Solid Wooden Kung Fu Coffee table tea table and tea room tea space are not puzzled


In recent years, due to the rise of tea culture, people have also loved tea tasting, so many types of cultural products related to tea have appeared. Kung Fu coffee table is one of them. By the way, because the use of convenience and aesthetics has received the love of tea friends.

So how do you know whether the tea set is a kung fu coffee table?

During the tea room of the tea room, I saw a whole set of water boiling water on the solid wood tea table with boiling water, and boiled the water by the electric heater. The kung fu coffee table seen in the tea room tea space is basically made of natural solid wood. The green and environmentally friendly, and the natural wood texture that is born naturally in the tea room tea space can better reflect and express the artistic conception of space given people. Feeling, full of the essence of tea culture and the atmosphere of nature.


When you are now a Kung Fu coffee table, you need to pay attention to the overall style of the tea space to choose. If the style of the tea room tea space is retro antique style, then you can choose a solid wood kung fu coffee table with elegant and stable lines. If it is The new Chinese style, then you can choose a simple and charming kung fu coffee table.

At the same time, in addition to solid wood coffee tables, there are other materials such as glass, marble, root carving, etc.

Glass: Glass Kung Fu coffee table, without the natural charm of solid wood kung fu coffee table, but it gives people a fresh and elegant feeling, that is, the cracks that are easier to bump affect the beauty.


Marble: marble Kungfu table, natural marble, coupled with the original unique texture structure of marble, gives a natural beauty and neatness in appearance, but the demand for the overall configuration of marble Kungfu coffee tables is relatively abrupt.


Root sculpture: Root carving kung fu coffee table, which is made of the root of the big tree, also known as the tea room tea space as the root carving art coffee table. The strong natural atmosphere and the unique natural shape are extremely natural. It is only difficult to handle, and the price is more expensive.