don’t set an error. The entire process may only be short for a few days. It is so simple. . . It is comparable to the iPhone.

PS: If there are NAS in the family, some of the private secrets can provide 2.4GHz and 5GHz a set of wireless SSIDs to make visitors connections, encryption methods can also be set independently, they can communicate normally, but cannot access the network Any resource and visit the guest network when saving, help protect the original network security.

Transmission test

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

Since D-LINK DIR-859 has adopted 11ac and dual-frequency technology, it is in line with the IEEE 802.11AC standard. The performance is certainly unquestionable. I will test it under the following.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

Below we use the test software to perform data throughput tests on the two computers in the D-Link DIR-859 local area network, one of the 11ac network cards equipped with the motherboard, and another is a Gigabit cable tester. The test items we selected use TCP protocol, the test time is 60 seconds, and multiple parameters of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are tested.

In the 867Mbps network card test environment, the current speed is 2.4GHz frequency band, in fact, so many, easy to understand. . . . A file is transmitted from 1GB of files during 30 seconds.

This test uses a homepad of a type with an 11ac network card. The network card theory is about 867Mbps, close to the current D-Link’s highest USB 11AC network card, which may be limited to hardware, and does not reach 1300MBPS full speed.

劲路由 续写最强双频AC王者——D-Link DIR-859

In the signal strength test link, I chose a few locations commonly used. The A, B, C is set, respectively.

The strong routing consistent advantage, DIR-859 exhibits great advantages in wireless signal strength, and powerful signal coverage can be used in large area regions. 2.4GHz reached -10dBm at a point, and the B point reached -17dBm, and the C point reached -24dBm. 5GHz reached -10dBm at A point, bit B point -19dBm, and C point reached -24dBm.


The market pressure of the large transmission rate wireless router makes D-Link very late to launch this classic routing subsequent product, even so it still continues the performance, humanity function and stable network advantage, easy to understand. The setting interface is its selling point. The addition of DIR-859 will inevitably form a certain degree of impact on the main market of this mid-end. Abandoning the extra function of the flower green green focuses on cost performance and humanity, and it is also hoped that it can continue the glory of the routing.